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  • I posted this because it got me a lifetime subscription to adguard since my blog is so popular and drives so much traffic.  So this is basically just me selling myself as a shill to get the lifetime license.
  • They are good though,   I still use it on all my browsers.


I’ve tried many adblocking apps , none work better than AdGuard

AdGuard runs seamlessly in the background and blocks ads without slowing down your system.

I highly recommend AdGuard , and it only takes a moment to download and get the AdGuard app up and running.

AdGuard not only blocks ads,  but it speeds up website download times, it blocks access to dangerous websites , and will even protect your children when they are online.

Find another product that does so much , for so little,  you simply cannot.

AdGuard even comes with a VPN than you can subscribe to , which gets you access to any country’s website no matter where you are in the world.   Absolutely perfect if say you’re over in Asia but you want to see ESPN or TSN’s sports clips which are region restricted.  Just set  your location to USA or Canada and you can watch ESPN or TSN’s video clips just like you were sitting back home in your living room.

AdGuard’s VPN has 29 locations worldwide, and  features strong encryption , fast connections, and 24/7 support.

The AdGuard feature that I’ve appreciated the most (due to my umm, ‘research’ of porn sites, cough cough) is the app’s outstanding ability to block pop ups, an annoying feature that porn sites are famous for using.

With AdGuard they don’t even open , and the webpage which normally would be filled with ads layered upon ads are all removed upon loading the webpage.  It’s like living in an ad-free world , and who doesn’t want that?

One of the more secretive / stealthy features about AdGuard is how it runs in the background hiding your data from the multitude of trackers and activity analyzers that swarm the web.  Feel free to surf without fear of being snooped upon.

Guys, its simply an outstanding adblocking app and more.

I’ve tried others like AdBlock which crashes my google chrome within hours of installing it , and other’s which have hidden malware embedded inside.

AdGuard has none of that.  It is what it advertises itself to be …  and adblocking app that simply works.

Now, let’s get to the feature that I know will have you throwing your hands in the air and screaming at the top of your lungs “fuck, finally.”

No more of those goddammed YouTube ads pushing their way into the videos your watching.

If you’re like me, and you’ve been jogging away on the treadmill listening to your playlist songs , and your mind is just starting to drift as you fall into your workout … when suddenly you’re jolted back to your senses by a shampoo ad that’s super annoying.

You have to stop, get off the treadmill , fumble with your device while your hands are shaking , and click the “skip ad” button … only to get a minute into your next song before having to do it all over again.

Not with AdGuard.  Those intrusive YouTube ads are instantly blocked and you can run all evening without being interrupted.

right now as i’m writing this, AdGuard is only 77 baht per month.  Over in USA that’d be less than $3 a month for peace of  mind.  Well worth it wouldn’t you say?

So get over to AdGuard right now and try out their free demo.




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