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My ( Mistress Wael ) Four Hour Tease & Denial for beginners to Femdom continues , this is part two of a four part series and covers the 5pm to 6pm part of his four hour ordeal.  You can see part one of the video and read about it here in case you missed it.

The video starts off with me looking for my bdsm backpack of toys which normally I keep in the bathroom because that is where I wash everything I use after the last session and I know I’m lazy to bring the bag to the table beside the sliding door.  But this time that is where it was.

Mistress Wael’s Four Hour Tease Video  | Part 2 of 4


It’s important for beginners to know that anything I introduce in my session like anal plug play is going to be tame.  For sure I will do another four hour tease for intermediate level slaves and in the future when I have a slave volunteer who can take it … a 4 hour advanced femdom tease with fisting, bondage, cbt, candle wax, spanking … everything.

This anal plug is one of my smaller ones.  I can just twist it in and with the oil it soaks up it goes in easy on anybody.  Also it is only half way in.  I leave the other half to be spanked in when I get to part three , or about the 60 minute mark of a real session.  It seems like a lot to take.  But trust me … after 1 hour of teasing I can spank even my biggest anal plug into a virgin ass and he will not even feel it.


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After he has calmed down I introduce my hands to his balls.

Absolutely cannot do that in the first thirty minutes of any session.  Only if the session is about making my slave cum 5-6 times … ok then I will play with his balls right away and make him cum because at the start he is very sensitive.

After thirty minutes most cocks will start to go soft a little bit when I go slow.  That is when I know his cock is used to my hands.  And I know from that it is okay to play with his balls.

I begin by stretching the skin on his balls.  I love stretching testicle skin.  I like twisting it too.  If it is an advanced session I will dig my nails into the skin … but not for beginners.

Stretching the skin takes his mind away from his cock.  That’s good.  That’s what I want.  He has three hours to go so I need a distraction.   I’m good at distractions , see photo below 😛


ankle socks tease


About  13 minutes into the video … or 75 minutes into his session … I switch from testicle pulling to my “left hand, right hand” technique.  And then the “double hand” technique which I think for a man feels like he’s fucking pussy.

Ah.  One trick I use … I always heat the oil before the session.  Hot oil + Hot hands feels like pussy.

13:50 into the video, 76 minutes into the session he lets out his first loud “OHHH” sound.

That’s perfect.  I want the first hour to be “um ok.”  The second hour to be “OHHH”.  The third hour to be “Holy Fuck.”  The fourth hour to be long loud grunting like “UHHHHHHOOOOOHHH”

Teasing takes you down my rabbit hole.  It’s a deep hole.  I let you fall for a very long time before you hit bottom.

Now after his first OHHH watch me pick up the speed.  Remember … he is not allowed to make a noise.  I want him to make more noise so I can remind him to be silent.  Once he makes the first noise to me that is like Rocky 1 where Rocky knocked down Apollo Creed early in the fight and everybody knew it was going to be a long long fight.  So I want him to make the second sound quickly after.  I get OHHH again at 14 minutes exactly.  Now I have him !  I got what  I wanted.  Now back to slow.  Let’s sensitize the head.

And now I just cycle.  “Two hands” to “Cock and Balls” to “Sensitize the head” to “Caress the balls.”  Again and again.


Casual Mistress Wael jaa4u.com


20:20 he almost cums.  Fuck.  So close to fucking it up.  Happens sometimes but I got lucky.   He begs.  I deny.

At 23:40 a little trick I learned.  By turning my right hand upside down my whole palm can over sensitize the long part of his cock head and guys cannot cum when I do that so its a safe way to play when he is close.   So that when I stop at  23:50 and let him try and self squeeze an orgasm he cannot.  I let go completely at 23:55 just to make sure.

I’m going to add more oil at 24:10 do you know why?  It’s like a cooking recipe isn’t it?  haha.  Adding more oil will reduce the friction.  He is close to cumming so I need less friction and the oil is not as hot now … it had a chance to cool so it won’t make him explode.  You can see the oil fly everywhere at 24:20

Angel Wael's TwitterAt 24:25 that’s a double pinch technique.  Pinch under the head first to block any cum and then quickly pinch the base to block his balls from pushing cum up.  Then let go.  Works every time.  It can also give you the feeling like you cum already but your dick is confused if it did or not so it stays hard.  It’s hard to do but if I can catch the cum half way like that I can make it a 12 hour tease no problem.  Once the cock is confused it will stay like that for a long long time in the session.

His second near orgasm is at 26 minutes and again I was lucky.  I’m scratching his balls with my nails to distract him from cumming.  Especially my fuck you finger.  It’s my longest nail and can really send enough ‘ouch’ information to his balls to stop it from cumming.  Anyways, he is maybe too close to cumming so best to stop and give him a little chance to calm down before starting the 2nd half of hour number two 🙂

Ok and that’s it for part two.  Onto part three where I introduce a little ass play now into his four hour tease.

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