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Another jiu jitsu triangle.  My face is almost inside her pussy and worse … she is pushing my head harder into her sweaty shorts and I know it is over.  I have to tap out.  So I do.

Loss #5000 in a row.

“Again” my coach says  with everybody watching me.

I slap Rita’s hand and start to dream again just before we fight.

This time I am thinking about her name … Rita … so close to our ladyboay Arita’s name … and I think wow I wish I could fight Arita instead.

Then I start to think about the session last night with Arita and Mark and me and how Mark shouted out in the middle “oh my god I’m so horny I’m going to die” and I laugh at myself.

But then Rita do the same thing she always do to me … pull me so I sit back and then she push me to the floor and mount me … again.

She try to choke me.   But I know that move.  I block.

Stupid move to block.

Rita use me to put my arm close to my throat to step over my arm and her foot is under my head.   Another triangle.

But I dream again.  I cannot focus.

Now I am thinking how light is she?  40kg?  She is so small .. .why I cannot feel her weight on me?  And I think about my session with Raj last week … Indian guy so big and so heavy … and when he get on me I feel like he will crushing me.

And I think how I trick him … I lift my legs from behind him and cover his face … and pull him to fall back on the bed and I grab his balls when he fall and he tap as I put 10 nails in his balls.

I try the same move to Rita.

She trap my leg with her arm and pull.  Now I am choking under her pussy again and same time my leg cannot stretch that far and it hurt more.

But I don’t tap.  I dream.

I dream about my session tomorrow with Andrew … 58 years old … and I think how he will complain when I put him in the same position Rita have me.

“Get out” I hear my coach but not good because my ears is inside her legs.

I try.

I roll.  Now I am on my knee and still inside her triangle.  But now worse.  She make it so tight when I am on my knee I have to tap or I will pass out.

Loss #5001

“Again” my coach says.

This time Rita makes her fingers like “come here” to me … she want me to attacking her.  Ok.

I do what you guys do to me everytime .. i grab her small legs and control both to the side and try to go side control on her.

But she flip upside down … spin … and block me with her guard.

I dream.  Fuck if I can do that move on the bed you guy will be in shock.  I can only do basic white belt move to get my feet on your hip again.

I promise to myself I will practiced that move many times so I can do it in session.

This is my problem.  When I fight in class always I am thinking how I can use something in session.  But nobody in my class fights like you.   They fight with jiu jitsu moves.

You guys fight with muscle and power.  I never see any moves in class like somebody normal will try to do when they fight me in session.


femdom bdsm jiu jitsu sexy wrestlingI started Jiu Jitsu 2 years ago.  Well almost 3 but for 1 year I do by myself in my room with a pillow and video on youtube.

Because my first 2 session as a Mistress the guy want to play fight with me … and he win every time.

I think if I can learn to fight I can make my femdom wrestling sessions amazing.  So i signed up 1 month.

Then 2 months.  Then 6.  Then 1 year.

Honest … first 6 months was easy because my teacher never let me fight.  Just learn.  I loved to go.  It made me fit … made me sweat … made me learn no pressure.  Just technique.


Then after 6 month … hell.

Hell every night because I have to fight every body in my class.

And I lose.  and lose again.  and again.

Now it is 2 years and i never 1 time won a fight in my gym.  I lose about 5000 fights in a row.

So why do I go?

I don’t care if I win even 1 fight.  I go because it makes my bdsm sessions better.

Your head mistress always tells me “the sessions have to be real for them” … so to make femdom wresttling real for you … I want you to fight somebody who know something about how to fight.


jiu-jitsu-femdom-2In every fight … I dream.

I dream about how I can use something not in this fight but how only I can use the move in my next session.

What I wait for is end of class.

Because Monday I will have a session with a guy and he will fight me and pin me by pin my arms to the bed.  Every guy does this first.  The man is strong.  I am weak.  So easy to pin my arm to the bed.

So I wait for after class and I ask my teacher or I ask Rita … “what do I do if the guy will pin my arm to the floor?”

Rita will say “oh easy .. that is a move only stupid people do because …..” and she will show me how to get out.

