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Written by a Submissive Closet Cross Dresser , describing his Forced Cross Dresser fantasy with me as I took his cross dresser fantasy and made it a reality.


My Forced Cross Dresser Holiday in Thailand


Preparing My Fantasy

I am a closet cross dresser, who are in no way ready to go out in public, dressed in female clothes.
However, I have always dreamed about, how it would be to maybe having to stay dressed like a
woman for a few days.  I really wanted to make my cross dresser fantasy come true.
Therefore, I finally decided that I maybe should try nothing extreme but try at least a day or two. I
also have always fantasized about being forced to be a cross dresser. Therefore, after deciding to go on a holiday
to Thailand, I did start to search the internet, to see if there was anyone offering any kind of
cross dresser service there.
After, some search I did come across Mistress Jaa, I did finally pull together the courage to send
her an e-mail asking her about cross dresser fantasies, and if she might be able to make my cross dresser fantasy come true.
Mistress Jaa was very positive, and we did start to lay out some plans for a cross dresser type session. We laid
plans for visiting a beauty salon, where I would get hair extensions and makeover.


Finally in Thailand

cinderellaThe plane had just landed at Bangkok Airport, it was early morning in Thailand, but I was quite tired,
after the long flight. Also coming from Europe it felt more like late evening. However, I would have
quite a busy day ahead. First task would be to find my hotel, so I did take the easy route, Taxi. I
arrived at the hotel way too early for checking in, but they had room so that I could place my luggage
at the hotel. Then I could start on the list, well the list was a set of tasks I had to do before my session
with Mistress Jaa.


First, I had to go and get myself a tourist phone card, so I headed for the nearest 7eleven, and quickly
got hold of the phone card. The second task I would have to do was to find a waxing clinic, where I
was supposed to get hair removed from my legs. It took me some time but finally I did find a salon.
Lucky for me, I did not have to wait. I did order full legs waxing, the treatment was painful, but result
was very smooth legs.
I returned to the hotel, and was very pleased when they told me that my room was ready, and that I
could cheek inn.
The room was large, and had a big bed.


Next task was to unpack, but I was only allowed to unpack the female clothes that Mistress Jaa
had told me to bring. She had ordered me to bring one Cinderella gown, a skirt a top and lingerie, and a pair of
shoes, or boots. I also had to bring my breast forms.  She would make me to be a Cinderella Cross Dresser !!
The rest of my male clothes, I was not allowed to unpack, she had told me that I had to keep all my
male clothes in a suitcase that could be locked with a padlock.
After finished unpacking what I was allowed to, I did make my phone ready with the new tourist
phone card. When it was done, I did send Mistress Jaa a text message, so that she had my phone,
and I informed her about my hotel and room number.


cinderella and sisterSession Day


The next day, the day of the session. I had just had a shower and some breakfast, when it knocked on
the door. I went to the door and opened, the very pretty woman, smiled at me. It was Mistress
Jaa, who was there to pick me up for our session. I invited her in; she did look around. She
started to inspect the room, and did make sure that I had not unpacked any of my male clothes. She
also inspected the female clothes I brought.


Mistress Jaa did also inspect the bathroom, and instructed me to pack my toilet articles back in
my suitcase. While I did that, she did pick some of the female clothing I brought into a bag she had
brought with her. It has just to show the girl what you will wear, so she can pick the right makeup for
you she told me. By the way, wear these panties under your shorts she said, no male underwear for you
today.  A cross dresser must be used to wear soft girls panties she said.
When we left hotel, Mistress Jaa said something to the receptionist at the hotel, who after smiled
and gave me a strange look. I was kind of wondering if she could see that I was wearing panties
under my short, but no way, that is possible.  Can people see a cross dresser from only panties???
I thought we was supposed to take taxi directly to the Beauty Saloon, but to my surprise, Mistress
Jaa made the taxi stop at a shopping center. On the way into the center, she did hold my arm,
and told me you need a few things.


