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I’m writing for Mistress Wael right from memory of the talk I had with her tonight.   All the credit goes to her for the topic and her “research” , but the words needed to explain her theory are beyond what she’s able to write.

At first I asked her  “do you really want me to publish what you’re experimenting with?   Cuz it might scare guys off.”

But she showed me email proof that her guys are loving the results – even if it is  totally opposite of what I try to accomplish  in my  own  Tease & Denial sessions.

So let me reassure you guys before I begin here –  that normal teasing  sessions  complete with  the volcanic like orgasms at  the end … or the hellish scrams of a cruel ruined orgasm are of course AVAILABLE  UPON REQEST.

But for those who dare to be explorers in the further regions of experience … read on.



First, a pop quiz for y’all.  Do you remember what Pavlov’s Theory is?  You were probably taught it in school.  I , on the other hand was taught it by original Mistress Jaa ,  and Mistress Wael just learned about it by applying it …  out of  sheer accident.

It’s defined as such:  Pavlovian theory is a learning procedure that involves pairing a stimulus with a conditioned response.

So one of  the differences between Mistress Wael and I is while I’ve been doing many Mistress as a Girlfriend sessions  … she’s been owning slaves and controlling their actions over an extended  period  of time  … some over a three year period.

In layman’s terms …  I fuck with you mentally while she’s interested the levels of  madness she can make you endure by controlling your  beloved cock.


So, I’m going to type this out just as she told me in Thai an hour ago.  To set the scene … I  had  shown  up unannounced just as her tease and denial session was about  to  begin as I was returning the chastity cage I  had borrowed since yesterday.   My intention was to hang around for her session and order food in thereafter.  But she shoo-shoo’d  me away not  allowing  me  to stay.    I  was like  what-the-fuck?  Why?   Then a moment later her slave-in-training came knocking on the door and I simply grabbed  my purse and  said “explain later” as  I left.   Got back an  hour later and gave  her  a  stern  look that basically screamed  “ok, spill  the  beans, what’s going on?”

“You being in the room would have aroused him, and at this stage of his training I cannot allow that.”  she began.

“But it’s a tease and denial session , you want his dick hard.”  I said matter-of-factly.  It is after all  my  expertise as  well.

“No, it’s a Netflix Tease and Denial session” Wael retorted.

Well  fuck,  that made about as much sense to me as a fat kid eating broccoli so I asked her to elaborate.


“I play with his  cock for  2 hours” she said , “to make  him feel good  , but in  such  a way  that his cock cannot  get hard.”

“Ever?”  I  asked.

“Never.”   She said.  “Never , ever.”

Hmm, interesting,  “how” I asked as I  sat down on the bed beside her.



“At  first ,  in the first few times he came to  see me  ,  of course I  would let  him  get hard and tease  him until the  end  of  the movie.   But then I started just squeezing his dick … soft enough so  his dick  liked the feeling …  but never hard  enough for him to get  an erection.”

She got  up  and  got the thick pink  dildo she  uses  on well stretched asses in session.

With her fingers she  showed me how she would just roll around the shaft  avoiding  the  head  completely and  she explained that  the head was only to  be  touched once the penis “gave up” and  got  too  soft.

“Gave up?” I  asked.

“Yes, the dick thinks my hands will  make him hard for 20 to 30 minutes  – at  first – last year I mean.   Nowadays it knows it’s fate , it has been trained to be flacid , completely broken.  But before when  we started 2 years ago it wanted  to get hard.  It would  pulse.  It would flex.  And then it would give up trying to talk to  my fingers  to squeeze  harder.”

“Do you ever jack it off up  and down?”  I  asked.


“Only for reward … for  lasting  the whole movie soft … it gets to be hard from up and  down jacking off … and  then  it  gets  locked  in the chastity until  next time I see him.”

I nodded, understanding suddenly where  all my fucking chastity cages have been disappearing to.

“Eventually, I would  make  him  stay for 2 movies, keeping him horny  but  soft  for 4 hours.  Yesterday I made him binge  watch Kingdom Season 2  on  Netflix with  me  … 6 hours straight, no orgasm, just touching  his dick in that perfect balance between stroking too softly and stroking with too much pressure.”

