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What Dost Thou Know Me For?

Who am I then? That’s the modern translation of “What dost thou know me for?” , from Act 2 Scene 2 of Shakespeare’s King Lear. It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for three consecutive days upon my return from Switzerland.  Am I any of Kent’s reply to Oswald … KENT:  You’re a lowlife, a rascal who eats leftover scraps. You’re an ignoble, arrogant, shallow, vulgar, pretentious, conceited, filthy third-rate servant who thinks he’s something special. You’re a cowardly lawyer-loving bastard; a vain, brown-nosing, prissy scoundrel who’d pimp himself out to advance his career; a bag lady. You’re nothing but a lowlife, a beggar, a coward, and a pimp, the son and heir of a mutt bitch. I’ll beat you …