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* Dates & Times you are available for a session:  monday
* Introduce yourself:  🙂 My name is Greg 35 yearsold and will only be in Bangkok on Sunday
* What you like to try for session: cbt ballbusting and foot worship.  Mistress Pasaya i fucked up in December cancelling the session with you as i hadn’t seen your proper pics.  Every new photo you put of yourself, especially the last one in your Google page makes me realize what i missed.  I’m coming back this Sunday only and would like to have my balls punished for missing the last opportunity to see you.  I would love to throw myself at your feet and beg for your forgiveness by worshiping your heavenly body.



2:28 AM (10 minutes ago)

to me
My balls hurt still.  But I have a whole new pain.  You probably get this a lot but i am completely in love with you already.  I’m so happy you brought Jaa.  You said it was dangerous to do a session alone with you and I can see why.  If Jaa wasn’t there it would have been too much.  Too much.  Too much.  Too much.  I cannot come back until April at the earliest.  How oh how do I get on the plane to leave you after those 4 hours?  I think i’m fucking up twice now somehow.  You are much more than a mistress, you are a seductress.

Sleep well. Xoxo



The Session

mercyHe put his left hand up over his head and flicked his right ear with his finger over and over and he had no idea he was doing it.  Stop.  Try to do that.  Look at yourself in the mirror how stupid you look.  He travels by himself for sure because his t-shirt with no sleeves was a little bit pink and i can see his armpit hair as he is flicking his ear.  I ignore it.  I keep teasing the banana with my mouth as we sit in the cafe on the first floor at my condo.  I pull the banana skin down just a little bit on my side then on his side and play with my mouth close to it.  He is looking at for sure what he thinks is his dick soon and it is making him feel nervous or maybe excited or i am not sure what.  But i am sure it is what is making him flick his ear like that.

“I’m making you upset?”

He shakes his head no.

“You want me to stop?”

He again shakes his head no.  But he keeps flicking his ear lol.  I started teasing men with bananas in Australia, or maybe even before but i didn’t know i was teasing 555.  There are three type of girls in the world.  The one who is too shy to eat the banana because she never tried it before.  There is the girl who eats any and every banana.  My next idea to get rich is to sale the bananas at Nana.  Then there is the girl who just tease the fuck out of the banana … me haha.  It’s funny that men say they like a woman to tease them.  But when we tease … me and Jaa … they get all shy … and start flicking their ears … why?  😛

My shy boy 35yo is stealing peeks at my tummy and ass in the lift going to the room.  You think I don’t see you?  I am thinking fuck if he wants foot worship and ball busting why he looks at my tummy so much?  Probably because 99% of thai ladies 27 years old had kids already and hide their tummy.  I don’t have kids … and i love to show off my tummy 555.  It just pisses girls off when I go out, especially dancing like last night, it gets so many guys.  I love the attention but honestly i just love to piss girls off more.  Last night i dated a guy who took me to Kao San Road disco with my two friends.  But two other sexy guys wanted to dance with me.  I can’t go with them because I have a date but when two girls from Nana try to take him away i just want to have a fight.  He starts to flirt with them and goes closer to them both and not so much with me.

“Ask her to show you her tummy” i said to him when she is pulling his arm to go dance with her.  He asks her and she gives me a really bad look with her friend too.  The lights go on because that was the last song of the night and now everybody can see everybody, they cannot hide in the darkness.  He sees me, he sees them, and i say “stay with me”.  He tells them to go away.  They say some really bad things to me and leave.  I went to kiss him and stopped.  Put my finger over his lips and said

“You should go run after her, i have a date already.”

Again … fuck fuck fucking bitch … blah blah blah … just this time in English … 1 minute ago was in Thai lol.

I taught him a lesson.  Be happy with what you’ve got.  A lesson 99% of men never learn yet even if he is 40 years old.

So my shy boy sees Jaa and he is fucked up in his brain already i can see so easy he has no idea who he likes more.  Why you have to choose?  It is just a session, but men will always try to choose me or Jaa.  If that was me i would just be happy I have both for 4 hours … but i don’t have a dick lol.

Ball busting means a lot of things to a lot of men.  I usually don’t say what it means to me in my email because I wanted especially for him because he cancelled me before to experience what my style is without him knowing.  The first time I kicked a guy in the balls was in Australia at a party.  Guy dared me.  “You are so small you can’t hurt anything even if you kick.”  I dropped him and everybody in who saw bought me a drink, I was very drunk after i did that to him.

drink my piss femdom jaa4uBut for my 35 year old shy boy i had first a different ball busting ready for him.  Jaa knows.  She knows when I’m going to be a little bit crazy and she lets me do.  It is why we work together so good because I know what she is thinking and she knows what I am thinking.  My boy tied to the bed is trying to see what is inside the black box i take out from the table beside him.  When I open it just i turn my back a little bit so he cannot see how i put the toy together.  Jaa turns off the lights.  Takes off her panty when it is dark and puts it on his face to smell.  The room is black.  He came from the airport late about 8pm so with no light the room when we close the curtain on the window is very black.

Timing for fear is everything … i feel.

With teasing you want to know you want to see.  You like to see me play with my pussy over your mouth.  Maybe one drop from my pussy will touch your mouth but taste is part of the tease.  More you watch and more you look the more your dick gets hard.

