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Videodrome : The Human Toilet Sequel , by me – Mistress Wael – is not just my vision of what Videodrome 2 should look like, but instead it is what I want for one or more of my human toilet slaves … a chance at a total transformation from a human being with wants, needs and fears to being just an object, my toilet.

After all, that is what the majority of Toilet Slaves want out of their long held fantasy – to serve as a toilet with no thoughts of money, finance, family, material wants, and especially no thoughts of a job.  Being my toilet is not a job but rather a function of your new existence which is to wait patiently and swallow when used regardless of your concern for your own safety.

That’s my job.  To be concerned about the safety of my toilet.

Only by putting your trust fully in me can you allow yourself to focus solely on my asshole and become the best version of yourself that ever existed.



human toilet mistress wael

Videodrome : The Human Toilet Sequel

You can purchase Videodrome: The Human Toilet Sequel at either my Yezzclips Human Toilet Video Store , or my Femscat Human Toilet Video Store or by subscribing to my Scatbook Toilet Slavery video blog.

I didn’t just want to shit in a slave’s mouth, film it and load it this time.

If you’ve been following along on the places where I write multiple times daily, including here, my Scatbook and my Loyalfans femdom blog then you know about not only my transformation into an extreme Human Toilet Training Mistress but you’re quite well aware that I’m seeking a transitional experience with one or more of my slaves.

Since February, I’ve been offering 30 Day Extreme Toilet Slavery challenges to any willing toilet slave who has been seeking the ultimate toilet slavery experience … a chance to live off of nothing but my shit for a period of 30 days and come out on the other side – if he survives – as my full-time fully functioning toilet.

Through multiple failures of 4 slaves so far to fulfill their dream with me acting as their conduit to living out their fantasy I’ve had to readjust the rules and make some allowances and give incentives for the toilet slave to persevere through his hardship to reach “the new flesh” so to speak.  That’s why Videodrome: The Human Toilet Sequel was so important for me to make.  I wanted to show my toilet slaves that I’m dead serious about being not only your Mistress but your guide into your new life as my toilet.

My toilet applicants – after paying the 300,000 thai baht – are given the following rules and incentives now:

  1. They get 10% of their investment back if they survive to day 7 living off my shit.
  2. Which becomes 25% if they survive to day 14 upon which time I will give them a full day off to recover and eat anything they wish me to prepare or buy for them.
  3.  Upon surviving the 21st day I’d instead refund 50% of their 300k investment and would it be that they survive through to the end of day 30 they’d not only get a full refund but …
  4.   At that point they’d be offered a position in my company to serve me as my full-time toilet for as long as they wished to remain.

I’d take care of their living arrangements, their financial allowance and they’d be fed normal food once per day … so long as they continued to be my toilet 24 hours a day.

In Videodrome: The Human Toilet Sequel speaking as Nikki – Deborah Harry’s character I’m telling my slave to take the next step … to not be afraid to die … to accept their new purpose in life as their only purpose.

My intention is not to let you die.  That would be foolish given how hard it is to fully train a human toilet in the first place.

That’d be like driving my new Ferrari off a cliff just to hear what the crash sounds like.  Nobody would do that.

Trust me, you’re a valuable commodity as a human toilet.  Maybe even the most valuable commodity there is … more rare than the artificial value of a diamond that’s for sure.

How many human toilets are there in the world that have taken the fantasy they used to jerk off to every night … and pushed through the “let’s try it” phase … to actually train to become the sole eater of my shit … or their chosen Mistress’s shit?

A handful?  A secret society to be sure.

The rarest of rare birds you are.  One that needs to be treated with the utmost respect.

It’s why I made that video for Twitter and for my Loyalfans and Scatbook where I made myself into Heath Ledger’s The Joker character and said “it’s not about the money … it’s about sending a message.”

What other Mistress would refund the entirety of the 300,000 baht, hmm?

