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Let me tell  you why  my  level  3 is the best  way to train a  toilet  boy once he  learned  already to  be  ok with the smell of my poo.

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First, let’s review.  I wrote about Human Toilet Training and explained it before.

Level 1 is the easiest.  All I want to do is remove how shy he is from being my  toilet boy.

How to do that?   Just make the  toilet  boy  sit beside  me  every time I go  to the washrooom.

At first  all he has to do  is that …  sit and watch.   Hand me my  bum  gun  hose ,  hand me  my toilet  paper,  hand me a  towel,  and flush after me.

24/7  slaves learn  that early  with  me.   It is normal and will  be asked  to  do  that every  time from  day  1.

But some  toilet boy can only afford 1 session  a week.   So it takes time  for  him to know  that is what his job is , to help me in the  toilet.

It  is humiliating for him  to sit below me and watch me poo?   Yes  maybe.    But  also exciting no?  He  is learning finally how to do his fantasy.  Just takes time to  be  a real  toilet boy.


Level 2  is about learning  to smell my poo and be ok with it.   Dont  have to  love it.   Just be ok  with  it.    So dont cough, choke,  gag,  or  run away.

How do I  do  that.

I’ll  make him wipe  my ass.   So  I will not use  the bum spray sometimes.   Let  him get close and wipe  me after I am done.

When he is done wiping I stand up.   I  bend over.   Then I ask him to smell to  see if he  cleaned good or not.

Yes he   is  smelling the ass he just cleaned for me.   But it  still  has  a smell.   The toilet boy has  to  be ok with  that smell  before he  can go up next  level of smell.

Because next time when I poo I will  pull him  by his hair.    And push  him betwen my legs.   Above him I  will have  my  camera studio  light.   So he  can  see  into the  toilet  because  not dark.

He will  watch and feel me poo into  the toilet.   All  toilet boy slaves get  a  hard cock when I do this.  Then  I will hold him there  for  5  minutes and let  him  smell my  poo  in the toilet.

Sounds bad yes?  Not really.  My poo is under  the water  so the smell is maybe only 30%.   But  still  30%  is  up  from smelling my clean ass 20%.   Up slowly see?

After  he  is  ok with  that ,  like you see in my bobbing for apples story  … he will bob.   I used  to do apple  slices.  Now  I do big grapes.   They float better.  Round too  so easier to get with the lips.

Above him I  will hold  his  head into the water where I went poo.   Push his head until he get a grape.

The smell  is  about 40% because the  poo is under the water.   But  he is very close.   Even touching with his nose.   No hard cock  for this.    Guys are scared.    They  don’t like it  much.   But part  of the toilet  boy training  so they have to listen to me.

And now?   He  is  ready for 70%.

To smell the toilet paper he cleans my ass with.    Yes, I make him hold it  under  his nose and let  him smell  many times.  He  has  to get  used  to the smell.

I  find  this takes about 5  sessions.   Or  with  my  full time slave about 3 days to 1 week.   By end of day 7  he is fine to smell the poo on  the toilet  paper.   See how  fast?

Now my toilet  boy  is ready for level  3.



Toilet Boy Level 3

There is only one ̶̶̶  fear.

What fear is that?


Taste.   And what  do we say to the god of ̶̶̶̶̶ taste?   Not today!


I  learned to hold a man’s head up from the chin by one finger from that show.   That scene.

A  new toilet boy will always fear one thing.   And  only one thing.   Taste.

I think it is too much to go from smell to  taste.    Always I thought … has to be a way to  make  that  more easy.

And  so I got the idea to wrap  the face  of the  toilet  boy with saran wrap and leave  two small hole  for his nose to breathe.

Then  give him a choice.   Can rip two  more holes for the  eyes so he can see up  close  my ass  and the poo that will drop  into his mouth.

Or he can keep his eyes under saran  wrap  so  he see  blur.

50%  choose blur and 50% choose to see.

Remember I like only first time toilet boy slaves.  So  I like the answer  for the eyes is 50/50.

When I put  on  the saran  wrap I leave a hole in  the mouth.   A  deep  hole.   To me it  looks like the monster from Return of the Jedi


But my hole  is not  for  Jedi.    It  is for my poo.

Never did you think  in your life you would be a Sarlaac monster right?

Why is level 3 so perfect?

Because you  get  used  to the smell when my ass opens and you get  used to the feel of catching the poo in your mouth.   But no taste.

Now.  It depend on my toilet boy  slave how he feels.   What I do next is up to him not  up to me.

If he feel comfortable?   I will tell him to close his mouth and feel the texture of my shit inside his mouth.  But no taste … it is feeling only.

Some  … will gag at that feeling.  About 40% gag.   So  you see why it  is important to not  have to fight taste too?

I could put a banana in his mouth and he wont gag.  Texture feels the same.   But his mind is still shy about being a toilet boy.   So he gags.

After the 3rd time all stop gagging.  Almost all.  I still have one full time slave who gags even after trying about  20 times already.

That  is ok.   Then  you know you cannot  do level  4  the final level.    And maybe he will think in his  brain my level 3 finished  his fantasy  and he will be happy he did  it.

For a full time slave like that I  will fill the hole and then finish my poo in the toilet above him.   He will have to  not  move and  just hold it  in his mouth until  I  am done and I  say  stop.

That way he feels used.   And  most every  slave  wants to  feel used.   So win win.

And there you go.

Level  3.    Saran wrap.  My secret gateway to a successful level 4.


Mistress Wael


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