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Mistress Lucy does her first session with me on the 27th – just 7 days from the moment I’m writing this and as I sit down to introduce her to you … in what is my first story after Mistress Jaa retired … I think my thoughts about her are like the title of that movie The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Certainly, there’s a lot more “good” than “bad & ugly” combined – but I do have to address my thoughts on the latter two because it’s my business and your time commitment that’s on the table.  So let’s get started with …


Mistress Lucy – The Good

She’s hot.  Which would – assuming she does end up being the next “Mistress Jaa” – keep the streak going of having the person acting as Head Mistress Jaa be stunningly gorgeous.  I, Mistress Wael readily admit that I don’t qualify as having the super hot looks of any of my predecessors – I’m simply the Head Mistress by default right now which is what happens when every employee except for myself retires.


I’m more like the head administrator – someone who’s been looking for a replacement to take over the Bangkok sessions that Mistress Jaa and myself – and I guess even the original Mistress Jaa did for over 12 years now.  A spot that’s been vacant since the latest Mistress Jaa put herself on indefinite hiatus back in December.

The more I talked with Mistress Lucy at the onset the more I felt like I had hit the jackpot – the mother of all replacements … someone who conceivably, with the proper training and guidance, could be even more successful than both Jaa’s and I could have ever been combined together as one.

That’s because Mistress Lucy has been teasing guys for as long as this website has existed – 12 years.  In fact, I can tell you for certain that no Mistress working at jaa4u.com has ever done a naked soapy body-to-body edging slide as a form of our domination – but she has. Super Sexy Soapy Body to Body Tease & Denial is her current specialty in Pattaya and it’s how she gets by financially, on that niche itself.  I’ll be filming such a session on the 30th of May to show you just how hot such an experience with her is.

I’ll even go as far as to say that of all the girls I’ve ever met in the business, all of whom ply their trade as a Mistress, not one has presented her Mistress-side personality as elegantly and fluidly as Mistress Lucy does naturally …. and the girl hasn’t even done one session with me yet!  Mistress Lucy’s arrival kind of reminds of this Emminem song, with me adjusting the lyrics just a bit to give you a hint of what I think of her:

“I created a monster ‘cuz nobody wants to see Jaa
No more they want Lucy, I’m chopped liver
Well, if you want Lucy, then this is what she’ll give ya
A little bit of me, mixed with some sexy figure
Some handjob that will jumpstart your cock quicker

Then a shock when you get shocked at the hospital
and Lucy’s your doctor so you can’t stop ejaculating
When you’re rocking the table while her hand’s masturbating, hey
You waited this long to stop debating
‘Cuz we’re back in Bangkok and operating

So come on and dip, bum on your lips
Jump back, jiggle a hip and wiggle a bit
And get ready ‘cuz this shit’s about to get heavy
I just built my house too so fuck you, R___y”


So basically, ya, Mistress Lucy has all the pre-installed tools to handle the job.  Seeing dick isn’t going to phase her, she welcomes it.  She’s dominant, she’s toyed with men since she was 20, she’s hot, she’s got attitude and in her words to me “I’ve seen it all, nothing bothers me.”

All she needs it seems is for me to plug her into the Matrix like Morpheus did to Neo when uploading the Kung Fu program.  Every night for the past 2 weeks I’ve had a 1 hour phone call with Mistress Lucy where I’ve been uploading my whole philosophy of Female Domination and teaching her what has made this website so incredibly popular – that fucking with a submissive man’s mind by melting his heart, his soul and by extension his willpower to resist is a far more powerful tool than any whip, flogger or dungeon cell.

But I can’t help but feel, lately, that the more I upload, the more I’m creating some sort of Singularity – a Mistress unlike any that’s worked at this website.  I equate it to this scene in Jaws where the two fishermen, seeking a paltry $3,000 dollar reward skewer a bloody mass of meat onto a sickle sized hook and toss it into the ocean looking to catch a “fish” … and got a lot more fish than they bargained for.  Which brings me to “The Bad” :


Mistress Lucy | The Bad

Mistress Lucy Goddess Lucy bdsm femdom bangkokThis girl knows ‘The Game.’  If you don’t know what I mean when I say ‘the game’ – like if you’re just off the plane carrying your half-body sized backpack, your shin high white socks, your pale white skin, and your chin on a swivel constantly looking left and right in bewilderment … you have no chance, you’re shark food to her.

Mistress Lucy is going to eat you up, spit you out and pick her teeth clean with your bones.  But what scares me is that she could do the same thing to me – even though I’m the boss.

