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T’was the night before Europe

and all through the place

this Mistress was packing, with remarkable haste.

The chastity’s were hung,  by the chimney with care

In the hopes a good slave would lock him self there.

Bondage ropes were nestled tucked under the bed

While visions of Swiss egg nog danced in my head.

But I caught a sound with my ears and turned right around

Through the garbage chute St Nick came with a bound.

He was dressed in all latex from his head to his toes

And for daring to enter I clutched him by his nose.

From the bundle of toys that was flung on his back

I whipped out a paddle and gave him a smack.

His mouth how it cried , yelping out oh brother.

His ass cheeks turned rosey, as he called for his mother.

His cute little jingle balls chimed in with fear

As I stuffed my dirty panties into his mouth thru his beard

He had a broad jolly face and a little round belly

That shook while I banged him , like a bowl full of jelly.

He was chubby and plump , a right jolly old elf

And I laughed when I told him to cum on himself.

A wince of his eye whilst he choked off his head

Soon he begged me to cum and  I said go ahead.

He spoke not a word but went straight to work

and dripped on my stockings as he continued to jerk

When he was done up the chute he rose

and avoided the smell by plugging his nose.

He sprung to his sleigh while clutching his balls

And looking back down hollared ‘i’ll give you a call’

I’m sure he heard me exclaim as he drove out of sight

Merry Christmas Slave Santa, and to all a good night.



nude mistress jaa femdom bdsm bangkokThat’s a wrap for me guys,  I’m off to Europe Friday morning.

Mistress Wael is holding down the fort while I’m away , I expect I’ll be back sometime around mid January.

No sessions while I’m in Europe this time , just doing the original one over the holidays and then I’ll probably travel around with my gf or alone for a while.

I have some unfinished stories that I’ll finish writing today and then package nicely for Mistress Wael to post them at her leisure along with her own blog entries.

Take care guys, happy holidays to you all.  See you in the new year.




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