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Forced Bi , when neither forced , nor bi – but ‘accidental” is so incredibly hot that one might say it’s unparalleled.

Like a pair of bookends , my last session prior to my European vacation and my first session back , have both involved my newest Ladyboy interests … and a bit of trickery.

The trickery part of things … I’m not that proud of , gotta admit, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do – to get your fantasies properly played out as to your expectations.

So we’re first going to address the last session I did before my month in Italy which , when I read the email detailing the session request back in early July I thought once again it’d be impossible to pull off due to the frequent mention of the word “friends” in his comments.


See, the biggest drawback of being a Mistress in one’s own backyard is it requires a life of solitude.  One just can’t risk having friends – and one of the biggest reason’s I love my expansion lately into being a European Mistress is that I get to be myself and be the social butterfly that is couped up inside of me.

There’s two things that have me down in the dumps living here at “home” , the minor one being the awful cluttered layout of the new condo I’m renting which lacks the space I had before, but the second and more important reason is the utter lack of social activity which blankets my emotions as time wears on.

I truly do feel like SuperGirl trapped in her Kingdom of Solitude when forced to spend time here.

So when I got an email suggesting that me and a few of my “friends” get together to laugh at this new slave as he served at our beck & call , well … usually a sense of despair drips down my spine knowing it’s something I’m totally unable to do for you.

Until … Mistress Wael started by chance stumbling upon a couple of younger and innocent ladyboy’s in her own last Mistress’s Girlfriend trip to Pattaya.




One of the things she likes to do when she has a few days with the same slave is to keep him locked up in chastity and teasing him to the brink of orgasm every night – only to lock the guy’s dick back up again – telling him he has not yet proven himself worthy of an orgasm.

Inevitably the guy will ask “what do I have to do to prove myself worthy?” … and she’ll lead him down his own road to hell for her reply.

In her last case , the trip to Pattaya she was on … she took the guy out shopping … for hot girls he particularly liked.  Three of them to be precise.

Now that’s a shopping trip I’d reckon any man would be keen to go on, amiright?  lol


At his expense , they were all brought back to his hotel room , where she grabbed her purse and headed out the door just a tick before midnight … and told the guy before she left that he was to fuck all three of them … without cumming … and tossed one girl the key to his chastity.

Whether or not he failed at his task is a story for her to tell , my reasoning for giving you the backstory to her session so far is to let you know how she stumbled upon the two ladyboy’s we’re thinking of introducing.

Kicking around the streets of Pattaya after midnight on one’s own for a few hours isn’t a fun thing to do.

Luckily for her she ran into Arita at the small temple where she had gone to pray and make an offering that late at night.

Arita , he/she a 20 year old ladyboy had just made the trip from her small northern town of Pisunurob to take up life on the streets of Pattaya.


forced bi Ladyboy Arita jaa4u


Interestingly, that’s how Jaa met this website’s first ladyboy … Natty , while praying at a temple years ago in Samut Prakan.

Natty was also 20 at the time, and also a lost soul trying to find her way in Bangkok.

“If you’re afraid of getting a rotten apple, don’t go to the barrel , get it off the tree.” … I suggest you watch the clip below from The Untouchables …



Finding someone at the temple of a Wat at half past midnight in Pattaya is about as far away from the barrel that you’re gonna get in this country.

Innocence.  It’s something I greatly covet when seeking a ladyboy to work with.

Except, “this town stinks like a whorehouse at low tide” … also a quote from the movie above , is a perfect way to describe either of our not-so-great cities here , and you’d have a greater chance of finding a fat kid with a stick of broccoli than you’d have of finding an innocent ladyboy.

So Wael and Arita ended up talking ’til 3am – when finally her slave was finished being banged every which way but loose and she had to return to his room for the night.

Yet before they went their separate ways they exhanged numbers , and it wasn’t long before the chance came to try her out for a first session.


forced bi ladyboy zaa jaa4u Of course I’m referencing the guy’s request for a humiliation session with a group of my “friends” , and in lieu of such since I’m void of any , I decided to ask Wael if Arita could join us and if she could tow along a friend of hers.

Which she did …she brought along Ladyboy Za … aks: the girl next door you always wanted to fuck since you were 13 years old.

Except in this case , that girl next door ended up fucking you … in the only hole you have where the sun don’t shine.

They are so different , Arita and Za.


With Arita , I see the potential.

I always have a problem with Ladyboys because I see them as dude’s wearing makeup , no matter how much they try to pass as one of us.

So ya, when I first saw Arita , she to me is like the innocent naive girl – Bambi like I suppose one could say  , with decent English and a heat that’s looking more for love than it is for income from sessions.