That’s because the more I talk to her, the more I realize how wrong I was to think this Mistress world could be a lifeline to pull her out of the life she’s mired in.

It’s quite the opposite in fact.  She needs this job like a lion needs a lamb.

I’m quickly back in the problem I had before when trying to arrange the fantastical femdom sessions of the past like The Ladyboy Gauntlet or the more recent Human Toilet Training Girl Party with Slave Feeding – that girls who you have to bar-fine to meet don’t see the value in having to do two hours of femdom with me for 4k baht (her part of the session fee split) when she can fuck a guy, make him cum, and be back down in the bar in under 20 minutes flat for the same money.

“But you don’t have to have sex” I tell them, “you just use your brain, your imagination and exert your dominance” to which they say “fuck that, I don’t want to think, I just want to fuck, get it over with, and put the money in my pocket.” (cue the needle scratching a record sound effect!)

Mistress Jaa and I wrote often about the “fuck & go” syndrome that’s pervasive and has taken over from the “long time, girlfriend experience” which was what ‘Bangkok of old’ was born from.

“Mistress Lucy wasn’t just a go-go dancer; she was working the VIP room at one of the most lucrative and exclusive go-go bars in Bangkok back in the day.”

Not only does she know that world better than I ever will, but she ruled it, with more men wrapped around her finger and going ga-ga over her than I’ve ever had.

And now that I’ve introduced her to this new world, where she can wrap men around her finger even tighter using the skills I’ve taught her, she’s really started to put one and one together. I could sense it in our last two or three phone calls.

Lucy-Slider-hold-shirtSo instead of it being a one way conversation with me saying “well we can do this’ and ‘this’ to the guy to make him submit mentally more than physically” she’s n0w coming back with “wait a minute, what if I did “THIS” and “THIS” to him to REALLY fuck with his mind, and then just shrug my shoulders and finish him off by doing THIS as well, I’d totally destroy him wouldn’t I?”

And I’m nodding on this side of the phone saying “ya, ya you would” and then taking the phone away from my ear and mouth the word “w…o….w” to nobody in particular.

That’s why that Eminem lyric “I created a monster” popped into my head earlier.  Like, what the fuck – have I created.  I suppose one day not long from now Sam Altman will mouth those same words – also to no one in particular as we enter the Terminator era he’s bringing us to.

And look, I’m just telling you this so that you can make your own conscious decision of whether you want to fuck with this new singularity I seem to have created – my job is to come clean with you about the clear and present danger of choosing to submit to this girl.

That’s if I can even get her to Bangkok in the first place – which brings up the last point of this blog – The Ugly.


Mistress Wael and Mistress Lucy femdom bdsm bangkok


Mistress Lucy – The Ugly

As I write this at 3:10 PM on Monday, May 20th, there are 17 session requests sitting in my inbox. By the time I finish replying to these emails and their follow-ups later this evening, I’ll be adding another 8-12 sessions to June’s calendar—Mistress Lucy’s inaugural month.

A month that has seven sessions on her calendar already, not counting the three she has from May 28th to May 30th.

Mistress Lucy Tease & DenialWhat terrifies me is that I’m committing 15 sessions to a girl who isn’t just living in Pattaya but is rooted there because she dearly cares for her 7 cats and 4 birds. As I mentioned on Mistress Lucy’s ‘About’ page, her parents died long ago, and her brother passed away just after the turn of the new year. She’s alone in this world, except for her pets, which I believe serve as her family, giving her a reason to live and push through despite her solitude.

Uh, once my time training her comes to an end around June 10th or thereabouts, a time period where we’ll be living together around the Nana area in Bangkok, she intends to travel to and from Pattaya to do all future solo sessions!!

There’s a trust thing happening here.

See, Mistress Lucy has her own life and her own way of making money in Pattaya, just like each and every one of us has made a way to survive in the world, making enough money to make ends meet.

Here I am, offering her the golden goose—a future where she can earn 400,000 baht per month. And I’m doing this in a country where you rarely take things at face value; in fact, it’s often quite the opposite.

But what I’m offering is indeed the truth of the matter, I’ve even sent her screenshots of my earnings to validate that 400k number, it’s not like I’m pulling it out of my ass and waving it in the air while ranting wildly.

