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Hi Dan, how have you been? Hey thank you for the link to the Exit to Eden movie. While the whole movie is quite bad the serious femdom scenes like the pool one are super hot don’t you agree? Except for the pool scene, that submissive boy wasn’t punished enough for either his talking out of place or for his peeks. A truly trained submissive is there for his mistress’s desires not for his own and though human nature, especially in a man, will create cravings of a sexual nature, if he is well trained he will have the self discipline to keep those urges in place.

A good goddess would know what urges she is creating , would take notice of how her submissive boy is reacting and punish or reward him later. This is why some guys in my sessions never make it past worshiping my feet, and they think I’m being disinterested or unduly mean to them. No, it’s because while kissing my feet he has his hands on his dick pleasuring himself demonstrating to me that he is there for his own pleasure. Which is fine, it’s his 2 hours and he’ll be told to let go of his dick or put in chastity but I noted in my mind that he had to be told , and therefore to me he is still a boy in training and not yet an accomplished submissive.



Imagine if I suddenly let that guy enjoy the face sitting part of his training, he wouldn’t be able to keep his tongue in his mouth for more than 2 seconds and most likely his hands would shoot to his dick and he’d cum within 20 seconds. There has to be rules of behaviour put in place before any progression.

Same with things that you like such as being a table. What is that fetish, do you know what are you doing when you serve me as such? Well you are ultimately providing comfort for me while also satisfying a need. But left unchecked, a piece of human furniture can be improperly trained as well.

I once had a slave who I allowed to live in my condo for 3 days to test if I’d allow him to be a full time submissive servant for 6 months.  He was instructed to wait outside the bathroom shower stall on his knees with my towel across his back. For the first two days I’d put my shower robe on before opening the curtain so he never saw any of my body and he served me well. On the third day I opened the curtain naked and whereas the first two days he allowed me to sit on him so that I could put my baby powder on my body, then my cream, and perfume and then leave him to clean up the bathroom floor for me before cooking me breakfast while I changed … well the third day that all went to shit.

He saw me naked, sat up, wanted to hold me by my thighs and thought putting his nose into my pussy was what I wanted. I got up, went to his cage, got the clothes he brought in his little brown backpack and told him I no longer needed his services.

So like I said, the fetish you have, it has a purpose. It shouldn’t just be something you enjoy doing for your own pleasure. When perfectly performed, it goes far beyond silly tasks like letting me eat off of you. It’s a convenience for me, the level of which is controlled by you.  That’s why I say that an accomplished submissive is one that needs to be trained and unfortunately it’s not something that I can teach in a single 2 hour session.

In Exit to Eden the men, supposedly submissive, simply talk too often.  Having a live in submissive servant is entirely different than having a live in boyfriend.  The need for conversation in a relationship is something desired by both, but in a servants role your job should be to not only make my life as comfortable as possible but to do so by being as invisible as one can.  Last time I checked, the table in my living room didn’t talk.  It’s never asked me for something and I’ve never had to think for a second about it’s needs.  The minute I need to do that, the table ceases to become a table and becomes something else.

herThat’s not to say I wouldn’t engage in conversation.  But it’s like the operating system in the movie “Her” , I want to talk to the operating system on my terms, when I have a need to do so.  I thought the relationship in that movie was uniquely parallel to what a submissive / goddess relationship should be like, right up until the point where the OS initiated a conversation with him in the bedroom.  At that moment, she ceased to become an unobtrusive operation system, and instead crossed the line into becoming a relationship partner, something he neither asked for nor needed.  Not surprisingly, the relationship ended soon after, as it would with anyone I was considering if he crossed that line.

I’m looking forward to our session, please don’t be fearful of what I”m writing to you here.  I’m just letting you know the depth to which your fetish and fantasy can be explored with me.  You’ll begin to experience that when we meet.  Until then, re watch the video you sent me, and look not for the basic sexiness of the slave mistress relationship, but look at the flaws in how it is presented as opposed to how it should be if such a relationship were to be carried out in real life.

Jaa xx


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