I’ve even retro-actively refunded the 4 toilet slaves who tried the 30 day extreme toilet slavery experience their appropriate % of the money owed to them for lasting as long as they did … 12 days being the longest so far.

I also just finished paying the hospital bills for May’s toilet slave after he was gored by a bull and fell off a ledge landing on his skull 3 meters below … that full story is in my May Shit Eating Experiences & Stories Kindle book.

It’s a doozy.

Like … I dedicated a few pages in that book to the absolute stupidity of waving a 20 inch stick in the air and calling a 2,500 kg bull “an idio” while stomping his feet menacingly.

Sure, he did so to protect me – save me even.  But dude … just fucking run next time.  The guy thought he was 2024’s version of Crocodile Dundee.  Not!


dominatrix wael


Anyways, point is, it’s not about the money.

The Joker also says … and I made a video of this too … “this town needs a better class of Mistress … and I’m gonna give it to them.”

Money’s nice.  But I don’t need it as much as I used to.  My house is almost finished being constructed. All my debts have been paid off.  The land belongs to me.  The house belongs to me.  I no longer need to pay rent.

No.  See.

It’s about helping my toilet slaves live out a fantasy that is very difficult to live out due to supply and demand issues.

Oh the demand is there all right … the fact that I made an AI song called “Oh Why Does She Want – To Go and Shit in my Mouth” and it hit #2 in the world shows that shit eating is indeed a fantasy carried by the majority.

But most won’t admit it publicly.

Why do you think guys, while sitting in sweaty hockey room dressing rooms with the sanctity of no girls around throw out one liners like “eat shit” , “eat shit and die” , “kiss my ass” , “fucking asskisser”  or even if we go back to your school days as boys they’d toss around the word “brown noser” quite often.

We have a rude word for that too in Thai.  It was used often back in the day – in the late 80’s and early 90’s – when I was back in school.

Men say it because it’s their secret fantasy.  If not, then why download my song 2 million times in one month, hmm?   The vocals?  The chorus?  Ya right.


So the demand is there, its just – there’s supply chain problems lol.  See, so very few girls in the world are willing to serve their shit as a forcibly eaten meal.  Especially on this side of the world where we were taught to serve men.

Oh, I serve them all right.  I guess I took the meaning of that message a little differently in school.

And of the Mistresses that do serve their shit … they’re all in it for the money.


inspiration be nice


^ That pic is meant to make you laugh / smile … it’s not me being an ass lol.

In fact, the true inspirational photo … along with other of my more spectacular photos are on my fledgling yet ever growing Instagram page.  Check it out !


It’s a lot of money, the 300,000 baht to eat from my asshole for 30 straight days.  That’s just there to sort out those who are truly dedicated from the riff-raff of soon to be shit-eaters who still jerk off to videos of the fetish only.

Also, “if you’re good at something, never do it for free.”  <- another Joker truism.

Want another one?  “Madness, as you know …. is like gravity … all it takes …. is a little push.”  <- I ought to know, right?  My descent into madness at the end of last year proved just that.

You know, Mistress Jaa wrote so often about how The Matrix is a movie that some people like her – who don’t follow the crowd – is seen in a completely different way … much deeper than ‘just another movie.”

Mine is every line written for The Joker in The Dark Knight.

For like The Joker … I too would burn the whole 300,000 or just give it back … for the chance of helping one seriously dedicated toilet slave through to his ultimate goal.

To worship my ass and everything that will ever come out of it.


Mistress Wael


  • Note : Mistress Lucy will be in Bangkok from May 27th until June 3rd to begin her Mistress Training with me, Mistress Wael.
  • She and I will be doing all femdom type sessions like Tease & Denial, Pegging, Sounding etc
  • You can book Mistress Lucy solo, just you and her in Pattaya, but keep in mind she’s brand new and hasn’t been trained yet.
  • Solo sessions with me, Mistress Wael, are HTT sessions … Human Toilet Training.