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The Ultimate Humiliation that you are seeking is actually in your mind.  Let me explain.


R.I.P my secret massage shop that I have been using for humiliation on soi 22 for the longest time.  It’s gone.  Replaced by a 7Eleven 🙁

That’s 2 of our favorite shops that Mistress Jaa and I used for special fetish ideas that nobody could find anywhere else which are now closed.

The first was the ladyboy “hair salon” right on Sukhumvit just before soi 7.  In the front it was a hair salon for sure.  But a lot of our slaves never made it to the salon chair in the front room.  They got taken to the back room.  A dark room beside the bathroom that had only 1 chair and one tiny military bed.  The chair was never used for hair cuts.  The bed was never used for sleeping.

That’s where 3 or sometimes 4 and one time 5 ladyboy’s who were controlled by Mistress Jaa (mostly because I was new back then) would push any slave we brought there way past any of his limits.

When they closed that building we lost all the sound proofing foam we had bought to cover the walls.  Sad.  Mistress Jaa called it the ‘room of muffled screams’ lol.

But that was her room really.  Her discovery.  Mine was on soi 22.



I didn’t find it myself though.  I found the massage shop from a shy slave who told me a story about the place from a time he went there to get a ball massage.

One time when I was doing a Tease & Denial session with this shy slave he said to me “you are really pretty” and I said back to him “Mistress Jaa is pretty , I just have better talented hands.”

And he said to me “Compared to my last massage, you are a supermodel …. trust me.”

“If I am a supermodel , she must have been super ugly then” is all I could think of to say back to him.

Then I saw him shake his head and roll his eyes.  “I don’t want to talk about it” he said so quietly like he didn’t even want me to hear him say it.

I grabbed all the skin on his balls , pulled it down so I could grab more and when I did I twisted it all the way around so far that he started to turn on the bed the same way to stop the pain.


ultimate humiliation


“No.  Tell me.  I want to know.”

And after he said “ok ok ok ok let go” I untwisted enough to let him tell me what had happened to him.

And so he told me about how he went into the very last massage shop on the left side of soi 22 , just past the Japanese private bars that were there at the time.

He asked the girl at the desk for a 1 hour ball massage tease.  But his mistake was that he was too polite.  When the manager lined up the girls for him to choose he said “it’s ok , you choose for me” because he thought it was rude to choose a girl.

That doesn’t make sense to me.  He was ok to go into a ball massage shop to get a testicle massage but … he was too shy to choose the prettiest girl to do that for him?  Strange.

So he got what he deserved.  In my opinion.

The manager took him to the massage room and told him to shower and lay down on the massage table after.

Ok.  Let me stop the story there for a moment.



After he finished telling me the story about what happened after that … I went to the same massage shop to talk to the manager.  Because I had an idea.  I wanted to make a business deal so that I could bring my slaves there one by one and the manager would know exactly what I wanted every time I went there.

Let me give you some advice.

Thai’s help Thai’s.  It’s what we do.  We are taught to be helpful.  Especially to those crippled or older or to someone pregnant or to a monk.

When you go to a massage shop.  Choose the girl you want.  Same for a sex shop.  Order the best steak on the menu.

Or … for sure you will get the worst steak on the menu.

Fast forward.


mistress-wael-domina bangkok


Back when I was just starting my ideas of finding sexy fantasies for slaves to play out in real life for them … this was my very first idea.

The very next slave I was spending an evening with after the shy guy , he had told me he wanted humiliation.  Public humiliation if possible.

When somebody asks for humiliation usually they imagine everybody laughing at him.  His ears turn red.  He has to look at the floor because he is so embarrassed.  He has the feeling like he really wants to get the fuck out of whatever place his Mistress has brought him to.

And I thought … it would be even more lovely if he had all those feelings without anybody laughing at him out loud.  What if all the laughing was silent?  And that silent laughing could feel 100 x stronger than loud laughing?

I took my next slave to the same ball massage shop.  I even phoned ahead to tell the manager I was coming so she would know what to do.


Goddess-WaelHe was about 45.  From Vancouver.  Super submissive shy guy.  Stocky strong guy.  Big thick cut cock on him though.  So thick that the reason he came to me often was because I was the only Mistress who could do Tease & Denial good enough to keep him hard.  He had a problem staying hard.  He could get hard no problem.  Just could not stay hard.  I think his thick cock made it difficult for him.

But as you know … there is nobody better at teasing than me.  Or well , so I thought.

We went into the massage shop and I told the slave to order a ball massage for an hour.

Instead of lining the girls up she turned and ordered the prettiest girl to take him upstairs to the room.  I followed.

The girl told him to shower and lay down on the table.  When he did I began to tie his hands and legs to the massage table so he could not get up and leave.

That’s exactly the reason I told him I was tying him to the table too when he asked me.


“Why would I leave?” he laughed.

“I don’t know. Why would you?” I said.

I sat down in the corner of the dark room and waited.  5 minutes later the masseuse walked in.

She was the mother of the old manager at the front desk.  75 yrs old but she looked 85.

“What the fuck” the slave said.

He said that again when the old grandmother started putting oil on her hand.

He changed his words to “no , no fucking way , no fuck no” when she started stroking his dick.  He even shuddered.

You see.  It was the grandmother who had massaged my shy slave the week before when he told me about her.

Only thing is.  When the slave told me about the story he told me that the thing that made him the most shy about that hour is that she made him cum like nobody has ever made him cum in his life.  So much so that when he tried to walk down soi 22 after the 1 hour his knees were bent inward and trembled with every step.



So I went and asked the manager why the grandmother was so good and if she would like to make a lot of extra money.