First, we stopped by a hardware store, where we bought a padlock, She smiles you know what this is
for. The she lead me into a store selling bags and suitcases. She looked around and quickly decided
on a very feminine pink bag. She had me carry the bag, because she already did carry one. Then she
led me into a Perfume store.
Mistress Jaa had me smell of different kind of scents, and did take good time looking at different
kind of makeup, all the time explaining what it was for, and kept asking do you like the color. We did end
up shopping a few different things, some makeup, and something to remove makeup and nail polish


Next stop was an accessory shop, where she also did hold up many items, saying it would look good on
you, and asking if I like this. I kind of felt that she did use extra much time on certain product just to
humiliate me. Also, here we did end up buying a few things. She did took my cross dresser fantasy so seriously.
Then we headed out, and Mistress Jaa did very quickly fix us a taxi. This time we headed outside
of the busy big shopping street of Bangkok. We did stop in a less busy street, outside a small shop, I
was not able to tell what it did say, because the sign on the shop was on Thai, but I did guess this
must be the beauty salon.


We headed out of the car, and yes, I was right this was a small beauty salon. We had to remove our
clothes before going inside. I could feel my stomach turning inside me, and my body was shaking
because I was nervous. I was thinking am I ready for this. There was only two girls working at the
salon there, they smiled and greeted us. Then one of the girls ran to the door, and turned a sign


cross dresser nails finished by mistress pasayaMistress Jaa who had noticed my nervous shaking smiled, and told me not to worry, it will only be us
there she said. They are closed for other customers while we was there she told me.
Then she spoke to the ladies in the salon, they had expected us and was ready. They only did speak
Thai, so Mistress Jaa had to translate everything they told me. Mistress Jaa spoke with them a
little, and suddenly she turned around to me, and said. They are saying that it will be more easy for
them, if I can put on the female clothes that we had brought with us, would make it so much easier
for them to find right color of makeup, she told me. Moreover, they had a small room in the back
where I could change. And pointed, and put on bra and your breast forms.


That will help them figure out how to best style you.
I did as told, and when only wearing my panties, Mistress Jaa handed me my bra and helped me
put it on, then she helped with the breast forms. She did spray something on them before she placed
them into the supporting bra. Then she handed me the short white played skirt, and finally had me
put on the black satin top.
The she led me back to the girls in the salon, who had started to prepare a chair. They looked at me
and smiled, and pointed for med to sit down. Then they adjusted the chair so I was kind of lifted up a
bit, and then laid far back, so I was much more laying than sitting. Mistress Jaa told me that they
would start with cleaning my face so I did not worry.
Than one of the ladies started to rub my face and skin, she did scrub and wash, finally she did apply
some creamy stuff on my face. And Mistress Jaa told me I had to close my eyes, to avoid getting
the stuff into my eyes.


When they was finished applying the cream, the raised the chair up, and did led me to another chair,
this chair was very comfortable, and suddenly I felt that they guided my feet’s into a foot bath. I felt
they started to work on my feet, scrubbing and cleaning, and shaping my toenails.
I was tempted to open my eyes to see what they was doing, but the creamy stuff had turned very
stiff, so it was kind of like wearing a mask of rubber over my face.


I could smell that they was painting my toe nails, Mistress Jaa somehow noticed that I was about
to open my eyes to peek on what they was doing. She said, do not open your eyes you will ruin the
face mask, and do not worry about the nail polish, is just clear polish. She told me.
cross dresser back photoAfter a while, it was time to raise up again, and they led me back to the first chair, I sat down and
they had me lay all the way back again. I could the salon ladies kind of grabbing the edges or the
creamy stuff, and suddenly she pulled it all off in one pull.
I realized that suddenly it was Mistress Jaa that was standing next to me; she told me again to
keep my eyes closed. Then suddenly I could feel that she did put something on my eyes. So even if I
opened them I could see nothing.


