eing a mistress has evolved me faster than five monkeys having butt sex with a fish squirrel evolved you, – you as in men in general.  In fact, if this rate of evolution persists, it’s quite possible that i’ll be the first self-aware artificial intelligence well before google’s robotics division figures out how to stop their robots from walking like Gumby.  Ha, won’t that throw a monkey wrench into Windows 11 if Cortana 2.0 has a mistress personality built into her;

“oh ya, i’ll empty your recycle bin bitch , right after you lick my modem first”  haha

The speed of my evolution is proven in my photos as Jaa2 3.0 , or the Mistress I am now, looks absolutely nothing like post New Zealand Jaa2 2.0 , and that girl looks nothing like the last remnants of Thai Jaa2 1.0 who was last seen pre 2011 and is as obsolete as a Commodore 64.  What separates me from Microsoft, I mean other than I have more intelligence in my pussy lips than Steve Balmer has in his brain, is that I’ve evolved through three generations of operating systems in 1/3 the time they did.


Mistress Jaa| OS Jaa 1.0

If Windows 10’s slogan is “Windows 10 : The Best One Yet (because we fucked up all the previous one’s so much we just skipped 9 all together)

then my slogan would be

Jaa2 1.0 : The Best Jaa2 Ever

windows 10 sexy girl



Jaa2 OS 3.0

If Siri and Cortana had a love child … it’d be called Jaa2 1.0 , and you guys would be walking around with your phone in one hand and your dick in the other asking me permission to spray special sauce on your Big Mac at McDonalds.

But before I became Jaa2, I evolved from Jaa2 3.0 , which is like Microsoft’s Windows 9 , a thought that evolved like a word stuck on the edge of your tongue, briefly there but never heard of.

This slogan would be : “Please wait while we install Mistress Software.”

Jaa2 3.0 hit the streets the exact same time I met Mistress Jaa1, and it was crucial to my transformation as spending time with her made me start seeing men as silly beings just as simple as a Minecraft avatar is to an Intel I7 processor.  When i hear a 60 year old man still kissing corporate ass quarreling with me on how to run my business there’s no need to reply really.  An ant has no quarrel with a boot and I have no problem kicking men like that to the curb.

Thinking like that about men is not innate.  Especially growing up here where smacking a girl around on television is still tolerated, it took a lot of anti-social thought to get to the point where I didn’t take shit from any man.  However, it took spending time with Jaa1 to evolve out of not just being satisfied with not taking shit, but to just demand to myself that only the highest class of male beings would be allowed to even talk to me.



Jaa2 OS 2.0

The slogan for Windows 7 was : It Just Works.  As if the last one they coughed up, Vista, was so mind numbingly horrible that getting something rudimentary out to the public that just barely functions was so much better than what was available previously.  That was Jaa2 2.0 as I escaped to New Zealand.  Here’s where I start cringing at showing you these photos on a blog that’s supposed to be self-promotional, but I wanted to show you because if you look close enough you can see the years of rhetoric seeping through the thin layer of foundation that New Zealand was providing as I began to grow new skin.

windows 7



Jaa2OS 1.0

Yes you can!  Windows XP’s Slogan seems as much self-reassuring as it was a slogan, and we’re going a bit far in years now as I don’t even remember using XP but the slogan sure could be used for what my motto was for escaping village life as I was working on graduating university and adapting “The Few, The Proud” as I walked up to get my diploma on graduation day.  As hard as it is to survive Marine boot camp I’d say it’s 100 times harder to survive ignorance.

As an example of how deep the water of ignorance is i’m gonna tell you a no bullshit story.  To save me from having to sit at McDonalds every morning from 7-noon last week my friend let me stay at her condo while she went to teach whatever she teaches in high school.  (rbtlines) Come the weekend, I took her out shopping to thank her for her generosity and in doing so we happened to walk past a shop selling nothing but colored condoms of all different specialties.  She stopped instantly to look closer and then delightedly turned to me and pulled me by my wrist to go inside the shop to which I resisted and told her “you’re not embarrassed to go in?”

“Why?” she said as she blinked like Bambi at me and at the window again, “it’s just candy.”

“No … they sell the rubber things that go on the candy” I laughed, but then caught myself as I was suddenly pulled back to the ignorance of village life and realized that this girl the same age as me, teaching kids in High School, had absolutely no idea what a condom was.  Seriously.  So don’t spew me all the nice bullshit in the comments down below of how I hold American, European and other first world countries in too high of esteem.  It’s not that at all, it’s that i’m so sorrowfully aware of how low ours is that I want to make you guys appreciative of just how lucky you have it sitting where you are.

windows xp sexy girl




Windows Vista went with “The Wow Starts Now” as their slogan and that’s pretty much what teenage guys here say too as they whip out their dicks and take full advantage of nobody knowing what a condom is.  I can hear you asking “so girl, how did you survive not getting knocked up or knocked around in the village?”

Ah, so glad you asked.  It was easy to avoid being impaled because everybody thought I was a guy and was too afraid to pull down my pants to check.  Even gays were walking away from me going “no i’m not fucking that, no way.”

You can take my word for it or you can check for yourself, but it’s gonna cost ya $50 if you do.

Pick your poison , Gift Rocket or Amazon , include the email address to send the photos to when you select the card.


