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Create desire.  Enhance expectation.  Leave him with unsatiated lust. –  Ah seduction , like the dancing steps of war , it’s a calculated art.  So is humiliation.

Is there anything worse for a man than going to see “your new girl” only to find another rooster in the hen house?  “Take thy beak from out my heart” was the thought written across Mark’s face tonight when he walked across the threshold of my condo only to find me rested on my sofa with my feet upon Antoine’s lap.  It must be terribly worse when the lad you are competing with is foreign , it creates an air of mystique around the man you suddenly want to both know and forget.

“It’s ok , come in” I said while patting Antoine’s knee as my feet slid off his lap and curled to my ass , “Antoine here was just leaving weren’t you?”

Men caught unawares in that situation will either say “what the fuck is going on” or will shake the hand of the enemy and offer a cordial yet heartless “nice to meet you” handshake.  Mark chose the latter as Antoine stepped by him in my foyer to put on his shoes and leave without a goodbye.  In truth, I had told Antoine to play the part of the immovable fat cat at home in his domain.  “Don’t speak, just leave politely but confidently” I had told him , and so he did , playing out his role as instructed.

humiliated-man-sadIt’s interesting to read the body language of men when they are suppressing irritation, in Mark’s case he was scratching at his chin stubble with the back of his four fingers on his left hand while he thought of an appropriate opening line to begin the session.  Lost were his words though , and that was due to our history in sessions past.

Create desire.

The cornerstone of a seductresses methods.  Such desire was planted deep into Mark’s dna on his first session with me over a year and a half ago.  Mark is by no means handsome , I know that’s blunt and it’ll hurt him to see I think that when he comes to read this story , but there is no profit in deceit.  If we’re rating him on appearance I’d say he’s a solid 6 , as are most men.

I, on the other hand, am told i’m a 9 in beauty and a self-declared perfect 10 in taking men’s breath away on first impressions.  The difference between Mark and I would be a 3 , and therein lays the accelerant for the flames of desire.

“Ok, how do I get this girl to like me” is the thought that runs through men’s minds when standing in my condo’s foyer for the first time.  Matters not that I am to be the man’s mistress , there is the raw attraction that happens between men and women.  If you guys get pulled over by a beautiful cop while driving , is your first thought an excuse to talk your way out of the ticket , or is it something more primal?

Society exists only to mask our primal instincts under layers upon layers of formality , laws , protocol and bullshit.  But when a girl can tap that primal instinct like sap from a maple tree , it oozes out of them and it’s ever so delicious.

Mark and I sat down on the sofa that I’m sitting on here back in 2015 , and though he’s returned month after month , he’s like an addict trying to get back to that first high of heroin , that first visit where I unleashed his primal savagery.

I had sat down a bit to the left of where I am now , my tan colored couch is in that of an ‘L’ shape and when i begin sessions I like to be on the longer end of the ‘L’ while he sits squared off with me on a 45 degree angle.

sexy-lips“Which lipstick makes my lips more enticing to kiss , the one I’m wearing now or this one” was the first line I ever said to him.  Sure, I had said hello to him in the lobby , but from the elevator ride , to the foyer, to the couch , I had let an uncomfortable 2-3 minute silence build up between us.  In the lift I had only smiled at him before stepping forward and adjusting his blue tie so it wasn’t so tightly wound around his neck and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt after doing so , just so he could smell the sweet fragrance of my Christian Díor perfume and deal with the violation of my invasion of his space … an unnerving thing since we keep it around us like a shield.

Upon entering my condo I ignored him , fuck formalities.  A guy can figure out where to put his shoes, how to make it into my living room and where to sit on his own … all without instruction or small talk along the way.

We sat down on this sofa and I did the girl thing where we briefly flirt with our make-up while making the gentleman wait as we do so.

“Which lipstick is more alluring to you , the matt red or this glossy wet look?” I asked after applying my sexiest blood red moist lip liner , a question which forces him to draw attention to a part of my body he covets.

“Definitely that one” he says pointing a finger like he’s pointing at a leper , unwilling to look at me.

“What, this one?” and I looked in my pocket mirror , “it makes my lips more kissable or what?”

“Very.  Yes.”

“Are you saying you’d like to kiss me then?  Go ahead.  Be honest.”

“Well, yes … of course”


“and what?” he said looking perplexed.

“What else would you like to do with me … other than kiss me.  Or are you one of those polite boys who never kisses on a first date?”