I could hear that all the girls did laugh; they then lead me to another chair. I had to lean back and felt
that they did start washing my hair, after they lead me to even another chair, where I could feel that
one of the girls was starting to work on my hair. Same time I could feel that the other girl was
starting to work on my hands.
Suddenly I could hear Mistress Jaa told the girls something, and again they had a laugh, then
someone guided first my right hand then the left, to the armrests on the chair, click first the right
then the left. Then Mistress Jaa, told me well sweetie, no there is no turning back. I realized she
had cuffed me to the chair.


I could hear that the a bottle was opened, and then I heard a chair. I realized the girls had opened the
bottle of wine that I had brought, and did have a glass.
Then they started to work on my hair again, I could feel that they kept working. Pulling stretching and
adjusting my head all the time.
While the other girl was working on my hand, they kept speaking to each other all the time, and very
often, they had a laugh, I could only pick up one word here there. Somehow, after the girl had
worked on each finger, they had to unlock the cuff, because I had to lay the hand on a plate or
something that felt like kind of an oven. It seemed to be slow process.


Same thing with the girl working on my hair, she had not even cut anything, but I could feel that I had
more and more hair, because sometimes I got some hair in my face.  Was I becoming the cross dresser I always wanted to be or no?
After a while, it seemed the girl working on my hands was finished, and somehow I could feel that I
had longer fingernails. My stomach did twist a little, what I have done.
The girl working on my hair also paused, and Mistress Jaa and the salon girls did discuss
something, I could feel the they from time to time did lift my hair, and it was clear that it was
something they did discuss.  I know I’m not the most beautiful person to make into a cross dresser … maybe the cross dresser fantasy is too much? I worry.
Suddenly I could feel a quite strong smell of chemicals, and could feel that they did put some kind of
stuff on my hair. They did work on this for a while, and then Mistress Jaa suddenly unlocked the
cuffs holding my arms to the chair. They again guided me over to another chair; I could feel that my
hair was quite long. They placed something over my head, and soon I felt warm wind blowing on my
hair I guess they did want to dry something.


Again Mistress Jaa did cuff my hands so I could not go anywhere.
The noise from the blow dryer, made it hard for me to hear much, but I could hear that the girls
probably had another glass of whine, and sometimes I could hear they laugh.
After a while, they turned off the blow dryer, again I was unlocked and guided to another chair. They
locked me arms again, and did start working on my hair one more. This time they did cut and style.
After a while they discussed something, I could hear Mistress Jaa walking around me, seemed like
she inspected the work. She said something, and then suddenly they sprayed something on my hair,
that smelled strong and obvious female.
Mistress Jaa told me that, now they was almost finished with my hair, and that the spray was
only to make the styling hold., They unlocked me, and again guided me back to the first chair, where
they had me lay back. Mistress Jaa told me that no, it was only the final touch of markup left, and
we would be finished.


Mistress Jaa removed the patches that did cover my eyes, but before she did, she made sure to
place a cover over my chest, so I was not able to see my arms. And from where I did lay, I was not
able to see any mirrors so I was not able to see how I did look.
One of the girls did start working on my face, first she did concentrate on my eyebrows, and then she
started to apply powder all over my face. She did take her time, seemed like she was concentrating
to do a good job. She then did apply makeup around my eyes, and finally she did apply what seemed
like layer upon layer of lipstick.  I want to be cross dresser Cinderella not cross dresser looking like The Joker !!
Before I was allowed to stand up, Mistress Jaa did pick up something from the Perfume store that
we bought. She sprayed me with it, it was very clearly a cent meant for females.


Then they raised me up, and allowed me to take a look at myself, I could hardly recognize myself, my
hair was long, and shit…what had they done, my hair collar was changed a little…and my nails was
long pink near the root and white on the tip.
Well I did not have the female shape, but my face and hair looked like a woman, with very glossy lips,
and dark around my eyes.

cross dresser cinderella
I did pay the agreed fee, and when we was to leave… I could not see the shoes I did arrive with,
clearly Mistress Jaa had changed them with the black heeled boots I had brought with me. She
told me that she had put my male clothes in my pink bag, and showed me that she had locked that
bag with a small padlock.


