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Two sessions and two Tinder dates in the past couple of months have ended in the movie theater – and by end I mean severence of relationship.

What’s spectacular about that?  I didn’t end the relationship – the guy I was with did on all four occasions.

The culpriit?  – The Avengers.

More specifically , the last movie in the franchise – End Game , and the one that preceded it.


Those who know me know very well my penchant for ending relationships cold turkey – like instantaneous cessation of dialogue for eternity.  It’s something that more than one guy has had a problem wrapping his head around – that lying in any shape or form means he’s cut off right there and then from knowing me.

I’ve lived by a set of rules that simply raises the bar to very lofty levels of how I conduct myself in a relationship and more importantly … what conduct my partner (be he a submissive slave or lover) must adhere to.

I’m in my 30’s now and I’m proud that I’ve never once cheated on a guy I’ve committed to.

I’ve never lied to a guy I’m committed to.

You’d think most guys would appreciate a girl like that, right?  So, why did 4  guys in a row walk out of a movie on me.  (Well , the 2 Tinder guys walked out , the 2 submissive guys on a Mistress as a GF date hung in there … and then cut relations via email later)



I mean, I have to salute the guys who walked out on me.  It takes quite a lot for a guy with a hard on , sitting beside the girl responsible for said hard on , to get up and have his dick lead him out of the movie theater like a magnet pulling him towards the planet’s true magnetic north.

In all four instances , I was doing what I normally do at movies.

Using subtle techniques to keep the guy’s mind divided from watching the film and focusing on me.  The majority of  guys who go see a movie with me can recollect very little of what went on in the movie’s plot line.

That’s because I’ll constantly give them something to think about – albeit briefly.

It could be something as simple as a proximity check … where I lean in close to his cheek so that my perfume becomes – for a moment – far more enticing than what’s on the silver screen.

Or maybe it’s a press of my right hand on his inner thigh , and perhaps my baby finger lays ever so gently upon the dick inside his pants – as my left hand reaches over to borrow some of his popcorn – followed up by a devlish smile as I quickly retreat my hands to my own space and resume watching the movie as if nothing happened.

On one Tinder date I physically grabbed him by his shirt and yanked him to me – sliding my tongue deep inside his mouth and biting his lip as I finished off a wet steamy impromptu kiss.  Then I gave his hardened dick a good squeeze from above his jeans and subsequently watched the rest of the movie whilst totally ignoring him for the remaining two hours.

These create great “what the fuck” moments in the guy’s mind.

But to pull them off … think about it … I have to have my mind invested in you … and not in the movie.

Which is easy to do as 99% of the movies I go see were written by brainless muffinheads posing as screenwriters.  When I get easily bored, I love to entertain my Mistress personality by fucking with the mind of the guy I’m with to pass the time … make sense?


But what happens when me and the movie I’m watching … “click”.

“Click’ as in … I identify greatly with what’s going on in the film and the guy I’m with has all but disappeared in my mind.


This is what happened in The Avengers : Infinity War  &  The Avengers : End Game.

So, when you sign up for a Mistress as a Girlfriend session – you’re truly getting a peak into someone who’s mind doesn’t work like anyone else in the general population.

But at least you’re aware that might be a possibility … imagine the poor Tinder guy who’s just biding time in the movie theater until he thinks he’s getting laid a few hours down the road.  What happens when he runs into a girl who’s thoughts are not-at-all mainstream and endevours to discuss such thoughts.

Well, disaster happens, apparently.


I cheered.

Openly and loudly – in the movie theater – when The Avengers died at the end of Infinity War.

I cheered , just as loudly , when HawkEye’s family disinigrated.  Actually it was a verbal “Fuck Ya” and clapping of my hands that riled the guys I was with.

“Fucking Perfect” I said out loud.

Which , on all four occasions was met with a slack jawed stare.

To which you’re no doubt thinking “all four times?” … yes, all four times.  But it was the first time where my reaction was the strongest and most pure … the following three times – since I knew what was going to happen in the movie – were a mix of appreciation for the mass death scene and to see the guy’s reaction.

Only if you’re a long time reader of my blog will you know about my disdain for humanity and my utter love for the pureness of animals.