Men.  You are all so very much the same.  Once we cut through all the societal bullshit , you’re primal , and your actions are as exploitable as they are predictable.  In the elevator I invaded his personal space.  I activated his sense of smell and more importantly I initiated touch.  There is so much transference in a first touch , and the person who touches first unlocks so many levels of subconscious communication.  You’ll find the most suave men and women use touch as their weapon of choice in courtship.

Now the game is to make myself look like easy prey.  After all, it’s a hunt is it now?  Man hunts woman , doth we look to slay the beast or the lamb?  I make the man sit 45 degrees to me because head on is confrontational.  Lions , raptors , wolves … they all flank their prey because we’re meant to defend from the front.

“Uh, there’s so many things I’d like to do to you” he said with a chuckle of a madman.

“All right , you have 10 minutes starting now , do whatever you would like to me but follow these rules.  You can’t kiss me on the lips , you can’t remove any of my clothes and nor can you try to work your hands inside my clothes”  ,  I stood up and took a step over towards his side of the sofa as I spoke.

“Your dick stays inside your pants” I continued as I turned around and sunk my body right over his raging boner while reaching up to cup his neck from behind his head, “and keep your tongue in you mouth as well” and bit his ear ever so gently.

“Now tell me, am I kissable with this lipstick?”

humiliation petNaturally his hands went for my tiny but perky breasts first as he feverishly kissed my neck losing his face in my long black hair as he did so.  Since he was so interested in my tiny boobs I swirled around to straddle high above him while keeping his neck cupped – i pushed his head into my chest where his lips found my nipple hidden beneath my grey dress, yet vulnerably exposed since I had foregone wearing a bra.

“Bite once, and you leave” I reminded him.

His cock was trying to lift me in the air and I could feel his head pumping uncontrollably already.  But he lifted me right up in the air from my straddle position and needing something to grab on to my legs wrapped around his neck.  His hands quickly slid down to support my lower back and he buried his face into my belly button of all places.  His chin swooped lower as it wasn’t my belly button he was trying to get at and his kisses barely reached the top of my groin area.

So to help him I sort of jumped off from straddling his neck and stood before him on the couch such that the general area of my pussy was directly in front of his face.  I grabbed his hand and felt for his first three fingers grabbing them all at once.

“Tell me what you feel” and I guided his fingers across where my pubic hair should be.

“Smooth.  Waxed?” the intonation of his voice such that he had found his favorite teddy bear.

“Of course , always waxed.  So you can feel every drop of wetness on her … if I so let you touch her.”

He made a sound like “arghhh” as if that though of my wetness put him over his limit , and he buried his face into my dress trying to smell the wetness somehow.  I gotta admit, the rare times I do such a thing with a decent looking man the primal instinct in me is awoken as well and truth be told I get very wet in those brief ten minutes.  It’s like the most intense dramatic foreplay that’s almost useless as the rules forbid the play to advance to anything meaningful.  Consider it like a hamster on a treadmill running ever so fast but actually getting nowhere.

I detached from him and lay back on my end of the sofa , stretched out in my famous “absolutely arresting” photo that everybody drools over so much (ask for it by email).   I know that pose well , it screams at the guy “all this candy , whatever will you do with it”

He crawled over to me only to be stopped by my foot in his face.

“Time’s up” I said,  “start licking, and take your cock out and play with it while you do so.”

So he did, in fact there are few western movies where a gunslinger was able to unholster his gun faster than Mark unholstered his dick.

“I’ll make you a deal.  If you can successfully lick my toes and feet for the remaining hour and forty five minutes , while playing with your cock and not cumming – I’ll reward you with letting you see my pussy.”

Now that’s an excruciatingly long time for a man to play with his dick.  I’d wager the average time a dude holds his dick in his hand when masturbating is inside of five minutes.  The most supernatural of men may hold it upwards of ten minutes but beyond that it’s rare a guy would deny himself a release much longer than that.

By letting him have his way with me , at the start of the session , when primal ambition was at his highest , I brought his cock to the precipice of desire.  When I told you I felt the head of his cock pounding I don’t use that word lightly.  Pounding – the way your cock pounded seconds before the first girl ever touched your cock when you were a teenager.  This kind of session can re-create that kind of forgotten passion because I circumvent societal norms.

Poor Mark , he found out the hard way that night just how hard it is to deny oneself an orgasm over a prolonged period of time.  Truly , there were ten minute periods where he couldn’t even twitch a muscle in hand in those last thirty minutes.  He held his dick with the delicacy of a grenade ready to explode while his moans of ever increasing protest fell on deaf ears.

