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Hi … “gorgeous body” Laurel, referring to this guy who emailed me for a session …

“43 yo athletic westerner with gorgeous body to be under your thumb…”


You know.  I don’t want there to be any hard feelings between us Laurel.

When you were trying to think about putting your umm … cock … in my pussy … cuz you wrote to me :

“I also want to have sex with one of you ideally” 



I didn’t really slap your face and dick that hard.  I mean … do i look like a girl with a plan?  You know what I am?  I’m a dog chasing cars … i wouldn’t know what to do with one if i caught it.

In my sessions i just …. do things.


You have plans.  Your email had plans.  When you said undo your hands you had plans.  You’re a schemer.  Schemer trying to control your little orgasm.

I’m not a schemer.  I try to show the schemer how pathetic their attempts to control the session really are.

So when i say … come here listen … when i say that when i made you masturbate yourself … it was nothing personal.   You’ll know that i’m telling the truth.

It’s the schemers that make you what you are.   You were a schemer.  You had plans.  And umm … look where that got ya?




i just did what i do best.

I took your little plan … and i turned … it … on … itself.

Look what i did to you with a few pieces of rope and a little bit of oil.


You know what i noticed?  Nobody panics when men get what they want.   Even if what they want is horrifying.  If tomorrow I tell the press that a customer tried to use his sexy body to have sex with me … or that you complained for me to untie your hands so you could finger my pussy … nobody panics.

Because men in control is all part of the plan.


But when i make one self proclaimed sexy guy play with himself to cum and he does it out of frustration …  WELL THEN EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MIND.  555

Have a session with me … Introduce a little anarchy.

Upset the established order.

and everything becomes chaos.   I’m an agent of chaos.

Oh and you know the thing about chaos?  … it makes you fuck a Nana prostitute girl and not me lol …


“No worries.
I had a better one on the same evening”


Yup but it wasn’t me.

You see by telling me his body was so amazing and that he wanted sex he went past my first side.  If he just let me play and control everything he could have a chance to see my second side.  That is the side all my customers get to see and play with if they are good submissive men for me.  But he went to the third side … the mean mistress side of me … side you never want to see.  That left him looking at me playing with my pussy in front of his nose while i made him play with his own cock to cum and wishing he had stayed with side 1 and 2.




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