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This year has been … promising and yet it feels so fragile.

I’m going to share with you some of my thoughts on what I do , our business model , and how things feel so tenuous , and what I’m doing to try and prevent a 2nd covid like period of desolation that may be on the horizon.

Writing from the top of my head isn’t always a great idea , I have at any given time so many thoughts dancing around my head with regards to my business, femdom , customer’s behaviors and so on.

Let’s see how this goes.


teacher-teacher femdom


To understand my fears you should know a bit about our business model.  Yes this is a business, and at one time I thought it was an indestructible one.

“Nothing can sink this ship” I used to say.  “It’s everything-proof” was another show-off phrase I used to toss around back in 2018 – 2019 when I had grown jaa4u back to the 1/4 million dollar per month machine it used to be when it was – ahem – under original Jaa’s name.  (but not control as you’ll soon find out in my Kindle book)

As much as she and her sidekick puppet tried to ruin this site , I got it back on the rails after a couple of devastating set backs … the worst being my ex Aussie boyfriend trying to ruin my life by defaming me after he found out I was the new Mistress Jaa.

You see, this business model is a mathematical equation: (x + n) * y

Where x represents new submissive slaves coming under my control year over year , added to n which is the total number of loyal slaves who repeatedly visit me on an accumulative basis year over year … all multiplied by the number of years I’ve been a Mistress , which you believe right now to be about 8.

The reason I make sure my sessions are mind blowing – and thus the reason my focus is on mental fuckery , seduction and all the natural human emotions that come with leading a man down that path – is because it inspires absolute loyalty.

Every month , we’re talking back in 2018-19 , I’d get 60 requests for sessions.

Of which I would choose between 30-40.  (thus leading to my breakdown just before covid hit)

90% of every submissive guy who comes to see me rebooks me.  My cancellation rate was near 0.  Let’s call it 1%.

So every year my base of loyal submissive men was accumulating what felt like exponentially.  I didn’t “have” to ever write a story here on jaa4u if I didn’t want to , the business model would have propagated by itself naturally.

I wrote and still do write for one reason only … I love to write stories.  Always have.


Then covid hit.  The nuclear bomb of al nuclear bombs for this business model , the one I thought was indestructible.

When session volume crashes from 40 sessions a month to 0 , things change.

So obviously you know about my tenure with onlyfans and how that turned out , and now with Loyalfans , and sharing the 400 videos I shot over those past 2 years of lockdowns.

In March the storm clouds began to lift.  It was like people were emerging from their caves finally , able to see the stars once again.

Has anyone noticed this month that long hair is a thing again?  Home buzzcuts have given way to salons once again and people’s hair has had 5 months to grow out.

So it feels like things are back to normal.  But that would be an erroneous assumption.  Here’s why.


butterflies tease denial


Things are different.  They feel different.  I’ve been trying to put my finger on it for the longest time now , what exactly has changed?

I think , after a lot of talking with guys who have come to see me , I’m getting a clearer picture of what the new landscape ahead of us looks like … and it ain’t pretty.


For one, my Indian, Sri Lankan customers have disappeared all together.

Secondly, my customer base has begun to shift from Europeans to Americans and that’s the first time such a paradigm shift has happened in the past ten years.

Thirdly, my cancellation rate has jumped from 1% to I’d say somewhere around 10% and that’s just never been the case.

Fourthly (is that even a word?) my Loyalfans subscribership is no where near what it was in the middle of the pandemic when I (erroneously) was with Onlyfans.

Fifthly , Mistress Wael’s popularity has skyrocketed from what was once a 10%/90% split of session volume to an even 50% and in some cases like this month , 70% to my 30%.

So let’s address each of those.   Fuck I sound like I’m back at my old insurance job making a business presentation.  I’m not, I’m just trying to figure shit out while typing from the top of my head here.


I’m not here to give a world economics presentation , you guys are far more intelligent at world affairs than I am.  But I am aware of certain things which are changing the world dynamic as we head into the latter half of 2022.

Sri Lanka and by extension India and Pakistan are being hit by a perfect storm of increasing commodity prices , a strong $USD , fallout from the war in Ukraine , falling currency and the onset of a recession.

I can feel it when I walk the streets of Bangkok here , there are just not as many from that part of the world here as there was before.




Meanwhile, Europe has seen the Euro get taken to the woodshed thanks to the rising $USD , they face a winter with uncertainty in the accessibility and price of Natural Gas , inflation at rates that have the word recession on the lips of every economist I follow on Twitter.