Yes, he survived.  Yes, he got a peak at her holiness.

“Imagine what’ll happen the next time you see me” was the last thing I said to him as he kissed my cheek and left my condo that day.

Enhance expectation.

humiliation pet femdom jaa4uWhile Mark travels several times a week to all destinations near and far in his quest to make his employer ever richer – a lifestyle I’ve never understood – his travels only bring him back to Bangkok about once a month on average , enough time for the stew to cook until his thoughts of me melt off his mind the way pork in a slow cooker would slide off the bone in all its tenderness.

Purposely though, the next session between us was a carefully orchestrated dud.  One because of circumstance in that he arrived at the same time my period did and we ended up going to the restaurant in the dark at Asoke where I fed him by finger , an experience which while interesting , fell far beneath his expectations of lust.

Then every session thereafter I reduced his role in our sessions to being very much my own personal maid.  Much to his chagrin, I’d have him come over , cook for me , wash the dishes , do my laundry and massage me while denying him any pleasure other than the slow tease I’d do with his cock – assuming he had done his chores professionally and without complaint.

See, the first time apparently was alright for him to perform such domestic duties , his only complaint coming when I pulled his cock out in my foyer and I brought him to the brink of an orgasm and sent him on his way twenty minutes later.

“That’s for thinking about complaining for tonight”  I had told him.

When I was very young there were two candy stores that opened across the soi from my school at exactly the same time.  The one on the right , the smaller of the two shops owned by a smiling yet toothless old man had in his stock two things a plenty – lollipops and little freezies – sticks of frozen ice in orange , lime , and my personal favorite – grape.  Ya he had other stuff too but not in as much variety as the lady’s store beside him.

On the first week of school this guy would always call us over once we were in earshot range at lunch and would give me and my friends two or three lollipops and a freezie for free.  He did it for everybody and by the second week of school there was a mob scene in front of his store every day both at noon and after school.

Then slowly but surely he got more and more inventory – yet sold his candy at a higher price then the woman next door to him.  It didn’t matter , and though he stopped handing out his free lollipops by May – the second month of the school year here , he had all the kids business.  By New Year’s break the lady had closed up shop and he had assumed her space as well.  He passed away some time ago , but to this day his store still stands at the end of my mom’s soi – right across from my old school.

Point is , if you give more than is expected at the beginning, you gain loyalty.

humiliation-pet-3By mid way through last year , Mark was among the most loyal of all my submissive’s , faithfully showing up at my condo hours after arriving for his business trip.  Sometimes we’d go eat , sometimes we’d chill and watch a movie , but always I had a laundry list of duties for him to carry out that day.  On one occasion I had him talk to me by Skype as I sent him deep into the maze of Pratunam market to find my secret shop – the lady who has the widest variety of sexy pantyhose and stockings in Thailand.  Took him the whole two hours searching in over 45C of unbearable heat to find the shop and buy the one’s I wanted.  But in the end he was reimbursed for for both his money and his time in the form of 800 baht and an excruciatingly slow twenty minute hand job respectively.

I remember his balls being so sweaty that it was revolting to the touch lol.  So from that disgusting grope I got the idea to get him to the point of orgasm and then pull his skin down towards his nuts and squeezing his cock as hard as I could as I aimed it back into his dress pants.  As I let go he exploded inside his pants and I slapped his hands as he went to quickly try to handle the mess.  I even denied him access to a towel – but did give him a kiss on his cheek as I ushered him out the door.

Though the infrequency of his visits don’t allow him to be a fully trained house assistant – to the point where I’m absolved of my domestic responsibilities – it’s nice having him around once a month to be at my beck and call.  He knows how to serve me drinks.  He knows what food I like and how to serve it.  Unlike my sister or my girlfriends who have stayed over he has shown exquisite proficiency at washing and drying dishes such that they don’t have to be rewashed and cleaned by me afterwards.

One of the reasons I’m single and love to live alone is that people drive me insane with their lack of hygiene and cleanliness.  I’m not quite Howie Mandel OCD like , but I have a thing for cleanliness.  Have you noticed when you come over that my condo is spotlessly clean?

