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How dare you doubt me!  Every guy in every session has three levels of thought.  The first thought is the one that makes you hard when you see me and you can’t believe not only that I am that pretty … but that if you are submissive enough you may get to see smell and taste what is under my cute dress.  It’s kinda funny seeing guys in the first 15 minutes trying to keep it inside their pants as we just talk.  But that always, and I mean always, gives way to a bit of a soft dick when we start to play.

That’s because you doubt me.  Not because I suck, I don’t.  You have had your wife play with it in the most boring way you can imagine for how long?  … and now you doubt that I can not just make you cum but you doubt that I can keep you there at the edge of orgasm as hard as when you were 18 for 2 hours.  Then when you see I can your third level of thought is resignation lol.  Just the thought that I will never let you cum no matter how close you get.  You know you’re hard, you know you’ll stay hard, but now you are just thinking that you maybe will stay hard forever now.




That’s when I give you the option.  In the time when you are the most delirious with excitement what will you choose, your money or your life?


I don’t mean i’m gonna take all your money and run out the door.  It’s my condo, what the hell the next customer will think when he comes and sees you tied to the bed with your dick still hard? 555  No by money or your life means i give you two options and you have to choose what pisses you off the least.

Look option one if you complain too long, too loudly, or too much, i’m just gonna spoil your orgasm.  Even then i can spoil it 2 ways.  First way is i just stop when the cum is starting to leak out and i don’t move my hand when your cock is spitting cum lol.  The cum drips out and you have no feeling like you had a orgasm.  The second way is i let the cum drop out a little bit … wait for 3 seconds when the cum drops down into your balls but then go very fast to catch it again.  When i do that it makes your orgasm last about 30 seconds, oh … it also makes your dick very super sensitive.

mistress sexy femdom jaa4u bdsm bangkok thailand asiaPerfect for not stopping as you shake and try to get my hand off your dick but cannot.  It is the most miserable 5 minutes of your life I think as I make you hard even though your dick doesn’t want it haha.  That’s your money option.  You don’t wanna give me your money, but it’s better than giving me your life.  So what’s your life?


Your life is I leave you hanging like that.  If I really wanna kill you i’ll put a metal chastity on you when you are hardest and put the key on my necklace so you have to come back the next day.  If i’m mean i’ll just ask you for your life by making you watch me play with myself and get the orgasm you want so much, but i send you home after I finish.  Or I let you finish yourself … with your wrong hand of course.  Oh ya and i’m pinching your balls or your nipples or spanking you as you try to cum.  That’s what I mean by your life.


Both choices suck.  For you not for me haha … i like all three.

All three?

Sometimes the guy did a perfect job being submissive and pleasing me.  Not often, but if i get a guy like that … i’ll give him the perfect orgasm and take him an inch from his life when he cums.  Umm … and then i get his money too so really … that too is your money or your life 555

You have to ask yourself … what do you value more?  🙂