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Ladyboy ‘s and SpitRoasting , it’s like Peanut Butter and Jam , they’re meant for one another.

Just like that juicy mouthwatering pb&j sandwich though , it’s “that” much better tasting when there’s an extra slice added to the sandwich.

So just as I’m doing again tonight by inviting Mistress Wael to help out with my spitroasting session , I asked if she could help out for the first session on my first day back from Europe a few days ago.


ladyboy diane femdom bbdsm bangkok jaa4uLike waking up in the hospital after being knocked out for an operation and you need an extra pair of hands to help balance as the wooziness wears off – so it is with me on my first session back after a lengthy break.

Which means, it was kind of just sheer luck that inviting Wael to help me out when working with Ladyboy Diane for the first time was such a great idea for the session.

I just wanted someone there to bounce ideas off of.

Doing sessions as a Mistress Girlfeiend while travelling around Europe is wholly different than doing sessions back home here in my condo.

The former is just me being me and guys getting a sample of what it’s like being my slave boyfriend and seeing the demands put upon them.

Sessions here are simply a tumble into the rabbit hole of seduction , but thing is – I hadn’t done a proper session with a Ladyboy since the days of working with original Jaa and Ladyboy Natty who worked as a team for all those years way back when.

Needless to say , I was a bit nervous at how it’d all play out.


Especially since I hadn’t seen Ladyboy Diane in person yet , though Mistress Wael had.

When she showed up at my door , I was impressed , especially of her long flowing hair and her exceptionally slim waist line.

Any Ladyboy , post a certain age, usually has problems with exploding hips and an ever expanding waist line as they fill into their male bodies ; but not Diane.

Damn, she was thin , hot , and sexy.

Not with the super sweet personality of Mistress Wael , nor the cute but sometimes thorny personality of mine ; hers found a nice place between us which suited me just fine.


ladyboy diane bw femdom bdsm bangkok jaa4uWe had all settled in nicely and were quite friendly with one another already when our boy toy showed up finally , a full 5 minutes late – so he was met at the door with an instant 5 lashes from me to teach him some discipline with respect to time.

The events of the session aren’t what’s important here , rather the inclusion of Mistress Wael is – once we got down to the business of spit roasting the guy.

When I teach people the finer points of how to be a proper Mistress , I always begin with what I call “active hands”.

For instance, say we’re talking about something as simple as getting a guy to approach the bed to suck on my feet.

Back when I was teaching Mistress Wael how to approach something as simple as this , she had him begin by smelling her feet , then lightly kissing, and finally being allowed to lick and suck each particular toe.

“What about the hands?” I questioned.

“Hands?” she had replied.

“Your hands are inactive, just as his are.  If each hand represents 25% of activity , the session you’re giving is 100% less effective than it could be.

Men are super sensitive to touch , so having his thigh stroked lovingly with one hand while the other hand holds his cheek firmly  … as he toe sucks … creates a wonderful sensory overload but that’s only half effective as it could be.

For his hands are innactive , so I told her – why not have one hand massage your foot while his other hand strokes his dick?

Then and only then are we extracting a high amount of sensory input and giving him something to remember.


I mean, there’s also smell … her face with her lovely perfume could at one moment be an inch from his cheek telling him how good of a sissy toe sucker he is … and letting him inhale her fragrance.

That activates both smell and sound sensors , especially if she’s whispering into his ear lightly enough to make the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

But for this story’s purposes, we’re only dealing with active hands.


And why?

Well because when it came time to spit roast the guy … Ladyboy Diane took the front position and began pounding his throat whilst I was at the back plowing the cave … that’s par for the course when it comes to spitroasing technique.

Usually , this kind of action is enough for whomever is on the receiving end of such a pounding , it’s their dream to get used in such a humiliating way after all.

But what if we can up the stakes a bit, huh?

What if we can make him roll his eyes to the back of his head as hits his sensory limit and begins to shudder all over his body?

Enter the need for Mistress Wael’s hands.




Again, for the sake of humility , her being there was just out of sheer luck as I had pleaded for her to stop by.

The guy had only agreed to the usual 10k damage to the wallet for including a ladyboy with the session , so in fairness to Wael she could have left right when the session started since we’d been talking an hour before his arrival already.

But regarding her , there’s nothing she loves more than using … well she’s made me promise not to give away her secret technique as she’s writing about it for her next story … let’s just  say she absolutely loves making guys roll their eyes up into their head and quivering by handling the dick the way she does.


Just how effective adding active hands to take care of his dick while having both holes filled can be summed up by the first thing our slave said a few seconds after he had a moment to collect his thoughts:  “Did I just fuck Mistress Wael?”

We laughed, “no.”

“What just happened” he said as he took the towel I had handed him to wipe Diane’s goo off his face.

“You got used” I replied.

“No, I was fucking somebody , I swear.”

“It was you who got fucked” said Diane , and then she gestured with her lovely eyes at me , “by her … and hard.”

Our slave prodded his tender ass in agreement but kept staring at Mistress Wael.  “What did you do with my cock?  It felt like I was getting laid.”


ladyboy-mistress-diane-femdom-bdsm-jaa4uThis is why the process of spitroasting a guy has to be hard core , the guy has to be serverly fucked deep and fast in both holes just so he has a hard time keeping up with what’s going on.

Give him a moment to focus , and for sure his brain would concentrate on what exactly Mistress Wael was doing with his dick at the same time.

But we denied him that chance to think.

Instead we sent him home with more questions than he had answers for.

Which is exactly what I try to aim for each and every session … have the guy ask himself “what the fuck just happened in there” referring to my room.

Guys are so in control of their sexual lives right from day one.  They control when they masturbate , they control how many times the cum a day , they control what happens in the bedroom , and more often than not they control how they fuck.

So to walk away from one of  my sessions having controlled none of that , and even have them asking themselves just how exactly they got fucked … well something like that lingers in a man’s mind perpetually.

In this case it was just the addition of a “hands on” experience courtesy of Mistress Wael to send his mind into perpetual linger-ation.  (is that even a word?  I guess it is now haha)

Ladyboy Diane was fantastic too.  The whole evening was fantastic.   … and I feel great everytime I’m able to pull off such an experience for my guys.






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