You see, it was the grandmother who was playing with American soldiers cocks back when American’s were in Pattaya for the war.  That was when she was much much younger.  After the war was over she had opened her own massage shop in Pattaya on soi 6.  She joked with me that she had made over 10,000 soldiers cum and that they all came to see her because she was the best in the city back then.

When they moved to Bangkok it was her daughter that opened the ball massage shop on soi 22.  But she was too old to get chosen any more.  The joke of the shop has always been that any customer that doesn’t have the balls to choose the sexy girl they want … always gets the grandmother.

So what’s worse than a 75 yr old grandmother stroking your cock?

Why a 75 yr old grandmother who really knows what she’s doing while stroking your cock.


Dominatrix Wael BangkokMy slave found that out right away.  He started to get hard.  Then he got really hard as I watched her press her thumb into the spot below the head of the cock and just make tiny circles.

But when her other hand went down to grab his balls, that is when he had to close his eyes and wish it was somebody else in his dreams that was driving him crazy.

At that point I got up out of my chair to see what she was doing.  This is where I learned my “secret” testicle technique.  It’s her secret , not mine.  But I use it every time.

With her thumb and 4 other fingers but not her ‘fuck you’ middle finger she was stroking the skin of his balls.  Just pulling the skin down over and over again like she was stretching out bread dough.

The middle finger was playing over his asshole though.  And that I think is what was making him moan and beg her to stop.


“Please don’t.  Please don’t.  Please stop.”  he was almost crying when he said it.  See this is why I tied his hands and feet.  For sure he would have used his hands to make her stop.  But with his hands tied he had no way out.

She played with him like that for 50 minutes.  She didn’t have to change anything.  Just the speed.  Every time he got close to cummming she would slow down super slow so he couldn’t orgasm.

Then she would speed up again.  Same thing.  Thumb under the cock head pushing.  4 fingers pulling the skin of his balls.  The palm of her right hand  pressing and making small circles on his balls and her middle finger massaging his anus.

His knees started shaking in the last 10 minutes.  I saw it.  But I couldn’t believe it.  They first started quivering.  Then they started trembling.  Then shaking.  And in the last 5 minutes they were convulsing.

It was like he had no control of his muscles from his hips down to his toes.  He was twitching and shaking and crying the whole time.  For one hour he kept saying “please stop.  oh fuck my life.  please stop.”

But she didn’t.  No she didn’t stop at all.  For 1 hour this grandmother didn’t get tired or lose her focus even for one second.  It was like she was milking a bomb to explode.

When she dipped her finger into his asshole and stroked his prostate he screamed “oh my god no” and his hips came way off the bed.  I mean … way off the bed.  Like in The Exorcist when the girl floated over the bed.

Only then did the grandmother start pumping the cock with her left hand.  With her right hand she started to finger fuck him very hard.

But what was so cool was how she made him cum.  She did this thing that I still cannot do yet.


With her finger still in his asshole with the heel of her hand she pushed into his prostate so hard that he moved down the bed a little bit.  She is 75 years old and I still wonder how an old lady like that pushed a slave down the bed.

She pushed his red balls up over his cock so that her left hand and right hand were together almost like they were tied.  Then her baby finger wrapped around the bottom of his balls and she squeezed his cock hard.

The cum went over his head.  All of it.  Not even close to his hair either.  I mean … way the fuck over his head.  The first three shots anyways.  Shot 4 hit his mouth.  Shot 5 hit his chest.  Shot 6 hit his belly button.

Then she held it there like that for 1 minute while the rest of the clear cum leaked out and onto his pubic hair.


facesitting game mistress wael


The grandmother said in Thai “puut taa” loudly like she was mad.  It means ‘open your eyes.’

“She wants you to look at her” I said standing beside her.

He did.  And when he did she spoke English to him and said “say thank you.”

My slave cried the words “thank you.”

She turned to leave and politely in Thai I told her to please wait one moment.

I turned to my slave and told him to quickly get dressed and follow the grandmother down the stairs.  No shower, no wiping himself off with a towel.  He had to get dressed over the cum on his chin, chest and stomach.


The stairs at that old massage shop are steep.  Very steep.  When you go down to the 3rd step from the top you can see all the girls at the shop sitting in chairs at the bottom.

They were all looking at the grandmother coming down the stairs first … and without my help at all.

Then they saw my slave.   His knees shaking.  Two hands holding the railing to stop him from falling because his legs had no power.

Each step down he looked like a baby deer that was just born trying to walk for the first time.

Only this baby deer had cum all over his neck and shirt.  It had dripped down onto his shirt.

The girls began to chuckle.  Then they began to laugh.  Finally they all stood up and pointed at him and laughed as hard as they could while he ran for the front door.


scat mistress wael


Actually they didn’t.

In reality they all sat there politely.  Some smiled.  But none laughed.

However, what I wrote is exactly what my slave told me he heard later that night.  He was sure he heard them all laughing at him.  He was positive everybody on soi 22 was staring at him as he tried to stumble down the street with his knees touching each other and his balls throbbing.

But it was all in his mind.  I was beside him.  Nobody was looking at him at all.

The humiliation had fucked with his brain so much that he was hallucinating everybody laughing at him.

That’s exactly what I had hoped for.  Only, I had no idea the effect could be that strong.

To this day he still emails me and gives me sh(t about making that memory for him.  He can’t get the memory out of his brain he says to me every time.  He tries and tries to forget.  But how can you forget what happened when a grandmother who looks like she’s 85 gave you the hardest orgasm of your life?

Since then I have used that grandmother about twenty times.  But then covid hit and I hadn’t even gone back to soi 22 until yesterday.

Seeing that shop closed down was the saddest I have felt since the pandemic started.  So many of my perfect humiliation memories happened the exact same way over and over again in that shop.

Only to be replaced by yet another fucking 7Eleven store.


Mistress Wael


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