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This is my second wedding i’m attending, last one for a while unless i have my wedding to come.  I guess i should find somebody to ask me first lol … so who want’s to marry me?  haha 555  You think you are the pearl in the ocean for me?  Trouble with that is if you want to marry me you have to be my friend first and to be my friend i have to trust you and the trouble with trusting you is … you are a man.  Every time i trust somebody, they show me why i shouldn’t.  Time and time again.  The guys who want to date me get my Line id.  The guys who want seductive tease & denial sessions get my blog.  Interesting that my blog is a happy place with my fun and maybe sexy stories … and my Lime is a hell history of betrayal.

So i’m at this wedding today wondering where are the real men?

goddess thai mistress femdom bdsm bangkok thailandYou know … the men you can trust.  Can count on .. .not depend on … i like to be independent and take care of myself but still have a man i can count on.  Haha to find that is as impossible as it is to hiss and yawn at the same time.  I love the game but i dislike trust.  Not just men either.  99% of people around me i can’t trust them and i’m talking even people in my family.  My instinct is soooo deep about who to trust and who not to trust.  Sometimes you will see that when I talk to people i look like i am talking but really I am only learning from them.  Because i just don’t trust them and i do it so smoothly because i do it all the time. Life is full of fake people and I think one of the best things to learn in life is how to read people.  Only then can you see through the fake smiles, the fake promises, the fake kindness and really see to the core of who the person is.

I keep my men around as long as it takes me to find them out … and then i drop them faster than a fat kid drops broccoli.  But that’s why i am enjoying my bdsm tease & denial sessions so much because i am seeing the best side of every man for two hours … i seduce them … and then they leave before they can betray me.  It’s like a million first dates … where I am the boss haha.

It’s really funny when you can read people’s minds … and they still lie to you.  I’ll just let them talk and talk, seeing with each word look and promise not only how full of s**t the guy is but how he really believes all the stuff he is saying.  It’s amazing how men can really fall into their lies and then have the balls to say how every girl is so lucky to have him.  Sometimes I break the fourth wall and look for the camera that is filming this while a guy talks or sms’s me this stuff.

Two hundred and fifty guys are blocked on either my Line or my Facebook.  Did I read everybody right?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  What matters is I am developing my instinct about reading men.  Sharper and sharper.  While that may be bad for guys who want to be in the hell that is my bf zone … it is amazing for the guy who wants to come for a session with me.  By the time you get off the motorcycle taxi … get up to the room … and start the session I know more about you than you think.  From your fantasy you talked about.  From how you compose your emails.  From what you talk about.  From what you notice about me or not notice about me.  Do you talk about me or talk about yourself?  What clothes do you wear when you come?  Do you bring a gift?  Are you polite?  What manners do you show?  Do you think before you speak?  Or do you copy your email and say what is in your brain?  Or maybe you are opposite in person than your email … i will notice that too.

I am reading you.  Trying to find out what will make you go wild in your session.  Or maybe I am trying to find what will pull a tear out from you.  Or maybe i just want to study you more because I see boyfriend potential in you haha 555

My friend is getting married in a few minutes.  I wonder if she read him or she just went with him because he chose her.

That is the one thing about me you have to know … I choose my men, not the other way around.

It’s 5:15 … I have 7 invites for dinner from guys who don’t know that i’m not even in Bangkok right now.  If i was in Bangkok do you know who I would go with?  None.  I go to dinner when I sms you or call you to go.  I’ll sms you when i want to and answer your sms when i feel like it if i feel like it.  The thing about me before and me now is i felt guilty for being like this before but now it is just who i am , and if you want to date a mistress that is what it is like for you.  I tell every guy who asks me that you don’t want to go into the hell that is being my boyfriend.

blameYou know why?  Because to be my boyfriend you will have to be a man first.  Not learn how to be a man, that will be too late i will have dropped you already by the time you learned.

Unfortunately most men don’t want to be a man.  They want to be the 50 year old playboy still or they want to be the 30 year old guy who is still the man who lives with his mom.  They want to have one girl in left hand and one girl in the right hand and do anything to keep both.

I think being a boyfriend to a mistress is the best thing that can happen to you.  Even if you die trying to make me or another mistress happy you will learn about yourself.  You will learn how to take care of your girl.  You will learn how to think about her and notice her so that when she drops you … the next girl you get you will know the things you have to do to keep her.

I’ve taught so many men that lesson.  I don’t want to.  I’m bored to start again and again.

It’s like looking in a thousand clams to find the one oyster to keep.  But that’s who I am going to marry … the man who is an oyster and not just an empty shell.








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