On his second to last visit Mark and I spent a day together looking for shoes.  Yes an entire day.  That’s a story for another day , but let me briefly say that I’ve found men who love to worship a mistress and her shoes find the shoes he worships just as intoxicating as my feet.  Thus my attention to detail in shopping for a pair that I know will be worshiped in the future.  Anyways , back to that day of shopping – when we got back to my condo I instructed him to shower before our session.

Now normally , no not normally.  Every single time I ask a guy to shower in my condo I make sure I direct him to the guest bathroom.  As a rule, my en-suite shower is for me and me alone.  But this time I had collapsed onto the couch as my feet were aching from walking so much that day and I had meant to close my eyes only for a brief second.  For whatever reason Mark , due to his comfortableness with all the sessions in my bedroom over the year , decided to shower in my bathroom that day.

I can’t stand it when somebody drips water in the bathroom.  I don’t do it , and I expect whomever showers in the same room I do to not do it as well.  But I was aghast when I woke up to see him sitting on the couch – wrapped in a damp towel – and watching tv waiting for me to wake up.  My body quivered at the thought of my damp sofa , and from where I was sitting I have a straight line of site to the guest bathroom which to me looked somehow clearly untouched.

Without saying a word I rushed to take a peak in the guest bathroom only to find it spotlessly clean.  But then noticed a second later that the light in my room and even worse my bathroom was still on.  I had to stop and bite my top lip when I saw the pool of water on the floor and my fingers dug into my legs looking at the face towel laying crumpled next to the sink.

I called him into the washroom and of course , like any man would do , he said the ever-to-easy to utter line of  “I don’t see what the big deal is?”

Have you ever had a girl angrily stroke your cock?  I mean to the point where there is fear she might rip it off?  Probably not lol.  Well that was me in the bathroom that day as I made him stand in the puddle of water he left and I yanked his dick with the only purpose of making it rock hard.

humiliation-pet-4As I grudgingly latched my plastic chastity onto his cock I said to him matter-of-factly “if you remove this somehow over the next few weeks until you are back in Bangkok , don’t bother contacting me again.”

“Whoa wait, I can’t wear this for a month I have a job , a life … ”

” … and a girl back in Falls Church , Virginia no doubt , well you’re gonna have to find a way to tell her you won’t be fucking her this month because you made your mistress’s bathroom floor wet.”

“what makes you think ..”

“ALL guys have to get laid at some point” I said finishing his question before he could ask it.  “If you do survive this punishment though, i promise you something very special next time you’re back here.”

Leave the guy with unsatiated lust – a tricky thing to do as it basically means I have to “one-up” myself from everything I’ve done with the guy previously.  Which leads me to the frenetic planning I had to do over the last two weeks to prepare this last session with Mark.

I’ve been so restless lately every time I go into the bdsm room in my condo , the room where I keep all my toys , machines , devices of pleasure – and see one of my most prized chastity devices missing.  I only have three of them , each serves a specific purpose and I’ve missed my plastic friend over the past while.  Fuck I should charge Mark a daily rental fee , and I would have had if I didn’t have a collection of over one hundred emails telling me how uncomfortable his life has been with the thing on – mainly his inability to piss at work without it becoming a huge mess.

I haven’t fretted over a session since the early days working with Jaa when I was just learning the ropes of being a mistress.  As a person i hardly ever fret.  Yet I’ve had this idea in my head about how I’d top off Mark’s year with me and I’ve fretted so much the past month in trying to set up the session properly.

That’s the thing about “big time Super Bowl like” sessions , they’re not easy to plan and though the results are mind blowing to the lucky guy , the pain in setting it up is hardly worth the pittance of cash paid over to me for doing so.  Thus, it has to be a labor of love on my part.  I’ve tried – unsuccessfully so far – to explain to you guys lately about my evolution as a mistress and why I seek these long term mistress / submissive relationships over the “one time only” two hour sessions.  There’s only so much I can do in a two hour session , whereas given time – like the year I’ve had developing and molding Mark , I can leverage that devotion built up in him to make him do something extraordinary for our relationship.

fighter in meThe deal with Mark over the past year has been a story of how to take a guy who has no family back at home , lives his life on a plane basically , is a servant to his boss but doesn’t acknowledge that he is , and turn this guy into a domesticated servant of mine.  Ironic no?  That a guy who probably hasn’t had to do his own laundry in the past decade has had to do it every time he visits my condo.

So in my mind I’ve thought about this ironic relationship and more so about the extension of it in terms of where it might lead.  Add in that our penultimate session was one of punishment where he got locked up unexpectedly but in doing so adopted me as his full time mistress and the pressure was mounting for me to pay his servitude back tenfold.

