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“Find a need ,  and fill it” …  is  what Mistress Jaa likes to say to me.

I think I found a need.   But is it only me who thinks the way I do about it?


Every golden shower  video I  study  …  every toilet slave video I study  …  and in every anal pegging video  –  the slave is a perfect slave.   It  is like the slave made the video for himself  to  show off  how good  he can swallow anything or how  loose  his  ass is already.

I can tell you for sure 90% of my sessions are not like that.   Me?  I love the “terrible high pitched screaming” like he says in Jaws …



If  I  get an email and the ‘slave’ is confidant and loves to show off all his experience I almost never book him.

I am looking for the beginner slave.    The slave who is  shy and scared  or  not sure he wants to do  it  but he “has to know” and will say to me  “Mistress Wael I  have to try I have no choice.”


Do you know why I like a  slave  like  that to sample my  fart,  my  pee,  my poo  and  my  strap  on?

Because I love the kicking,  the screaming , the struggling ,  the choking and the begging me to stop.

I  love to see a slave jump  out  from under me  and put his head in  the toilet  to spit  out  … and then drink  the water  in  the  toilet to clean  his mouth.


nose_in_assWhen a slave sleeps over or I stay overnight at his hotel  … he sleeps with his nose  in  my ass  … and I try not to laugh but I get so excited  when I have to fart and I know he will hate it.

I feel I had an amazing session when the slave begs me to stop.

And the best feeling is seeing the slave come back to see me again after he failed in the  first  session ,  because he is addicted to humiliation.


Because I love humiliation I am not surprised when I giggle so often.

When men struggle , I love my session even more.

I  don’t  know why I am like this?   But i know I’m bored watching “perfect” fart videos,  or “perfect” toilet training videos.

So the thing I want to have and promote the most  …  because no Mistress does it  … is to have a collection of videos about beginner toilet slaves  …  who are learning but are not close to perfect.


The fun is in teaching.

Who likes somebody that is perfect all the time  … at something almost nobody else can do.

Does not make sense right?


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