In Alladin-speak , she’d be the “diamond in the rough” , one who’d take the most work to teach her the ways of being a clever Mistress , but since she’s so young and inexperienced it’s like working from a clean slate.


Za on the other hand.  I’ve seen her as a dude and I’ve seen her as the country girl who lives next door so I’m of two minds about her.

That’s because when they arrived at my condo along with Wael they hadn’t spent much time on makeup , and  Za was wearing a wig lazily put on that was very unbecoming of her.  So I had my tongue in cheek , trying to bite my lip that this guy was going to flip out when he saw my friends were dude’s.

Then , as happened with Natty in days of yor so many times … they’d disappear into my bathroom (or Jaa’s bathroom back in the day) … and reappear as wholly different people which absolutely shocks me every time I see the transformation.


Arita popped out first and looked ,  hmm , powerful in appearance.  Of the three I’ve met so far , I’d say Arita has that look one would expect of a ladyboy Mistress.  Passable for sure , but firm , strong posture.

Za absolutely floored me when she showed her face in the living room a moment later.

Put it this way , if I was a dude, I’d of fucked her right then and there.   I even had to fight off my lesbian(ish) feelings to want to get a taste of her pussy because … well she doesn’t have one lol.

Anyways, with the right low lighting , I started to get an idea that I could expand on the feelings I had of the two and apply these desires to my unsuspecting slave who was about to arrive in a few hours time.


Which brings us to the  trickery part of the evening.  (One sec.  May I say please that it’s damn unatural how many times I have to slip in the word forced bi for it to be seo efficient.  sigh.  forced bi , forced bi, oh and forced bi)  (sorry, continue reading)

Candlelight sets a mood , and in low light , somewhat pretty girls can look quite stunning … especially after a few glasses of fine Bordeaux wine affecting judgement.

So I broke out not one but two bottles of my finest … and by finest I mean a 2 year old Beaujolais and a 3 year old Bordeau , which set me back a mere 1k baht so I’m no conoisseur of vintage wine … let’s put that myth to rest.

I got both girls up to speed on what I had planned vs what the customer was expecting and they went along with it.  Luckily too because Ladyboy’s don’t come cheap , but throw them a free meal and free wine … and all  becomes possible , at least for an evening.


I made sure to sit on the same sofa with Charles once he showed up – just to make him feel more comfortable as he’s had multiple sessions with me before and we have a comfort zone between us , one that allows me to easily step inside his personal space.

So there he was with  his head upon my lap , choosing which among the 20 toes dangling in front of his mouth that he’d rather suck on as they glistened beneath  the candlelight from the nightstand adjascent the sofa.

Encouraging him to drop a bit of tasty wine on each of the toes not only accelerated the amount he had to drink but he gleefully listened to my orders as I told him to pour some on Za’s ankle … and then Arita’s shin … followed by Za’s knee … and higher and higher up the leg he went.

I can tell you his cock was raging hard as I had a hold of it through the outside of his trowsers , and by the time he reached Arita’s thigh it was pounding with blood.  So much so that I thought he might cum in his pants if I squeezed too hard so I let off some.


His fantasy of being humiliated was just around the corner , albeit not remotely in the way he had imagined.

“If you suck one of them , you have to suck both , do you agree to that? I whispered in his ear as he was kissing the inside of Za’s thigh.

Here’s an interesting observation I got out of that moment  … I think it’s equally exciting for a Ladyboy to have a “Crying Game” moment where the guy has absolutely no clue the person he’s enamored with is a boy.

My theory is that it validates their appearance of being a girl as one of perfection … even if  just for a moment.

Both Za and Arita were slack jawed as they both knew Charles still had absolutely no clue how close he was to cock and not pussy.  When I said “suck” to him , I have no doubt in my mind that he thought of pussy when I suggested it to him.

He chose Za first which was really cool because she was seated furthest from the three candles so it was quite dark down there between her legs and indeed it took a moment for his brain to compute just what his tongue was licking once it got inside of her panties.

He pulled back in shock.

But my hand pressed immediately against the back of his head and wouldn’t let him.

“Take it out” I told Za , and she complied.

There the snake lay an inch before his mouth and poor Charles wanted nothing to do with it at that moment.  He couldn’t even speak , he was absolutely flabbergasted and without voice.


forced bi the crying game femdom


The only other time I’ve ever seen a guy without the ability to speak was way back in University when I bummed a ride to class and hid on the floor of the back seat of  the car … hidden under a grey blanket … while she stopped off and picked up her boyfriend.   For what seemed like ages I crouched motionless as she pulled out of his soi and made her way to the main road.  Then in the middle of  their conversation I popped out of the back seat and grabbed him from behind by his shoulders.  That’s the only time I ever saw terror make a human unable to utter a sensible word , and instead make the screeching sound of an owl.