See as you no doubt know by now, I’m not only single but alone here in Bangkok.  The few friends I have I see but once or twice a year as my hometown is a distant three hours away.  I choose , because of what I do , to lead a solitary life as nobody would understand what I do and I don’t feel like having anyone in my life of the type who I wouldn’t have to explain it to , understand?

But for Mark’s session , “friends” were a requirement.

To my rescue came Mistress Wael who out of great fortune had her one fitness friend in town , she a permanent resident of Cannes France now.  A Thai girl who like a growing snake has shed herself of her domestic skin and has embraced the life and language of a french girl – and the open mindedness of a European to boot !

Wael had prepped her on my idea so when I called her and began with “so do you think you could…” I was so relieved to hear her say “yes it’ll be so much fun , I’ll ask my friends.”

Wow !

Why risk my friends finding out my secret identity when I can use somebody else’s.  To add whipped cream to the pudding … Wael’s French Thai friend is a fitness freak and is uber-hot – and thus , so were her friends.  The day of the session when her friends began arriving at my condo it was like I was greeting a fitness goddess every time I opened the door.  When all was said and done and we were all sitting together here in my living room talking , there were eight of the hottest fitness freaks in Bangkok , skimpily dressed , and ready to eat !!

The pretense of such a meeting was that it was to be a bbq fiesta , and since I didn’t have a bbq , guess who had to go out and lay out a few thousand baht to buy one.  See what I mean when it’s a labor of love planning such a session for a guy?  Now I say that the dinner was a pretense because Gi – Wael’s friend , was a kinky girl and so were her friends.  We told them that there was going to be a man at the party and there would be certain “rules” that would be explained the day of the dinner , and that all such rules would not only be optional , but would all be in the favor of the chick and not the guy.

My idea was to pique their interest with curiosity , all the while not giving too much away.  These were Thai chicks of a different breed , they all had lives abroad and were no longer drinking the soup being fed to them in their childhood so for the first time in forever I was talking to an open minded crowd.  What was instantly cool to me that day was that there were eight of us Thai chicks in one room together and we were all speaking English.  Not a single word of Thai was spoken that day.  Yesterday I saw that the hashtag #solidarity was trending on Twitter , and I laughed because the word didn’t have anything to do with Muslim’s or Trump , it had to do with us liberated chicks having a blast and talking in English all afternoon and evening.

Still, it was the food and the drinks that was the conductor to make all things happy and merry , another thing that cost me a pretty penny , but I got down to business the moment Mark texted me that his plane had touched down.

I stood up and asked for everybody’s attention – and momentarily froze upon thinking about how I was going to set this evening up.  I hadn’t really given it much thought , Gi had been so kinky in talking to me about her relationship with her French husband and a few of the other girls had talked about how kinky they had been in the bedroom since living abroad that I had been put at ease.  Yet here I was about to address a captive audience and reveal to them a bit about what I do.  Unnerving comes to mind.

“How would your life change” I began, “if you knew that every man in the world wanted to be your slave because of how beautiful you are to them?  Imagine the power and the fun you could have if such a statement was universally true?”

“I’d be an evil queen” Gi shouted back and every girl in the world laughed.

“Indeed” I replied, “but just how evil , could you consider the things you’d make a man do if he had to obey you without question?”

“Without question?” asked NamWaan a sexy twenty five year old girl with the curvaceous legs and ass of a girl who has spent her life squatting heavy weights in the gym.

“Absolutely.  Or if he doesn’t , he losses you forever and you hold so much power over him that he would never consider such a decision , not even for a moment.”

“Do you know such a man?” she asked back.


pee femdom watersports golden shower


“I know 10,000 of them” I replied, “and one of them will be here in thirty minutes to be the butler for our dinner party , but he’s also here at your beck and call.  Meaning that if you wanted him to brush your hair , he’d do it.  If you asked him to serve you wine the moment your glass was empty, it’d be his only focus of the evening.  But I’m sure you can think of some activities far more evil than that.”

“Is he handsome?” one then asked.

“Does it matter?  He lives to serve me , that’s all that matters.  By serving you , he’ll be pleasing me.  So please, use your imagination , make him serve in any way you deem fit , and have fun doing so.”

Gi added at that moment “what a life you must have!”  and instantly almost all six of them replied “ya teach us” with a giggle.

“Teach yourselves” I said, and then my cellphone rang … “beginning now.”

