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So obviously, we’re not doing face to face sessions for a while.

There are a few guys who got trapped here in the city and cannot  fly home.   They’re keen on  doing sessions  still but there  is  no  way.

This country has  a nasty habit of not just reporting things but invading people’s lives and privacy just to dramatize the story for the sensationalized tabloids here.

No doubt , if  I came down with this virus , it’d be front page news , and can  you imagine if they traced my sessions back to one of you guys who  were infected.


I have some pretty prominant people who see me , all  with well distinguished careers.   So with  them in mind,  rest assured that all I’m doing all day  is binging on Netflix until I pass out  on  the  couch.

Then I wake up , circle the living room a  few hundred times , cook up some rice and butter , eat that while watching more Netflix and eventually pass out again.

I’ll wake up ,  oblivious to  what  time  it  is ,  and to how  many consecutive days  I’ve worn these  same panties.   Then I’ll sit down at  some  random time  to  write  to  you  guys,  today that happens to be 5:40am.

Every couple of days I’ll hit this point where I’ll answer out loud to a question  that  was asked  in my  head.

Today while ironing  …  yes ironing –  that’s how bored I got – I was steam pressing my gym socks when  I suddenly yelled out “ya like that’s gonna happen.”

I paused and for the 3rd time  this week questioned myself out loud asking  “who the fuck  are you talking to?”

Then as  I  did a  few  days  ago I  stepped  back from  the  ironing  board  the  way a  suicidal man would step  away  from the  edge  of  a cliff after reconsidering.

I’ll  then have a rather loud argument with my Id Ego and SuperEgo as  to whether or not I’ve reached  the  inflection point of sanity vs insanity  ;  but when that answer comes  back as ‘possibly mildly  insane’ I’ll just throw up  my  hands and say “I’m ‘outta heeee

Today I grabbed  my purse, sat  on the  floor  putting on  my shoes and was considering how throwing social  caution to the wind would embolden my will   … when I had a “Noah” moment.



I even  said out loud in a rhetorical question to myself  “how long can you tread water” (5:57 mark in the video above)

Which is me saying to my curvy –  yet frail allergy prone body  ,  “how long  would  you last in the ICU?”

So I’ll sit down  to write again  , and as  you can see by the Covid Manifesto which started out as a 2 paragraph blog post, I tend to lose myself for half a day just writing stuff out.

Wael too.

We’re committed to , mostly out of lonliness , writing a story every single day, alternating between the two of us.

Geez I haven’t written that frequently since the first three years of  me taking  over  the  blog from Mistress Jaa.

So for as long as this lasts,  you European’s  can wake up to a cup ‘o coffee and a story to read,  every morning.

And write us once in  a while ok.

I used  to  boast  about  the  solitary  life Mistress Wael and I lead.

Humbly,  not  so much  anymore.




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