“And?” I said with great interest.  Seriously, how the fuck I’ve never  thought  of trying this  is beyond me.   I begged her  to continue.

“His dick now cannot get hard.  At most it  can achieve 60% erection.   Enough  to fuck for 10 seconds before it will fail.    When it fails,  I laugh at it.  Like  a  pitiful homeless wet dog.  It  takes a long time to tease a cock to perpetual softness , but I’ve now done it with  not only him, but many many men.  They are all like eunuch’s ,  but worse because their dick won’t function  , and I make them thank me every session for doing that to them.”

“Pavlov” I said.

My mind left the room for  a moment  at that point.

I was recalling original Mistress Jaa teaching me about Pavlonian responses and  how they can  be  used  in  a session  to  great effectiveness.   Her realm of  usage was related to pain, and conditioned responses to something like the sound of her whip spinning in the air in front of her blindfolded slave – tied standing up to a railing  on her balcony  – and how his  knees would buckle in fearful submission only from the ‘whoop whoop  whoop’  sound of  it as she spun it a foot from his ear.

teased flaccid tease denial femdom bdsm jaa“They remember the sound of the whip” she had said “more than they remember the punishment.”  Geez, I remember  that guys’ name, Marcel.   She’d say it over and over  – she’d  always use the man’s name in her  sessions to gain favour.   “Marcel” she’d say, “Marcel you forgot to say my name when you thanked me  for  that last weight on your balls.”  She’d begin to spin  the whip.  “Marcel, what happens to men who don’t thank me by name?”

His  lip would quiver at  the question.  She’d  spin the whip harder , “accidentally” letting the tip  of  it  ‘ping’ off the  metal rail of her balcony.

‘MARCEL , she would suddenly yell,  what exactly is my name?”

“Jaa, Mistress Jaa, Mistress Jaa”  he said  as his knees gave out beneath him leaving  him slumping  but held  up by his crucified hands.

“Spread  your knees , show my whip your  balls  … if  you want to slump  like that.”

“Mistress Jaa  … oh oh  … Mistress Jaa Mistress Jaa” he’d  whimper in his suddenly fleeting French accent ,  at that  moment sounding more like a boy drowning in an  icy cold  lake.

After  that session , one that I’ll never forget she asked me as we  sat  down for  coffee shortly after he left.

“Do you  know how many times I’ve hit him?”

“A hundred?” I guessed.

“Once”  she replied, with a devious smile.  “But I spun the whip  for 10 minutes before I  hit him  … and when  I  did,  it was with full force  … to open a crack on his skin.  Thereafter, only the sound is needed.”

It’s a method that I’ve used ever since.

It wasn’t until I  did almost the same type of  session some six years ago  that the  German guy –  Franz – whom I was moulding  at the time  kept  saying  “Pavlov, Pavlov , Pavlov” to my whip spinning.   And it was he who taught me about Pavlov’s Theory


Now I see that Mistress Wael  has applied the stimulus / response idea to teach a cock that it can  no longer get hard in her presence.

“How do you indeed  make  it hard?”  I asked her.

“I stimulate it in  a  much  different  way.   Usually when it’s  locked  I’ll make him almost cum by rubbing,  pulling and massaging his balls.  That makes  him  rock  hard … but he learns to  get hard from his  balls being  touched,  not  his  dick.”


Now I gotta  admit,  I  know  you guys  like the  back  of  my hand,  I can’t see but  a handful  of  you actually wanting your dick to become impotent.   But there is indeed a niche crowd out there  who loves being controlled  completely  by his  mistress,  who has fantasies  over his dick  being  inadequate and has even  had  thoughts of  being  castrated.  Her methods are a welcomed  outlet for men pursuing this fetish.

I  think  you can now begin to see why some  guys who pursue sessions with Mistress Wael love just how very far  she leads them down the path of submission.    She has an army of men who live to drink from her piss hole,  eat from her  asshole, and have not  only given up possession of their cocks to her  chastity devices,  but have also  been permanently teased flaccid over a lengthy and subtle process.

The less daring run to Wael for her ball-emptying Tease & Denial sessions  , truly that is the vast majority.

But for  the few  who  are looking for a way to  explore total devotion  …. be a good dog …  and look into Wael’s Tease & Permanent Denial methods.


xx  … writing on behalf of

Mistress Wael


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