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The best bdsm movie ever made was The Princess Bride.  If you knew that just be careful to never ever call me Buttercup or you will be my first test subject for the thumb tacks i bought today.  More about that later ok na.  Things happen for a reason, for that I agree with Jaa.  So I am on the bus coming back to Bangkok after 2 wedding days then a high school reunion day and the movie i get to watch here is The Princess Bride.  I remember that is one of Mistress Jaa’s favorite movies so I wanted to watch it carefully to find out why.  After watching it i have to say i know more about bdsm now than i did 2 hours ago.

humiliation petIf you think doing a blog on a laptop on a shaking bus is hard you have to try writing sitting on an uncomfortable sofa with no place to put the keyboard and trying to write.  Making that worse is the bed is too far away from my legs to sit comfortable and have the keyboard on my lap.  So what i end up doing every day is sitting in my yoga position legs crossed and balance the keyboard on my legs and try to type.  Don’t worry this is not useless information, you need to know why i found it necessary to punish a guy last week by making him my foot table for an hour so i could do my story for this blog.  So I sat with one foot on his back and one foot in his mouth letting him suck my very smelly toes clean.  He didn’t complain.  For one hour he sat like that sucking my toes and not moving so i could do my story.

After an hour I wanted to know why he was being so good.  It is not normal for a guy to behave like that and not talk move or complain.  So to test him i took off my panties and made him turn to make the table face me.  Then i sat with both feet on his back and the keyboard on my belly button.  Now my table could see my pussy and was close enough to smell it for sure.  Remember sometimes i go running in the morning so if you get an afternoon session with me and you want body worship you are going to get a very hot stinky runners smell if you don’t ask me to shower first.  I was writing Tiffany Twisted Thai so it was gonna take another three hours to write and he had cleaned all my toes so good and not even tried to touch my pussy that i wanted to test him more.


So what I did.  I put the keyboard on the table and put my pussy one finger from his mouth and played with her in front of his face.  The more he did not move or do anything the more wet I got because like I said it is very hard to find a man who can control his dick brain when he is horny.  He was so horny his dick was leaking cum onto the floor.  I think if i would have touched him he would have cum.  So here is where this movie makes sense now.  Some wetness from my pussy i put over his lip so he could smell my pussy better and taste it if he could reach it with his tongue.  But i would put it just under his nose so his tongue could not reach.  And i did not put enough so it would drip to his lip so it was like another kind of pussy torture for him.

mistress worship femdom bangkok jaa4u bdsmThen i tell him not to touch or lick or kiss my pussy … not to move his mouth or lips or anything.  He says to me “as you wish”.  I washed my pussy on his mouth and still he did not try anything.  So I wanted to reward him the last 20 minutes for being a super good submissive baby for me and face sat him on the bed with my ass in his mouth and told him not to shake or move his legs when i teased his cock.  Second time he said “as you wish” under my ass haha.  I didn’t get it before but now i do.  I was tormenting his dick so good for the last 20 minutes that i went overtime another 10 minutes to see only if he would move his legs one time.  He didn’t, even when his muscles inside his legs were shaking out of control he never moved his legs.  I don’t often try to give the perfect orgasm but for him for being so good like that i did the super slow orgasm release for him.  Where i move my hand so slow and keep the cum in his balls coming slowly to his cock that he can feel it and when i let him cum … he screamed into my ass lol.

So Buttercup was the first movie mistress.  She found the perfect submissive slave who would always come for her.  I wonder how long i have to wait to find the guy who will always come for me.  It is the perfect relationship that is my fantasy and I think Jaa’s fantasy too.  Maybe every mistress’s fantasy.  We want to have the perfect submissive slave … who is also a man in control for everything else in his life … except when he is with me.  For me he would be out of control and surrender all his power to please me.  That is the man i am looking for.



For more than 1 year this guy in Italy is making me go nuts.  He has every reason to trust me but i never know why he finds every reason not to trust me.  He knows i’m a bad girl.  He knows i can make him lose his mind the way i sms him and he knows i can go with any one of 100 guys if i cut him.  He doesn’t trust me and i don’t trust him.  We are always fight fight fight in sms to each other.  I could cut him easy but he has that thing I talk about that makes him interesting, he is a challenge and I like men that are a challenge for me.  So in this scene in The Princess Bride I learned why the hell he doesn’t trust me so much.  It’s good Sicilian’s are like that, that’s what makes them so challenging haha 555.



Well one thing i will say, this job certainly does keep me on my toes.  If you know what’s happening around this website well  it will all soon be but a happy memory.  As you know, I am the dread pirate Roberts.  But how is that possible since she has been teasing for 5 years and me only for 2.  I myself am often surprised at life’s little quirks.  See what I told you before about being Jaa’s submissive slave was true.   I intrigued Roberts with not just the description of my beauty.  Finally Roberts decided something.  He said alright Mistress, i never had a partner, you can try for tonight, i’ll most likely kill you in the morning.  Three years he said that.  Good night Mistress.  Good work.  Sleep well.  I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.  It was a fine time for me.  I was learning to Tease, Seduce, anything anybody would teach me.  Roberts and I eventually became friends.

Then it happened.

Roberts had grown so rich he wanted to retire.  He took me to his dungeon and told me his secret.


“I am not the dread pirate Roberts he said” My name is Ryan.  I inherited this dungeon from the previous Dread Pirate Roberts just as you will inherit it from me.  The man i inherited it from was not the real Dread Pirate Roberts either.  His name was Cammabot.  The real Roberts has been retired 15 years and living like a king in the country.  Then he explained the name was the important thing for inspiring the necessary desire.  You see, nobody would submit to the Dread Pirate Ryan.

So we sailed ashore, took on an entirely new clientele and he stayed aboard a while as head Mistress.  All the time calling me Roberts.  Once the clientele believed he left the business and I have been Roberts ever since.  One day in the future i shall retire too and hand the name over to someone else.

At least that is what i think is happening here lol … the real Dread Pirate Roberts should build an immunity to ioccaine powder first and put the goblet as far away from her as possible.



Finally, the thumb tacks i was talking about.  I know how to give pain and pleasure at the same time.  Our business is based on that.  I know how to kiss a guys neck the same time i am doing a little cbt with my hands down below.  But what I never thought about was that I could use thumb tacks.  So if you think about calling me Mistress Buttercup it will be you saying  “No , Hell No … HELL no … HELL NO”   ….. look at the video you’ll love it lol …



Blog story is done?  Inconceivable!