My heart was pounding as i slipped on my shoes and headed to the elevator to go down and greet Mark in the lobby.  I think he instantly read the anticipation on my face , which is odd for a man to do as they are normally oblivious to a woman’s emotions.

“What’s up with you?” he asked right away.

“I’m very interested about you tonight, that’s all.”

“Why is that” he laughed.

“Well because tonight you might do nothing at all, and then again, you might have to do everything , it’s totally out of my control” and I think I said that with enough seriousness on my face that he was taken aback by my tone.

humiliation humiliated femdom jaa4u Remember that unsatiated lust I was talking about at the beginning?  I think it is the fantasy of most men who session with me to walk into a room of beautiful women and assume the role of their collective servant and slave.  In fact, seeing the way that night went down, I’m certain that without a doubt, I could ask for something like US$ 5,000 for such a session and I’d have no end of customers willing to pay for such an experience.

Granted, I’d have to have a room full of the same kinky yet beautiful girls working with me on a nightly basis , and that’s neigh impossible given I live where I do.  Oh but fuck , would that ever be a fun life.  For we all had as much fun with Mark as he did serving us.  It’d be worth a life saving s for a man to experience what Mark did that night.

Oh, it started out innocent as such.  For the first hour he took on the role of Alfred , Batman’s faithful butler as he brought us drinks, cooked our food on the Korean bbq pot I had bought , opened wine, washed dishes and such.

But the wine took over the party at around eight , and thereafter it got more and more wild.  It was beyond fucking great.  At every party I’ve ever been to , once girls get alcohol in them and the social lubricant starts working its magic, guys start thinking “oh wow, women to fuck.”

Not that night.  Nope.  That night the general feeling was “ow wow, I wanna see this guy do this for me.”  and “this” got stranger and stranger as the hours clicked by.

A learning experience for me indeed as it’s guys who get to express to me what their imagination consists of.  My knowledge of a man’s imagination is encyclopedic , there’s not a fantasy left from A to Z that I don’t know about.  But when it comes to ascertaining to what depths a woman’s imagination will run, I have only my own and more recently my female sex slave to go by as a base.  Beyond that, I don’t really know what socially lubricated women would do with a man beyond their third glass of wine.

Now I do.

Come midnight, Mark hadn’t licked one pussy.  Hadn’t seen one nipple.  Hadn’t kissed one girl.

But he served.  Oh did he ever.  It took me however to show the way of sorts.  You have to first open Pandora’s box to be able to see what’s inside , so seeing as though our bbq was a bit of a back breaker in that we all were sitting on the floor and leaning over to cook the pork or boil some more veggies I alleviated everybody’s hunched back syndrome by making mark the bbq’s table.

Shock and awe ain’t got nothing to do with Iraq.  It has to do with eight chicks seeing a guy balancing an ironing table , a hot bbq grill , and lots of bowls of cooking sauce on his back.  At first the girls were reluctant to force the guy to stay prone and without movement.  They were certain that the whole thing would topple and the guy would have 3rd degree burns on his body.  Slowly but surely though as Mark did yeoman’s duty as stationary furniture he became of no concern of anybody’s  … exactly the way I liked it.

Mark was a table.  Nothing more nothing less.  Totally ignored from 7pm to 9pm , a full two hours of nobody mentioning him or looking at him.  That’s as much a reflection on how dedicated he was to being our table because it’s hard to not notice you’re eating off a man’s back.

Eventually though , people got full and it was when we ordered him to clean up our mess that people’s attention needed to turn to something else.

Gi’s first request was to have Mark massage her as we sat on the sofa and on the floor chatting away and I think that made a few girls envious.  When NamWaan said “enough, I want a massage too” and Mark laughed at the same time all the other girls laughed it was me who said “why did you not go massage her when she asked you to, why are you laughing?”

“I ..”

“Why are you talking?  Did any of us give you permission to speak?”

Mark shook his head.  There were some open mouths in the room as I was being eyeballed about how frank I was.

“Did she not give you a request to have you massage her?”

“Yes” Mark said.

“Fuck.  You spoke again?  Are you fucking dense?” and I turned to the girls – who sat there in shock at my anger, and I said to them “he has to be punished , that’s not acceptable behavior from a man, ideas?”

The first “what the fuck” suggestion of the evening then came from Wael of all people.  “He should squat her.”