For those of you who are just recently following me …  let me get you up to speed.

Long before people were aware of Thanos’s plan to wipe out half of humanity in the Universe , I was a strong supporter of this idea … even going so far as to make it the subject matter of my first ever Creative Writing project – one which I got a solid D on.  Since it’s impossible to get anything less than a B in school here (cuz bribe’s exist) I was absolutely flabbergasted that I could receive such a grade.   Apparently Aussies grade things relative to their educational value and not the bribe value, go figure eh.

So this idea of ridding the planet of humans began in two places, the fist being this George Carlin interview which I saw here in University around when I was 20 years old …


That video spawned the idea in my head of wiping out half the population even if that included me.

Rather than develop the idea though I became fixated on what has to happen in a person’s life … how detached must they become from society  … to want to see such a thing happen.  I suppose I got caught up in the psychology behind the idea rather than taking the idea and run with it.

But his thought process mirrored ‘the virus’ scene from The Matrix and how we’re nothing more than a disease , a plague that that Earth needs to endure until we die off …



I found throughout my 20’s that the more men lied to me , and the more I saw governments lie, and then in Africa when I saw poverty and starvation for the first time … I came back to this idea again and again that it’d be the greatest thing to survive a modern holocaust where half the people just vanished instantly.

Well, until bears started trying to eat me …



That line of his “that’s the scariest thing about life, is that dumb people are outbreeding smart people at a fucking staggering pace” … if you had been born and raised here … you’d wholeheartedly agree with that notion.

More than that, you’d be fucking terrified that males here are allowed  to pro-create.

Because the part where he acknowledges he’s stupid … but then says that he knows he’s smarter than everybody he meets.  Fuck, that’s so true with me living here.

I just became so ‘done’ with people and their shit.  And their lies.  And their pursuit of money.  And their pursuit of lies to attain pussy.  And so on.

Then, having missed all the Avengers movies I got dragged on a Tinder date to see Infinity War.

Lo-and-behold , there’s this guy Thanos who sees the universe exactly as I see it … something that’s 50% too populated.

And he has a solution that I whole heartedly agree with.


So I sat up straight in the movie theater and for the first time in a very long time that movie had every second of  my undivided attention.

But in the back of my mind … knowing this is a Disney enterprise , i kept thinking they’re going to water it down with yet another feel good sappy ending.

Except , they didn’t.

Fuck, the moment when Thanos reversed time and snatched that final gem out of that superhero dude’s head … was the greatest movie moment since Ned Stark’s beheading , and Darth telling Luke that he was Luke’s father.

I cheered, and my jaw was gaped.

Then , it got oh so much better when everybody started disintegrating into dust , it was glorious.

I started clapping.


“Holy fuck , wooooo” I yelled when the Black Panther died and then “noooo ,  not Groot”  (cuz I had bought a 3,000 baht Groot action figure) and then  “aww fuck it, Groot too , fuck ya!”

Thor lived.  I could still fuck Thor, and my chances of banging him just went up 50% , fuck this is the greatest movie ever.

I said that aloud, a bit too loud.

“Why?”  my date asked, “because they’re dying?”

“Fuck  ya, let ’em all die, it’s wonderful ,  it’s glorious” I said,  and I was in tears of joy when I said it to him.

“What the fuck is wrong  with you” he said after a good minute of silence.

“If you disintegrated like that, right now, I wouldn’t give a shit … just as I hope you wouldn’t give a shit about me going like that if I was on the other 50%”


And with that comment, he up and left.

To which I blocked him , deleted all the chats , and went back to revel in the shocking end to the movie.

Then I invited another Tinder date to view Endgame with me.

He thought I was crazy as well.


But I honestly thought that two regular submissive guys who had been seeing me for over 2 years wouldn’t ever go so far as to end things with me.  But end things they did.

And … it felt great.

I think … I’m not sure really  … but I think its that I’m very much okay with being so ‘out there’ that even a submissive guy who’s been trained – by me  –  to put up with a lot … would say to himself that I’ve gone too far and crossed some sort of universally agreed upon moral line.

