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Boot Worship has never been an option for me … curse these tiny feet of mine !!!

While my experience in all facets of Femdom have continued to grow exponentially year over year , I’ve failed to properly serve the niche of my fans who love nothing more than to boot worship a Goddess ‘s boots , and that’s because try as I might there just was no pair of great looking boots to be found in my size.

Back in the early days I was using a lot of the former Mistress Jaa’s clothes , accessories , and even boots for boot worship even though she is a good 3-4 sizes larger than me.  That’s more of an indictment on how small I am than it is me ostensibly calling her a whale.  Jaa has the body type where you looked at her and instantly would think “ok i’m not gonna fuck with this chick whatsoever” whereas I’m like a Chihuahua dog that’ll bite your balls off if you take me as a push over.  Us small dogs come with a big bite …



Porter Terrier , Chihuahua … same same but different. (tongue in fucking cheek people, tongue in fucking cheek!)

On one of the first boot worship sessions where I was asked to make this slave lick , suck and worship a pair of knee high powerful looking boots I figured I’d give Jaa’s boots a try for once.

Once !

The boot worship session was a disaster , I met the guy at the door and instantly barked at him to get down on his knees and start cleaning the under soles of her boots – which went fine.

“Now follow me to my bedroom” I remember telling him after his first five minutes of boot worship- then I took my first step and my tiny feet went for a ski down to the head of the boot causing me to careen forward.  I brought up my left foot to compensate but when those toes went for a similar ski I wobbled for a bit , then my knees buckled and my ankles folded over like a suitcase being shut.  My head whacked into the wall and I crumbled to the marble tiled floor like an At-At Walker.


at-at-walker femdom bdsm


Though I wasn’t actually knocked unconscious it did take me a moment to recover so I’d say the total time I was all Humpty-Dumpty like on the floor there was about a good 15 seconds.  So when I glanced back over my shoulder and saw the dude was still on his knees – concerned more about the boots than I was – I was pissed off enough to get some swift retribution by swiftly thrusting the long spiky part of her boot into his scrotum.  I do believe that was my first time hoofing a guys nuts too.

Point is , boot worship sessions while swimming in her boots just wasn’t a viable option so I went shopping a few times to find a suitable pair.  Now in case you’re not on top of world wide weather trends , Bangkok is a fucking sweat box , it’s 40C here every damn day and knee high boots don’t sell very well surprisingly enough.  I guess other girls haven’t yet realized how profitable boot worship can be – especially after a day’s shopping when they’d have a smelly pair of boot cooked – sweaty wet feet whereas I have on countless occasions already wiped my post jogging feet clean on a guys tongue like its a washing board.

I wasn’t about to go to the designer stores and scoop up a pair of costly boots , the boot worship niche is too small to warrant such a purchase.  Until last weekend when I got this Godfather like offer that I couldn’t refuse :


boot offer



Strike while the iron is hot I say , so I took him up on his offer immediately.  Now I knew from many past shopping excursions that my popular haunts like Pratunam , MBK , and all the night markets are devoid of any boots of quality , and certainly not in my size.  So the only place to go was either Paragon or Emquartier , and since the Em is just one BTS stop down the street at Phrom Phong , that’s where I told him we’d meet up.

I grabbed his hand and led him into Emquartier – the new Emporium which is a place that I really have never stopped to check out , mostly since it’s just a place Thai’s go so they can make public their location on their Facebook status page , ya we’re that vain.

So after browsing through a few stores that were much adieu about nothing we finally happened upon a great little shop featuring an assorted collection of swank boots , that of a mistress type ilk.  My twitchy little fingers ran across a few pairs of great looking boots before my eyes lustfully befell upon a pair that summarized all my Mistress dreams.  The store clerk , a big bent grey and old dude who could have very well been my country’s only cowboy helped me into the boots I so coveted.

They fit perfectly.  Indeed I looked totally bad-ass in them , men would grovel at my toe if I brought these home so I turned to my slave-for-a-day submissive pet and ordered him to buy them for me.

“Certainly” said our Jack Palance wanna-be cowboy clerk , “that’ll be 50,000 baht” spoken with a stone cold matter-of-fact face.



My foot slave turned a dark shade of purple , he definitely forgot to exhale for a good sixty seconds.

He blew his cheeks up like a blowfish and exhaled forcefully as if to relieve a thousand years of pent up stress in that single moment.  See that’s quite a dilemma for a dedicated foot slave to be in.  You’ve offered to take your Mistress shopping , you’ve pledged yourself to her happiness, yet such happiness comes at this moment with a very steep price, one obviously far beyond what his level of comfort with the word happiness entailed.

mistress cowgirl bootsI had every intention at that moment to rub the soles of my boots across his mouth right in front of Thai Jack Palance , to make his watery mouth forget the thinness of his wallet , but in the end I’m nice to a fault , too nice for what I do.   So I let him off the hook.

“It’s too much , let’s go find something cheaper” I said and I think at that moment he fell in love with me.  Either that or he was recovering from a standing heart-attack and I was mistaking love-struck eyes for ones that had just seen death.

7,500 baht was the cost of the boots I settled on eventually.  Yes fine, they may not be Jack Palance approved , but good enough for a small time cowgirl like me.  So get on your knees men and start licking.


Because I crap bigger than you.