Femdom Blog

This naturally beautiful girl I met while hiking in Sri Lanka had these gorgeous eyes that held in a single instant both sadness and hope.

I saw in her eyes those of my own when I was her age , where there seemed to be no hope of a better life and yet – I knew if I was a bit entrepreneurial in my ways that it might be possible to find an escape.

So I gave her quite a handsome tip and a kiss on the cheek , told her to keep the flowers to sell to somebody else and it seemed like for a brief moment we connected as we looked in silence into each others eyes.

I guess I have a foolish soft heart for those caught in unfortunate situations , and I remember back to my Turkey trip when I had bought the yummiest looking beef wrap that I’ve ever seen and was just about to bite into it when I was surrounded by 3 refugee girls tugging on my shirt , looking like they hadn’t eaten in days. I gave the first girl the one I had and took the hands of the other two back to the shop and bought one for each of them. Then we sat and ate together with no words – but smiles a plenty from the four of us.

Gosh, I still go visit the two elephants I saved two years ago and yup – still pay a bit every month to give them a good life now that they’ve fully recovered.

It’s a beautiful world if we take the time to stop every once in a while and take in the beauty.

I had this one moment where I was on top of one of the hills the group had climbed (I say hill because now that I’ve seen Swiss mountains, to call what I climbed a mountain would be a misnomer) and I decided to stray off from the pack to take in the scenery by myself.

Suddenly, the way the landscape unfolded in front of me I felt like it could possibly be the same type of view one would see from Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro Brazil so I extended my arms and imagined that there I was , the Christ statue looking over this magnificent landscape in Sri Lanka and all the while making a commitment in my mind that I’d one day soon make my way to the shores of Brazil to compare the scenery from the feet of the redeemer statue.

Email me if you want to see the photo without the blur – that is , if you really wanna see a short tiny girl offering a none-too-imposing replica stance of said statue. It’s worth a chuckle perhaps. I get silly when I’m on vacation what can I say , I love to let go and find beauty in the world.

And if I can make somebody smile while on my travels , well , that’s just a wonderful feeling isn’t it 🙂

Veni , Vidi, Amari : We came, we saw, we loved.