Therefore, I would have no chose but to put on the cross dresser like heels.
Suddenly a taxi that Mistress Jaa had ordered came, and Mistress Jaa grabbed my arm, and
guided me into the car with her. Mistress Jaa told the driver where to… I felt very humiliated
sitting in the back of the car as a first time cross dresser, and though everyone near did look and laugh off me.
I though we was heading back to the hotel, but suddenly we stopped, and Mistress Jaa grabbed
my arm, come. I told, please I am not ready to go out in public, taxi if on the edge for me. She told
me we was not going to be outside, we are going in here, she said and pointed at a door. This is my
place I have with some friends, Mistress Jaa told me.


When we was inside, she said. Well now, you have had quite a good time she said, but I want some
fun for myself also, you can’t be a cross dresser and not be shown off she said.

cross dresser cinderella front


She shows me around and first we relax a bit, then Mistress Jaa ask if I have ever tried bondage, I
nods yes. I love bondage Mistress Jaa tells me, come. She leads me into something looking a
bedroom, but there many toys like ropes, chains and stuff on one side of the room. Mistress start to
show me some body positions, and ask if I can copy her. After a while, she have me sit on the end of
the bed. I sit on my knees, and she have me stretch out my arms to each side, so that reach each side
of the bed poles. She smiles, hold that position she says, and quickly finds some ropes, and soon I am
tied in that position like a cross dresser on a crucifix.


She stands in front of me, and pushes her butt into my face, keep asking if I like it… and teasing me
with you want but like this sweetie. Then Mistress finds a strap on, and put it loosely on outside her
skirt…she kind off push it against my face,… you want this sweetie.. You must open your mouth
sweetie she says. I hesitate, and Mistress looks angry with me, and then pick some device from the
shelf. She orders me to open up my moth, and when I finally does, she push a device into my mouth
that forces my mouth to be open , omg a cross dresser nightmare what will happen to me now.


Mistress then tease me with the strap on, suddenly she puts a blind fold on my eyes. Suddenly I hear
another voice, and another pretty woman steps inside. She smiles what do we have hair. Mistress
and the girl that arrived start make talking and giggling. Mistress removes the blind fold, she and the girl stands right
in front of me, teasing me with their buts right in my face, suddenly and a bit too late I realize the
other girl is not a girl, because suddenly she push her dick right into my face, and then she forces it
deep into my mouth. I am not able to escape, and can do anything to stop her. She force me to suck


After a while, she pulls the dick out of my mouth, and shoots her cum, on my face and eyes. They
leave me tied up there, and leave me alone in the room for a while.
After a while, they comes and untie their cross dresser, and help me fix makeup a little. Mistress says she think it is
time to bring her slutty cross dresser back to my hotel, so she orders a taxi, when back at hotel, we hurry to my hotel
room. When inside, mistress Jaa comes in with me. We have a cup of coffee. Mistress tells me
that all the makeup they used today are water proof, and I would most likely need some time to
remove it. And it is a kind of strong nail polish that not will come of very easy. Mistress makes me put
the t-shirt and shorts into my suitcase. She then locks my suitcase with the padlock we bought earlier
that day.


Then she put all the stuff we bought earlier at the Perfumery into my bathroom.
Then she have me open the hotel safe box, she puts the keys to the padlock inside it, and sets a new
combination. And close it.


I will send you the combination tomorrow she tells me, but remember you have to open the door if
somebody knocks on it, my friend might want to have more fun with you…. And if you are not looking
like a pretty cross dresser  when she knocks on the door, I might never give you the combination, she teases.

So now I write this waiting for somebody maybe will knock or not I don’t know.

She did give me the best cross dresser fantasy i can imagine.  I am the real Cinderella cross dresser the world is not ready for.


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