But with pain you only have to have an idea what is going to happen and if you cannot see what will happen the pain will multiply in your head.  I put the glass over his bottom of his foot and when the electricity jump to his foot he screamed.  He can see the blue light from the electricity but does not know what it is yet.  Only after 10 minutes i start to bring the glass over his ankle and up his leg slowly and then he can see the lightning jump to his leg.  He’s flicking again, but not his ear this time now he is flicking his feet because inside his thigh is very sensitive.  He starts to breath really fast because I’m getting very close to his balls and now he knows where the electric shock is going to hit next.

He knows but he cannot see it.  Jaa puts the panty in his mouth and sits on his face so he cannot breathe and cannot lick because he has underwear in his mouth.  But underwear in his mouth is not for that.  It is to not make his scream go through the wall because when i put the first shock to his balls he screams through Jaa’s pussy and out her ass I think 555.  After 4-5 more times Jaa wants me to stop because … and you can hear her say it in the video when we load it … she is scared he is going to bite her pussy off lol.

Ok so i stop to play with his cock and when he gets very hard i ask him if he wants a blowjob because his cock is so wide but soft.  I tell him I like it when it is soft like that because it feels nice in my mouth and I ask him if i can please suck it.  Everything is so quiet because he stopped moving stopped breathing he just waiting for feel my mouth on his cock.  When lips touch his dick he shakes and he leaks everything from the top.  He feels his cock go inside and pull his head up and pop off and he wants to cum.  I do it again and again and again and each time the top of his cock gets more and more red.  When he is ready to cum i shock the hell out of his balls with the electric glass and he screams and cries because he forgot.

“Mouth or pussy, what do you want to fuck you?”

He cannot speak because Jaa does not let him talk with her ass on his face so i ask him point up with his finger for my mouth or down for my pussy and he point down.  Ok so he wants pussy he gets pussy.  The pussy on his cock is wet with hot oil and it eats all of him the first time.  Just a few times up and down and his cock starts to pump to make his cum go out but i stop.  Shock his balls again.

“If you want to cum you have to get shocked when you orgasm.”

road-to-my-assNo he doesn’t want.  Too bad because i was going to change the glass to the thick one so it feels like it tickles and not feel like a shock.  The tickle glass electricity on balls with tease & denial is the most crazy orgasm you ever had in your life.  But he choose no so up to him lol.

Jaa gets off him and he sees it was not my mouth or my pussy.  It was the Japan fake vagina we use if somebody really wants to fuck 555.  I love that look when a guy thinks he got laid and really he just fucked a pussy can 🙂

So he wanted worship.  I put 5 things on my toes.  One is chocolate.  Two is honey.  Three is hot pepper oil.  Four and five i won’t tell you, you have to come see for yourself haha.

I tell him he will suck each toe for 5 minutes.  The last toe he sucks … that is the toe Jaa will let him orgasm if he cleaned every toe perfect.  It is a little bit of a riddle you know.  Do you suck the hot pepper oil toe first?  Because that taste does not go and your mouth is fire for 25 minutes.  Or you eat it last?  Because you want the taste from toe 4 and 5 to go away lol.  It is not easy decision and when i choose to do it every man will always choose a different order.  I know what order is the best for your orgasm you want me to tell you?  Because i saw many times the man he choose good and the man he choose bad so I know how not to choose.  What i can tell you is do not do the honey or the chocolate first 555.  You want to know why you have to buy me something for valentine’s day maybe and i will tell you.

Shy boy is not flicking his ear anymore.  He is flicking almost everything else and especially his dick because after 5 toes Jaa did not let him cum yet.  I had to go to the bathroom so i leave Jaa to make him stand up and tie him in the hall where is the closet.  For that she puts a stick between his legs and that force his feet to both wall and when she lock the leather strap he cannot step out.  The hand usually we tie to a door but this time we talk about it before that for safety he has to have his hands.  I mean it was really fucking mean to do this and it was my idea.  Because i told you if you ask for punishment I’m going to make you wish you never asked for that.  He said it.  He said … i want to have my balls punished … and he said … i want to throw myself at your feet.  So not my fault I”m just doing what he asked na.

Jaa she puts the pussy can in his hand so he thinks that is why we did not tie or handcuff his hands.

In front of him she takes off her panty and lean over so he can see her pussy and she opens it for him.  Can hear him pulling the pussy can over his cock harder and harder.  He really wants to fuck Jaa, he is begging her to let him fuck her.

“You really want to fuck me?”


“How much”

“Fuck a lot”

“What will you do?”

“Anything, please”

That’s when from behind him after he forgot about me and was thinking about Jaa’s pussy that i kicked him as hard as i could in his balls.  It was really good we did not tie his hands because he fell onto Jaa’s ass and that is why I made her stand like that because i knew he would fall down hard like that.

The best pain is the one you don’t see.  I told you that right?

I learned from how i do with my dad that the best way to fuck a man up and stay in his mind forever is to do this … give him kindness when he is a broken man.  I pick up his head and sit down on the floor with him … with his head in my lap under my breast.

Jaa left.

I held him for 30 minutes until he cried and finished crying.

He didn’t move or say anything when i held him and made him cum with my hand.  Broken men never do 555