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Talking about my Human Toilet Training method is easier because now I can show you with video what I’m doing  … and explain to you here why I’m doing it.

Before you ask – What is level 1 ?  Maybe the better question to ask is “Why do I have different levels of human toilet training in the first place?”   So let’s start with that.


When you watch slave’s in scat videos … it is like you are watching a professional hockey or baseball player and thinking you can jump into the tv and do the exact same thing.

You don’t see the years of practice.  The weight training.  The discipline.  You just think “oh he hit a home run … I can do that in a professional baseball game.”

Then you go swing and miss the ball 1000 times in a row.  Right?

And THAT is why I have levels.



Especially for something like being taught how to be a human toilet.  That takes time and levels of being comfortable with falling into the hole I am leading you down.

Are you married or do you have a girlfriend?  Let me ask you this.  How many times did she make you kneel down between her legs while she took a shit?  I’m betting 0 , right?

What’s it like to do that?  Humiliating , yes?

The smell would be awful at first , correct?

Would you be able to look at her the same way after she laughed at you?  Or would she be able to look at you the same way after she used you like that?  Would you be respected?

You see … that is the great thing about being a Mistress.  You don’t need my respect and I don’t need yours.  You just need to obey and I need to dominate.  It’s a much simpler relationship.


I am a lifestyle Mistress.  I crave 24/7 slaves.

Why?  Because with a full time slave I can slowly but surely convince him that all his life before serving me was meaningless.  I can make him never want to go back to anything he thought was normal.

With the slave I shot with during covid …  every single time I had to go take a shit I would demand he come and sit in the room with me.

If we were at Mistress Jaa’s condo then he would have to go sit in the bathroom with her as well when she took a shit.

It just became a new habit for him.

At first he hated it.  Then eventually he got used to it.  After some time he even started to enjoy it.  And when I say some time I mean like a year after.  That is how long it takes to break a man’s mind of who he thought he was in the past … and the things he thought he liked.



Once he was comfortable with the smell I one day took him by his hair and pushed him down between my legs and played with his hair while I took a shit.

I would pet him like a baby.  All men love that feeling of a Mistress playing with their hair … with the head in our laps.

At first … being that close to my shit … hearing it come out of my ass and being so very close to the smell was something so awful he wanted to pull his head away.

But of course I would never let him do that.  That is why it is important to pet him like a dog.  He is being trained when I do that.


He was never allowed to speak.  Only allowed to say “Thank You Mistress Wael” every time I pushed some more shit out of my ass and he heard it plop in the water below his nose.

After a while he even got comfortable being that close , the smell didn’t bother him and he didn’t feel so humiliated.

So that is when I slowly introduced the next level down the rabbit hole … to almost touch my shit every day by wiping and spraying my ass.

I told him to wipe my ass as clean as I would wipe it myself.  And I told him to be proud of himself when it was perfectly cleaned … by him.

We would do the kiss test.  I would stand up and bend over spreading my ass cheeks.  He would kiss my clean asshole and again say “Thank You Mistress Wael.”


flushed human toilet slave


These levels take less and less time to get through.  You can see already even in level 1 there are levels inside of level 1 to get used to.

I read one Mistress’s story that she would make the slave bathe in a tub of her shit and he’d have to sit in it for hours.

Do you see the difference between her way and my way?  To the slave , having to do that for her must feel disgusting.  Revolting.

The way I do it … the slave is willingly falling into each level and loving it more and more.

What I am doing is teaching him to crave the next level.  The same way that I crave having a 24/7 slave instead of a 2 hour session slave.  Understand?

It’s psychological warfare.  And I’m winning every battle of the war.


The final level inside of level 1 is to actually come in physical contact with my shit.

Doesn’t sound like a big step but it is.  Smelling is not the same as touching.  Touching is not the same feeling, jut like feeling is not the same as wearing.

If that was the case we would never buy any clothes , we would be fine with touching dresses and leaving the store empty handed.

My closet is full of clothes I never wear.  Why did I buy them then?  Because I loved the feel of the dress or the pantyhose.

I loved the feel of my Mistress Leather Boots more than I loved the smell of them.  Understand?

Same goes for Human Toilet Training.

Once the slave is comfortable with the smell then obviously the next step is the feel.

So like you see in this video , I will simply wipe my ass and stick the dirty toilet paper all over his face.

Making sure I put the last piece right on his cool puckered lips.



I can tell you this from experience.  All new toilet slaves quiver when I first put it on their lips.

They try not to show it.  But inside their body is trembling.   They are struggling to show me they are okay with wearing my shit on their face.

And that’s ok.  Like I said … these levels take time to get used to.

You are probably sitting there imagining how you would react, right?  But let me ask you this.  As you close your eyes and imagine this kind of session with me … what kind of shit are you imagining?

The hard , brown dry kind, right?

Ya maybe on day one if you are lucky that is the kind of shit you get to wear on your face.

But what about the day that it is loose, yellow and runny?  You didn’t imagine that did you?

You didn’t imagine trying not to breathe in too heavy … because the dirty wet toilet paper I stuffed in your nose would be sucked into your throat if you did breathe for air too hard.

Of course you didn’t imagine the wet brown water running on your lip.  Making you think to keep your lips tightly closed so none of it gets in.

Oh baby.  Don’t worry about that.  It will all get in.  Eventually haha.



To get through all those mini levels inside of just level 1 … it took my slave a year to not only get used to me doing all that to him but to want to do it for me … to impress me.

And that is what I mean by crave.

I cannot get a slave to crave to serve me in just a 2 hour session.  But when they live with me … their job becomes something they endure … so they can quickly get back and serve me.

Their life becomes a distraction.

I’m like the VR multiverse they want to live in permanently.   But they can’t.  They need to go earn money for me, so they can serve me longer.

And down down down the rabbit hole they go.   Or should I say , toilet hole  🙂


Mistress Wael

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