I need her to jump in with both feet and move to Bangkok, assuring her not to worry about condo rental expenses because I’m excellent at what I do—no one does it better. Moreover, the history of jaa4u.com speaks for itself: every single Mistress who has worked for this website now owns a home outright, and two of us have amassed one million dollars in USD, all earned through sessions and our philosophy of dominating men.

She’s thinking I’m talking out of my ass and that there might be at most – only a single femdom session for her to commute in and do every 3rd or 4th day.

No.  Wrong!

Mistress Wael Bangkok Thailand bdsm femdom goddessIf she wants them, there will be 2-4 sessions every single day – even through the summer months which is our low season.  The thing that drove Mistress Jaa to go on hiatus for a while was her determination to become a millionaire by saying yes to every single session post covid 2021.  Just like such volume of work did to the original Mistress Jaa who also hit millionaire status, it broke them both mentally.

But I’m not here writing about the theories of session volume as it applies to a Mistress’s sanity.

I’m talking about what it is going to take to get Mistress Lucy to trust me and my proficiency at operating jaa4u.com.  Hopefully I’ll generate enough belief in me for her to move to Bangkok instead of planning to make the 4 hour commute back and forth every single day going forward.  It’s just not feasible, even I wouldn’t be able to do it and I’m used to a hard life with long hours.

(re-written with Gemini: “Alright, so here’s the thing. This daily commute between Bangkok and Pattaya for Lucy with jaa4u.com? No way. Four hours a day? Forget it! Even I can’t swing that, and you know I grind hard. The real issue is trust. How can I convince Lucy to move to Bangkok so she can manage sessions without this crazy commute killing us both? We gotta figure out a way for her to be here full-time.”))

((see the difference in the way Gemini spits it out compared to my chatGPTo?  That’s because Gemini isn’t trained on 1000 stories written by Mistress Jaa over the years like my personal chatgpt has been trained.)

So this is what you need to know.  That I’m booking her sessions with a giant leap of faith that this is going to somehow work itself out over time.  That you’re not going to be waiting for her to show up for a 7pm session while she’s texting me that she missed the bus from Pattaya and is going to be an hour late, or even worse, can’t make the trip at all due to the weather or whatever.   That’s Mistress Lucy: The Bad in a nutshell.


So How Might This Work Itself Out?

Well I see three ways this could resolve itself.

First, it plays out like a dream scenario where Mistress Lucy sees the business opportunity in front of her, that there’s easily 400,000 to a half million baht to be made every month in Bangkok if she plays her cards right.  She moves to Bangkok, gets a condo and I send her all the bdsm toys and machines we have and she takes over Bangkok operations doing either in calls or out calls for bdsm / femdom sessions!

Or, she decides that her ties to her pets is too strong and that it’s not possible to commit to daily Bangkok-Pattaya commutes and just does sessions out of Pattaya.

In which case I will then have to search yet again for another girl who wants to make 1/2 million baht per month.  You’d think that would be easy, right?  Pfft, hardly.  Nobody in Bangkok trusts anybody else in Bangkok, it’s just the nature of the beast.  That, combined with the “fuck & go” mentality where girls are happy making their 50-100k riding and sucking cock all day and night and ya, it could be that I have Winterfell locked up as the queen of the north, and Mistress Lucy has Dorn all to her own as the Mistress of Pattaya, with King’s Landing (aka: Bangkok) remaining vacant for the time being.

The third way is that I gather a handful of sessions that are all back-to-back and fly down twice a month to do them and maintain some sort of a presence in Bangkok.

Not ideal given that I’m wildly popular as the world’s most in-demand Extreme Human Toilet Training Mistress and that my 30 Day Human Toilet Training experiences are pre-booked from here to Kingdom Come.

As well, if you’ve been following along on my Scatbook HTT blog, you know that I’ve begun the 2 year process of buying all the remaining property and land on my canopied lane and have started the process of turning this area into a very private and secretive FemDom & Human Toilet Training resort.  A project that along with the monthly sessions demands most of my time.

So I don’t know how all this is going to play out, I really don’t.

I just know that from May 27th until somewhere around June 10th sessions booked are guaranteed because I will be in Bangkok to train Mistress Lucy.

Which means, let’s say the worst case scenario happens and she doesn’t want to be follow through on the sessions – well in that case I’d be doing all the sessions I’ve booked for June.

I doubt that’s what would happen, but at least you know that I’ve got you covered if it does.

After that though, your guess is as good as mine.

Fingers crossed that Mistress Lucy becomes the 3rd installment of Mistress Jaa and is indeed the next Dread Pirate Roberts!!!


Mistress Wael