In all countries, the stock markets have been in a steady bear market downtrend since last November and boy oh boy if I know one thing about the stock market, come tax loss selling period in the fall there’s going to be further bloodshed , possibly even a crash if the ‘buy-the-dip’ crowd that’s seen that strategy work for a decade suddenly give up hope.

Those are macro economic issues that are affecting me.

On a micro scale , guys who were conditioned to coming and seeing me 2-4 times per year have come just once so far and many have disappeared.  So I find myself building back my never ending supply of submissive slaves from much further down that exponential curve I once sat atop of.

For whatever reason, business trips are getting cancelled a lot more frequently than they ever had been.

Now yes, some of that may be fibbing on the part of the guys coming to see me, but I’ve noticed especially in the past 30 days – companies have cut short or cancelled employee’s trips at a far greater rate than my emails have ever suggested before.

In the midst of lockdowns when people had nothing to do but sit home and jerk off … keeping their attention was so very easy.

The fact that I had never really ever produced a femdom / bdsm video in all the years before covid made the 400 videos I was churning out a real curiosity, one that would hold subscription levels at or near their peak for months on end.

Then , at the same time that Cathie Wood’s ARKK fund of Covid related stocks started to crater , Onlyfans booted me for writing stories that were too sexy for their liking (hard cocks suddenly were a no-no with them) and my switch to Loyalfans came at the worst possible time.

A time where the world was done with living in caves and life in the outside world began to take over again.


Then there’s Mistress Wael who saw what Onlyfans did to me and since she was on there as well and unwilling to risk losing all her ever growing subscriber base … found a solution to remain with onlyfans.  She began to write.

Only she can’t write.  She speaks into her phone and google voice recognition and grammar correction does the rest.  But who cares right, it fucking works.  Like I’ve been telling her all along … just find a way.

To steal a line from Field of Dreams (sort of) … If you write it , they will come.

She couldn’t load any more videos to her Onlyfans as they had taken an axe to 80% of everything she had loaded to their platform (if you have seen her content, you’ll know exactly why they did that)

So she recycles the videos they didn’t remove and marries them with 2-3 stories of all her sessions and prior to that all her filming experiences with me.  Like about 1000 stories in all.  That we’re just now copy/pasting over to jaa4u in her FemDom Stories blog posts.

That’s gotten her popularity to skyrocket.  Well that and she’s become a lifestyle Mistress now , female domination consumes her and guys love that.

So that meteoric rise has her now sitting with a 50% share in session volume.



Put all these things together and I have what feels like such a tenuous situation.

If the recession deepens , if the Euro continues to drop , if Putin indeed causes utility costs in Europe and especially Germany to skyrocket into the winter , if inflation remains high , if the US Fed do indeed continue to raise rates right into the end of the year … and so on and so on …

I feel there’s a storm coming.  A storm very much like the storm that covid brought.

I’m too young to know what a prolonged recession feels like , what comes with it.  But I feel it is something I must prepare for.


So rightly or wrongly , my solution is not to go back to making endless new videos.  Oh sure, I’ll make the occasional one now and then.  But my focus is going to be once again on writing.

As you can see , I’m back to posting here regularly on my website.  Which is something I strayed from as there was more interest from my followers that I write short blurbs for them on my Loyalfans.

Ya, I will still write there regularly , but I’m going to triple down on the amount that I write.  I used to write 30 stories a month for my blog here , I intend to write in conjunction with Mistress Wael and hit those same levels of content.

It’s the only thing I know how to do.  Well that and blowing guy’s minds in my sessions.

Those are my two gifts.  Anything else I do is a disaster.  You don’t want to know how many times I tried to buy Disney in the past year , only to get stopped out every single time.

Somehow, someway , writing is going to get me through the recession.  I truly believe in that.

Writing is the reason I went to Australia in the first place , to learn how to better myself at it.  It’s what made me enter into a business relationship with original Jaa , something I’m discussing at length in my book.

It’s what built jaa4u back up from the ashes after Jaa abandoned it.

It’s what makes me happy.   I really disliked making femdom videos.  They were a means to an end, nothing more.

Writing and blowing guys’ expectations out of the water , that’s my plan.


pussy licking femdom slave bdsm jaa4u bangkok


Anyways, if you’ve stuck with this blog entry all the way down to here, kudos to you.

I know this isn’t a sexy entry , your dick isn’t hard, your imagination isn’t on fire , but sometimes I have to realize what it is I have here with this website of mine.

A place where I can say anything I fucking want , uncensored.  Trying to co-exist on sites like Loyalfans, Twitter, Youtube have shown me just how important it is to have a platform like this where I’m basically God.  I have the final say, not them.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Mistress Jaa



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