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Xanax Tease & Denial means that I always wanted to  find out  if I can make a slave cum when he is passed out sleeping.   I don’t mean sleeping and he knows I am playing with his cock and he wakes up a little bit but is sleepy.  I mean out cold.

So I made my slave walk four hours around and around the condo from noon to 4pm when it is crazy hot.  Got him super tired.

Then … hot hot shower for a long long time.   To make him calm down and sleepy.

But that is just ok to make him sleep deep.  How to make him out cold?

For that I had to go to a friend and bought two Xanax.  Actually I wanted to  buy only one because expensive but the pill is so so small.  Tiny really.  I did not think strong enough so I bought two.


Now how to get it to him to eat?

Put it in his tea?  No haha … just tell him it is for sleep and he can sleep in my room 2-3 hours before he go home.

So about 4:30pm I gave him two with water.  5pm he was asleep.  At 5:30 pm I shook him and he did not move.  Out cold.

And so?   I tease him.   Ok well first I moved him.  That was hard.  I had to move him to the corner of the bed close to the window so the light was good.  Because I wanted to film my tease for my onlyfans.

And actually I was a little bit nervous for the idea because his cock was asleep and super soft.   I thought it would be an awful limp cock tease.  Or I thought he would not cum.  I thought maybe 50% chance to make him hard and keep him hard.

But I have amazing technique with my hand so maybe I could.   Let’s see what happened:



And ya , that was very fun.   I made him cum.  And did you see his body shake when he cum?   So his brain has a feeling he cum but his body cannot move.

Ok let’s talk about that because I have a problem right now.   It is after midnight and he is still here.  Still asleep.  Same position.  Did not move even one time yet.

In twenty minutes it will be eight hours.  His wife calling him 47 times … and now 48 she is calling him again.   He won’t wake up.   And he snore …  fuck.

So good experiment but it make a big problem for him.   I hope he can think of a good excuse.

I’m sleepy too.   But I don’t want to sleep with him like that and him in my room.  So I will edit my videos I shot today all night and wait for sleeping beauty to wake up.


xanax tease denial wael


But I want you to know it is possible to tease a man who is out cold.

I can make his cock hard when he is passed out.  And I can make his body tremble when he comes which is very cool to feel.

Very powerful feeling , and a very fun feeling too.

Now if I can just make him wake up !!


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