“Fuck ya” came the support from the room of fitness chicks.  Wael has had two breakthrough moments recently in her evolution as a mistress , that was one of them.  Actually as I sit here writing this I’m once again stunned by the perfectness of that suggestion and the fact it came from her mouth … and in English.  That’s fucking amazing even now as I think about it.

So ya , Mark had to hoist NamWaan upon his shoulders , put his back against the glass sliding door of my balcony and was asked to do twenty squats with her riding my glass door up and down laughing as all the girls got in on the count.  He made twenty without a hitch , and so , I climbed on his shoulders the moment he had let her off.

You can imagine where this is leading to right?  When his legs trembled to push me up for his nineteenth and twentieth rep the girls were oohing and ahhing and when he put his hand on his knees to help support him it was BiFun (we call her Fun) who kicked his hands off his knees causing him to collapse to the ground and almost drop me on my head.

Wael was next.  She of fifty five kilos a good fifteen more than I weigh.  He almost spoke to complain as she jumped on his back.  But he thought better of it and somehow pushed out twenty more squats but by the time Wael slipped off he couldn’t stand up.

His legs were visibly shaking as he supported himself on his hands and knees.

“Useless” I said and walked behind him to give him a love tap kick right where his balls were dangling under his shorts.

I wasn’t expecting group laughter but that’s what happened when they saw my love tap crumple Mark to the ground.

“That’s so mean” said Gi as she in turn walked around behind him.  I snapped my fingers and when Mark saw me do so he got up to his prone knees and hands position again only to be knocked back flat on the floor by her love tap kick.  The laughter was louder , one girl spat out her wine as it was so funny to her to see Mark clutching his nuts on the floor.

“Wait , that won’t do, he can’t touch his nuts like that.”   I quickly disappeared into my bdsm bedroom after I said that and came back out with a pair of handcuffs to lock his hands behind his back. so he could no longer clutch anything of importance to him.

femdom humiliation jaa4u bangkok“Me !!” the girl who’s name I can’t remembered actually volunteered to go next excitedly.  I know from conversation that evening that she has her own cross fit gym here in the city , well not her own but she is the manager.  She also has the most rounded hard ass of any girl I’ve ever seen.  They have cross-fit at the MMA gym I do my Muay Thai in sometimes … the same one where i had that super hot outdoor session , but none of the girls there have an ass like this girls.

Her kick was divine.  It landed with a thud , not a whack but a distinctive thud sound on his shorts and he let out a cry as he landed chin first back on the floor.  Here’s the cool thing tho.  After a few “omg” whispers went around the room they almost all started saying in unison “up” after I said “oh come on , that’s nothing , get up.”

That was followed by Wael saying “ya , up”

Then everybody chanted in “up, up , up , up , up” until , like a good slave , Mark made it to his hands and knees again.  Then Wiu I think her name was , the Chinese girl , small like me but with a bigger chest went behind him , danced for a bit and then spun around in a 360 and got Mark with a kick that landed more flush than the others had before.

This time it took a good three minutes of chanting for Mark to make his way up to his hands and knees again.  But rise he did and not only that , but to the squeal of delight of all eight of us he opened his legs and shook his ass.  What a champion.  With four more obvious kicks to come it was a great show of servitude on his part.

It further showed these girls what this world of mine is like , to have a man subject himself to anything a girl asks him to do , to fulfill that request without complaint and gleefully ask for more.  I guess it’s a thrilling thing for them.  It was never thrilling for me as back when I began I was always learning , always unsure of myself whenever I addressed a man with a tone that I was directing him to do something.

What I was doing this evening was setting the world of femdom on a silver platter for them , with no risk , and a perfectly groomed slave to play with.  I was kind of envious of them because it was like they had just found the perfect toy to play with.  Not to mention they were all back visiting Thailand from their own country so there was a perfect opportunity for them to let their hair down and be themselves.  No chance of any hubby back home finding out , just pure lady fun.

Which brings us to – the never ending chalice.

It wasn’t even me who suggested the idea either.  Nor was it Wael.  Gi was the culprit for she had mentioned that back home her husband loved to beg her to taste her pee and because of the nature of her relationship with him she was reluctant to go down that road – though she confessed to me earlier that it was something she wanted to do with him.  So it was Gi who excused herself into the bathroom and came out with a very unique glass of golden wine – then went to the fridge to drop an ice cube in the glass and presented it on the ironing board which was part of Mark’s table earlier that evening.

“Drink it” is all she said , but she commanded the request perfectly.