So she tell me the first time I asked her 2 years ago how to get out from that … easy because the man put his weight forward to hold my hand to the bed.

“If he control your hand … he cannot control your hip … and your hip is more power than your hand” Rita tell me.

She move her hip out under me and with her knee she bump my ass same time she lift her hip and I fly to the mat and land on my face.


Next session … the next guy do the same thing to me on the bed.  Pin my hand to the bed.

I shrimp my hip.  I put my knee on his ass.  And I lift my hip … and bump him hard.

He fly.

And broken his tooth on my headboard.

Bad for him yes.  But this move … i never have to be scare if a man hold me like that again.


Always I am after class asking “what if a guy do this to me” and I show the move he get me last night.

Like second time I ask Rita … same thing .. the guy hold my wrist so tight and laugh at me when he sit on me.

I cannot push him forward because he sit up.  He only want control me … not pin me.

She tell me “easy .. if he sit up he can fall back easy with hip bump” and she show me how.

Next session … I flip the guy back on the bed.

After that … I start to let the guy get on top of me because these 2 moves … I not scared any more.  I learn.


For 2 years I do this every night.

Now I am like expert for how to fight in a femdom session.  Every move a man can make … I can get out.

And start about 6 month ago I lean how to make trap for the guy who want to fight me.  So he will fall into my triangle.

I had to master triangle.

Why you know?

Because the most sexy position in jiu jitsu is leg triangle.


jiu-jitsu-femdom-1Now again I am stuck inside Rita triangle … and again I am thinking not how to get out … but think only “wow this is so sexy.”

I wish in that fight somebody have camera because it will make your dick so hard if you can see my face in her pussy that fight.

She triangle me every time.

“Get out … get out … get out … get out”  my coach is yelling very loud.  I can hear even my head is inside her leg.

I tap.

“no tap …get out”

I tap again because i feel the bees.

The bees is what you feel before you pass out.  Like bees swim around your heads and the room start to lose the light.

“move .. .move … move”

So I am moving my hip.  I try to bridge and roll.  I try to sit up and take her hand off from my head.

I cannot.  Rita is on top of me again.  She squeeze and she is smile at me same time.  Not mean smile … just smile like she is happy about something.

About what?

Now I am waiting for the clock to sound like a bird … end of 5 minute fight.  Always we fight 5 minutes and change new partner.

“get out … move … get out.”

Why everybody is watching me?  I can see nobody is fighting … only watching Rita kill me.

This is last fight for the night …already I fight 1 hour and you have no idea how tired.  I can feel my leg shaking my hand shaking.  I go down to 0 energy.


wael-450-graffittiBut my coach never stop … “move or you never get out”

“I tap” I say.

“No tap …move … get  out.”

I feel I want to cry.  Why I come to learn to fight .. I hate to fight.  I don’t mind to lose.  But I hate to fight somebody somebody who control me so much and is 1/2 my size.

I hit my limit.  I bridge my hip high … I move my hip … I flip her … she flip me back … I move around to her side so her leg start to slip out … slowly .. slowly … and finally I get out … and i make “time out” with my hand

No more.

I am done.

And everybody clap for me.  20 people all clap … and Rita she clap for me the most.  Why?

I sit up.  So confuse.

My coach come to me “congratulation” and he shake my hand.

In Thai we say “ngong” … 100% confused.

I feel like that.


And then … I look down at myself because everybody is looking at me.


I have a blue belt?

I start the fight with white belt on my body.  And it change to blue?  How?

And I get it.  He make me fight Rita long time because she can triangle me easy he know … and when she do that he change the belt on me to put blue.


The girl who lose 5000 fights and win none … is blue belt.

Yes.  I am happy to report to you … I am now the worst blue belt in the world for jiu jitsu.

But I am the sexiest and the best trained … for sexy femdom jiu jitsu sessions.

And that is more important to me than win lose.


I am done with jiu jitsu now.  I retire.

Did it only to be better at fighting sexy for you … never to get a blue belt.

In the gym I am winless.

On the bed I am undefeated.

Your headmistress told me to make the sessions “real” for you.

I think undefeated is as real as it gets.


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