Lately, I’ve gone back to that old George Carlin interview and across one snippet I hadn’t yet seen … the Jester-Philosopher-Poet part of the interview …


The jester … is the Mistress in me 7 years ago just being a Mistress for the sake of being a Mistress because it matched my personality.

The philosopher  … is the fundamental underlaying personality that I’ve come to appreciate more and more as I’ve aged out of my 20’s and into my 30’s.  I wasn’t just a Mistress , I evolved to representing a stance against mainstream thought and embraced what it meant to be a Mistress.

The poet … is me now.  Or what I’m striving to become.   A singular entity that is so separated from the world that I just honestly don’t give a fuck about what anybody thinks about me.

It’s why I can stand over a guy and piss in his mouth … and not feel even the slightest compassion when he’s choking on or gagging up my urine.

It’s why I’m buying a super large cage for my next condo … because it’s simply where a man belongs.  Letting him out to sleep at my feet for a night … is much akin to taking a dog for a walk and buying it a juicy bone.  It’s a doggy treat.

And  it’s not that men are dogs.  They aren’t.  To see one as such means the Mistress is still in the jester stage.

Men are just an entity.  The poet part of the Mistress sees them as only that … a maleable piece of Play-Dough to shape as I wish.  And then perhaps to stomp flat and begin anew.


That’s why I  don’t fall in love with men anymore.  That’s what society … a massive virus perpetually stuck in a Jester stage loop …  would have one believe is necessary.

Love  … is a jester stage idealism.

Male disposable fuck toy … is a poet’s ideology.


My latest male disposable fuck toy told me he loves me last week , or that he’s fallen in love with me, can’t get me out of his mind , and wanted to know if there was a possibility of  “more.”

I deleted him.   There’s no way he can contact me ever again ,  unless he decided to camp out in the lobby downstairs.

I’m emotionless about it.  It’s a cock attached to an agreeable unit to my eyes  …  and will be replaced shortly as many such units exist.

If he were one of  the 50% to die in the cleansing  .. I wouldn’t spend a single moments thought upon his disposal.


Last night I  had this  guy’s  cock  in my hand , in my bedroom.

I had told  him  at the start of the session that  if he uttered  even a single sound  the session would end immediately  and  he’d be  asked to leave.

For nearly two hours I  dreamt.

Because  the  silence felt like  the very brief  time I  worked as a masseuse , and similar to back then I’d  just  lose myself in  the silence while I  had to massage  the  guy  for  his  two hours.

Except  this  time,  I  had his  tool  in my hand and  similar to how Wael  does  her  sessions,  I  just played with both  his cock and balls  endlessly watching my  hand  flow from one area  to the  next.

I could feel its pulsing in my  hand when it  got too  close, and I could  feel  the balls  tighten  and tighten every passing  minute  until  the skin felt  like stretched  stone at the  end.

But  I  wasn’t  focused on  that.

I thought only about how as a masseuse I felt obliged to give pleasure , and how often last night I instead debated how to rob him of pleasure.

Ordering silence was fun.

Tickling his balls , daring him to laugh and end the session gave me even greater pleasure.

But kicking his balls 10 seconds before he would have shot his load  … hearing him scream  in  agony …  and ordering him to  get dressed and leave … this was bliss.

“pl….” he started to  say but I  stopped him with a  gesture of my  hand.

“Say even  a  word,  and you won’t be able to see me again”  I said.  “Simply get dressed  , leave,  and  send me an  email apologizing for breaking the only rule I gave  you.”


The entity left.  Silently.

Obediently he sent me an email within the hour.

Tonight’s the last night of my free one  week subscription to Disney +  ,  guess which movie I’m going to watch with him this evening here at home on this very couch … with his dick in my hand.

I now want to see at what point men will forego their raging hard-on and feel my crossing of a socially accepted moral line needs to end his teasing session.

lol.  I’m doing an experiment on men, the way a scientist would do experiements on lab rats.

Sigh,  if I just had a fucking Infinity Glove I could reverse time every instance where he stands up naked and ends the session in a fit of rage.

Then I could just tease him to greater and greater limits … until there’s one instance where he would just explode.

Which , if I as a female version of Thanos  … is how in my End Game …  I’d finish off  1/2  the male population , haha.




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