Actually , the first word of Thai was spoken right there and then , I heard “araiiiii” which when spoken like that means “what the fuck” or “what is thattttt?” and when Gi said back in Thai that it’s a glass of her pee there was astonishment.  It could have been a room of 6 girls (wael and i have seen and done everything already na) at a circus show watching a high wire act , they watched in amazement as Mark went over and drank the entire glass of cold pee like he was downing a beer.

Then they clapped.  Gi , with mock anger, retook the glass from the ironing board , went back to the bathroom and refilled the chalice.  Again Mark chugged it from top to bottom like a pro.

“I’m out” she said, meaning her gas tank was empty.  “I have a lot” said the Chinese girl and right there over my god damn living room floor she dared to fill up the glass , spilling a bit as she did which made my OCD meter rise more than a little.  Now whatever little miss cross-fit squat girl had in her diet the last twenty four hours wasn’t nearly the same as what Gi had consumed for the first sip of her special champagne didn’t agree at all with Mark’s tongue.

He winced.  On his second mouthful he dry gagged.  Oh what rancid liquid is this?  If he could speak that’s what he’d say.  When one is aware that they are acting out their deepest , most hidden fantasy there is an unparalleled dedication to fulfilling each request to perfection so that the fantasy can live on.  That’s my reasoning to behind how Mark downed that third glass of vile champagne , and the forth , and the tenth for that matter.


femdom bangkok bdsm jaa4u


Again though, coolest thing was the thirty minutes later when Mark was in my en-suite bathroom quietly praying to the porcelain god , the girls and I paid him no mind or attention.  He disappeared for a while and we continued to talk and chat as if his plight for the evening had no resonance on us whatsoever.   It was great for that’s how the pinnacle of a slave mistress relationship should be in a group setting, there should be no extra thought paid to the man.  He is there as a whim, to address him or dismiss him as we deem fit.  Part of me wishes I could have just enjoyed the evening but as I tend to do so very often I was analyzing and over thinking things from a sociological and psychological point of view.

What I got from this was the idea that there’s this repression that exists in women , like something primal.  A hidden part of us that craves to have fun at a man’s expense.  I can’t get this train of thought out of my mind because I now have a ton of theories that I need to explore.

For instance, as I told you , Mark was a 6/10 in terms of looks.  What if he instead had the looks of someone handsome like Tom Cruise?  Then what would have been the reaction of the girls?

Would the night have turned more sexual?  Or would the same theme of girls having fun at a man’s expense unfolded?

Given a handsome man in our presence , would the girls have kicked Mark’s balls as they did?  At the end of the evening when everybody was leaving I told each girl to slap Mark twice hard on the face as they left and he was to say thank you to both slaps.  They did so without question , each slapping him mercilessly hard.  Had he been the type to make us wet just looking at him , would we have laid so much physical abuse on him?

I’m totally addicted to this idea of group humiliation now , but for research purposes not monetary.  I barely broke even on the night after all the food , wine, bbq machine purchases made.  However I’m rich with visions of where this might go in the future.

I see me living abroad in a house where I have on staff six similar ladies , friends and playmates alike.  It’d be a place not where we do sessions , but where we train men how to serve us fully.  Five thousand for a three day weekend serving seven women faithfully and unquestionably.

So we end with Mark’s last visit to see me just over a week ago now.  The humiliation of our group session must have caused him endless nights of fapping as he replayed his plight that evening again and again in his mind.  Surely the expectation of what I had set up for him as a follow up had reached unattainable heights.  So much so that I needed a way to not only shatter these lofty expectations but to crush his heart as well in one flail swoop.

Thus the need for Antoine , also a regular visitor of mine , but devastatingly handsome and a sure subject of my further research into group humiliation some day.  Nothing like seeing your girl in the arms of another man , it’s worse than any kick to the scrotum isn’t it?

Antoine played his one minute roll to perfection , leaving Mark and I together with a pleasingly long silence.

“Your customer?” he asked finally.

“No, he’s what you’re going to be once you have as much experience serving me as he does.”

“What am I going to be?”

“My lover.  One day.  Maybe.  But not today.”  You know something , a carefully placed lie can both ruin a man and give him incentive.   Wait, aren’t they called alternative truths now?  lol

Ah but there I go again.  Creating desire anew.  Enhancing expectation anew.  It’s a vicious never ending circle isn’t it?

Tell me, does the hamster ever leave the treadmill?  🙂









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