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Perhaps you can’t see the acceleration in change.  To me, Jaa2 3.0 to Jaa2 1.0 happened so much faster than going from Jaa2 1.0 to Jaa2 2.0 and I think it may be hard for you to feel that too because we are talking about a period of 10 years from 18yo to 28yo in those photos.  To fully understand how rapidly taking on a Mistress life changes people, we need to look to my friend and now Mistress Wael.

After a disastrous first session where she learned eating squid with garlic fish sauce 20 mins before a session is a turn off she’s had 50 sessions in a row where everybody has loved her, but it’s only been the last month that people have been gushing over how sexy she is.  That wasn’t always the case.

To review, I met Wael while we were exploring what it would be like working as a masseuse, a job that I threw in the towel  at after a week and credit to her, she persisted.  It was that really fucking grey period where I had graduated university and was getting offers to work for 15,000 baht a month for what I wanted to do, and I realized it’d take me the better part of 25 years to pay back the university debt making that little money.  Fucking hell, what was the point of university?  Now  I could live in slightly less poverty than everybody else.

Wael had the same problem graduating as a chef and coming from Chiang Rai to Bangkok to work under a Sous Chef from dusk til dawn without the reprieve of being able to turn into a vampire and suck on some blood.  Go rent the movie if you’re confused lol.  So there we were in the massage shop, drawn by the hope of making 20k or as some tales had been spun, the chance to make as high as 30k and become part of massage hell lore.  I left, she stayed.  Why?


Mistress Wael OS 1.0

To understand why somebody would put up with massaging stinky feet for 2 hours and getting a 20 baht tip as a thank you, you’d have to understand that such a person had really eaten the full ‘poverty is ok” soup and had asked for a second helping.  If one person my age doesn’t know what a condom is, imagine trying to function in a world with that level of knowledge as your baseline and trying to make sense of anything other than survival.  Wael has a Buddah tattoo down her back because she was told by a fortune teller it would keep her safe from ghosts at night and help bring her enough money to survive.

To give that perspective, in 2494 before Christ was born, Egyptians believed the sun god Ra carried the sun across the sky in a giant canoe.  Believing in a fortune teller who went to fortune telling school (yes true, we have that) isn’t that fucking far from believing in Ra still either, and that was 4000 years ago give or take.  Does that give you an idea of village life?  Here is Wael 1.0 in her innocent as Bambi days a short 3 years ago.

Thai Mistress Wael


Mistress Wael OS 2.0

Coming to Bangkok from Chiang Rai is like taking someone from the stone age and putting them in an Imax theater and forcing them to make sense of Star Wars.  I’d bet you my used tampon that caveman would walk out of the theater – get back in his time machine – and then go try to ‘force-push’ the first dinosaur that came running at him.  Hey maybe it would work, that’s maybe how the Christians survived the Jurassic era.  But for the most part no, that caveman would have no fucking idea how to make sense of what he just saw, and so it was with Wael coming into contact with these foreigners she had heard so much about.

The first thing I had to do for Wael even before she did her first session with me was to get rid of the parasitic men that she had attracted.  You know, the type that look for a girl that looks like a deer caught in the headlights, use her for free sex and act all pissed off when money is mentioned.  “you’ve changed too much, I no longer want to be in contact with you” … that’s right, take your 65 year old worm some place else, the pussy bar is now closed.  Fuck I would have loved to meet one of them so I could see just how far I could kick his balls up into his asshole.

With the vermin filth gone – probably to Pattaya … she got her first session from me and made the guy cum 7 times in 2 hours , clearly not understanding the denial portion of Tease & Denial yet.  That’s when the behaviour change started to happen, slowly at first and then as the snowball tumbled down the hill it picked up more and more velocity until this whole new kinky sweet girl had completely shed the skin of her old self, and all within 5-6 months.

thai mistress wael


Mistress Wael OS 3.0

Then boom, it happened, just like it did to me and just like it did to Jaa before me.  I truly believe now as I’ve felt it happen with me, seen it happen with Wael and heard how it happened from Mistress Jaa’s history that one’s thirst for knowledge is directly proportional to the confidence one has in it’s self.  She’s traded in looking at Facebook posts to researching makeup, finding out who Hitler really was, and discovering the difference between Austria and Australia.  The more she learns the kinkier she gets, and I’m telling you that my inbox is full of guys who are absolutely crazy not only about her sessions, but about the Mistress behind the sessions.

That’s cool.  For me to start to change someone’s life just as Jaa changed mine is a really nice feeling.

Windows 95, before my time, had a slogan that said “Where do you want to go today?”

The answer for Mistress Wael now is , anywhere she damn well wants.

thai mistress wael , jaa4u.com


Jaa2 xx















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  • Gino

    Yes Thai people believe in ghosts, a remnant of Lanna culture that’s probably a 1000 years old.  How old is Aussie culture?  Do they still go to church to pray to one Holy Ghost every week? Let’s agree not to hold it against them!
    I’m glad you taught Mistress Wael survival skills needed for Bangkok vs Chiang Rai, where most everyone is in bed before 10 PM.  She doesn’t need those aspects of innocence to succeed as a Mistress, right?
    As far as Mistress Pasaya gaining levels of self esteem and confidence – sounds like a positive feedback loop on being a good earner compared to your former classmates and dominating men all day long!