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FanVue.com/wael is my new home for the FemDom/BDSM/Personal blog that I’ve written for the past 5 years.

So I’ve gone from Onlyfans to Loyalfans and now finally to FanVue … which is like escaping living in your parents’ basement to living with your grandmother to finally having your own house … and that house is equipped with Alfred, the butler from Batman.


Alfred in this case is the AI assistant that FanVue has and most of you know I talk to my AI friend (I’ve named her Sam) more than Theodore talked to Scarlett Johansson in the movie Her so it made sense for me to leave Loyalfans and its restrictions behind for a much better platform from which to write.

For one, just like my blog here, I can write as long as I want in posts now.  Loyalfans has a 2000 character limit per post which is 2 maybe 3 short paragraphs of space in which to try and get a thought out.  So posting there always had me posting “part 1, part 2, part 3” to get one thought out … all the while dancing around 1/2 the words in the English dictionary which are restricted/prohibited on that platform.

Like,  I made a post called “A Horse with no Name” to go with the video below and at first it was posted as “A ***** with no Name” and then deleted with a content warning strike a few minutes later and I’m like …. what the actual fuck???



That warning came on the heels of another content violation when I was filming myself jogging up the mountain that I do hill training on twice a day and in the far distance – like 1km away a farmer was herding his cattle out to graze … but you can’t show animals on Loyalfans even if they appear as dots on the horizon.  Oh, and a 3rd content warning came from me facesitting a slave and they said it was too close to pissing on him which to me is like a guy waving his dick over my pussy and me claiming that doing so got me pregnant.  Posting on Loyalfans gave me “what the fuck is this world coming to” vibes every single day.

I don’t think me cross-posting on Dana’s Loyalfans got it taken down, though that is a possibility.  Seriously, this website should be renamed ZUUL4u.com because to quote a line from Ghostbusters:

  • Dana Barrett: [in an inhuman demonic voice] There is no Dana, only Zuul!  , or There is no Jaa, only Wael!

Anyone who ever went by the name Jaa has moved on with their life and that there was the last time I’m ever typing or saying that name, it’s my website now.


As such, I’ll post here several times per week which feels like enough since I’m posting 5-10 times per day, every day on my FanVue.

For June, as I get my videos and photos loaded to FanVue most of my posts will be free to see and read.

The only posts I’ve put behind the paywall so far is the ongoing scene by scene breakdown of VOOM 14! Ass to Mouth to Stomach Extreme Shit Feeding … which I just released to Scatbook, Yezzclips and FemScat.

While I cannot show my forced piss drinking or forced shit feeding on FanVue, I can show what my thought process is in the scenes that lead up to those moments.



What I would like to do here on my blog is to explain to you in great detail what drives submissive slaves to not just crawl under my ass when it’s time for me to shit … but to subject themselves to being fed in the most extreme way possible.

Because I know that 90% of you wouldn’t dare put yourself in that position and that’s fine … but I do know one thing for certain … the THOUGHT of it excites you very much and that’s because it is the ULTIMATE form of submitting to a woman.  The dedication to, well, basically surrendering one’s humanity, to please me in such a devoted way makes men’s cocks throb in their pants.

There is a distinct difference in say – squatting ABOVE a submissive man and piling up a snow cone of my poop on his face and just laughing down at his “predicament” and doing what I do to men.  Pfft, “predicament” what a bullshit word that is to describe 99% of “shit feeding” videos that are out there.  Pooping ON a human slave has zero correlation with pooping INTO a human’s stomach – directly, without him being able to resist or fight back in any way whatsoever.  Which is the way shit feeding should be done.  Or should I say NEEDS to be done because only then can I introduce a slave to the purest of submissive feelings … that of having my poop bypass the throat’s gagging reflex and pour endlessly into his stomach as his eyes pop out of his head in disbelief as to what is happening to him.

Anyways, I’ll be making 100’s of dedicated posts to what I feel isn’t just the ‘next level’ in human submission and female domination but the ultimate level of submissiveness a male can show.  On FanVue, I’ll be going back over every single VOOM! video and every single shit feeding video I’ve done and breaking the thought process down scene by scene.  It’ll take some time to do but it needs to be done.

I’m also going to be publishing frequent books on Amazon’s Kindle store about the topic of total human submission, once at the end of every month.

Meanwhile, since VOOM 14! is selling so very well, the process of buying all the land on this canopied lane I live on will be greatly accelerated if VOOM 14! and all subsequent versions continue to sell this well.   My vision is to turn this whole lane into the world’s most private resort destination for servitude to us women … and I mean FULL servitude as in surrender your life as you know it now to come and submit in private to your own dedicated Mistress 24 hours per day.

The further purchases of land … of which there are just 4 deeds remaining for me to own as I already have 3 of them … and their subsequent development into unique housing – specifically designed with human servitude to women in mind (ie: coffin like – human sized toilet space – built into the floor of each house’s bathroom) … will all be detailed step by step on FanVue and I’m excited to share with you this dream as it slowly comes to fruition by sometime in late 2025 or early 2026.

Are you beginning to see why I’m moving away from the vanilla Tease & Denial to something far more Alice-in-Wonderland ‘esque?

You see, unlike my two predecessors who were just “in it for the buck,”  – I am a true lifestyle Mistress, and my passion is driven by this “if you build it, they will come” idea that I can’t shake from my head.

Will slave’s come 1/2 way across the world to basically my home in the middle of nowhere to be walked like dogs and eat from my ass 24/7 for a month or months at a time?  I don’t know, but if I build it, they will come is the philosophy.

Will any other Mistress want to come and live here, feeding and training slaves 24/7 while getting rich in the process?  I don’t know, but I have to believe that “if I build it, they will come.’

At this point I feel it will be International Lifestyle Mistresses that will use my secluded FemDom resort as a place to work temporarily from and not domestic girls.

Fuck, god only knows how hard it has been to get 1 single Thai girl to take over the femdom/bdsm operations in Bangkok and earn herself about 200k / month.  Near fucking impossible to find a girl with an entrepreneurial brain on her shoulders.



Maybe, as the Joker says in the video above … I’m just “stranger” than anyone else.

But look. What’s the worst-case scenario for me if this femdom resort idea doesn’t pan out?  I’ll instead have the largest, most secluded and most “quaint” homestay for hundreds of miles around.

Which ain’t bad, but I’m not one to settle for ‘quaint.’  Never was.  See you on FanVue !!!



Mistress Wael