I wouldn’t say Charles was in a state of terror , but rather a state of absolute confusion … which to all of us was hillarious and the laughter from us all rang out through the living room.  It was near hysterical as he finally tried to conjure a word but could only come up with saying “How, how …… how” over and over whilst I held him in place by the back of his long flowing black hair.

“You agreed to suck it” I said to him again … “You clicked agree” I added which was a reference to a SouthPark episode I love … and that I added that bit threw into hyserics as well.



“Hmmm , I’m gonna click on … Decline” … was not an option for Charles sad to say.

But it wasn’t as  hard as you might think to get a guy to suck dick for the first time in his life … accidentally. (every guy’s forced bi dream)

Why, you ask?

Well because Za , unlike Arita , has a nice set of boobs … and as we all know, man’s ability to think goes right out the window when presented with a pair in his hand to fondle.

So that’s what I did , I manually places his hand on her tit and just as he looked up at what he was grabbing I pushed him onto her meat and it slipped all the way down his hungering throat ever so easily.

Had I been bold , I would have gotten Arita to come behind him and spitroast my slave.

But it was a magical moment … for me at least … and pushing things too fast too soon could ruin the whole moment if he balked at the idea.

In my favor, I knew the things he liked from our many sessions before … none of which ever included me pegging him in the ass with a dildo.

Not wanting to push things too far , my intentions were to just let him suck on Za’s dick a bit.


forced-bi-sexy-breastsExcept, I think Charles’s absolute reluctance to suck dick when added to his shock of finding out Za was a ladyboy … had made Za herself a little too excited , and it wasn’t but a few seconds before she exploded … unnanounced … deep into Charles’s throat.

Now , one can tell quite quickly whether or not a guy has sucked dick before … or a girl for that matter.

There’s a limited number of reactions to a cumshot experienced people have.  Either they a) avoid it all together or they b) pull off just enough to let it hit their face in a messy spray or they c) pull far away and jerk the cum out.  In the rare case they get caught with a surprise cumshot to the mouth they make a beeline to the bathroom.

Neither of those reactions applied to Charles.

He made the critical mistake of half choking / half coughing on the cum stuck in his throat … which if you don’t know … sends it directly up the nostril channel.  That’s a hell of a wrong thing to do because if you then try to breathe through your nose , you can’t.

Which is panic inducing.  Which is what happened to Charles .. he went into full panic mode.

But I wouldn’t let him go anywhere , my hand was firmly and forceably holding his head in place.

“Don’t …”  I didn’t get to finish my helpful suggestion as he did just what I was going to warn him not to do …. “don’t try to blow it out your nose” , because that just connects the gooey mess to that which is caught in the mouth making a fully connected circle of cum which blocks both airways.

That caused horrific dry heaving as the cum dripped slowly from every orifice on his face onto the wooden floor of my condo.


All of which was just spectacular to witness and sorry to say but we just couldn’t stop laughing.  It had affected him too because his ears were red as beats and his cheeks shining under the candlelight.

Poor Charles was getting all the humiliation he had wanted … and then some.

After 5 whole minutes of ridding his throat of cum he finally was able to look up with glazed wet eyes from all the coughing and heaving.

When he did , there was Arita’s cock dangling in front of his mouth.


got-milkI’ll give Charles this much credit … in the 7 years I’ve been a Mistress , I’ve seen guys “try” and pull away from sucking dick when being forced to.  “Forced bi” is never really “forced bi” if you know what I mean.  Forced bi means you don’t want it.  Except … you really do.

But for Charles , that second cock indeed was the hardest I’ve ever had to shove , push , and spank to get a guy to suck.   He absolutely wanted no part of having another gooey explosion in his throat and for certain he knew at that point …. cocksucking wasn’t his thing.

Yet, a promise is a prromise.

I reminded him of this many times as I slapped and spit on his face.

“You don’t have to be gay tomorrow” I told him matter of factly , “but for all intensive purposes , right now , at this moment … you’re gay as fuck … and you’re sucking the cum out of her dick whether you like it or not.”

I was quite mad.  I’ve never had to really push a guy onto a cock before … it was like trying to force a cat into a full bathtub of water.

In Thai I told Arita to do what she had to do to cum quickly.  I wanted to match the shock value.

So she took Charles by the back of his head and launched her cock deep down his throat , and it was his repeated gagging as she held him balls deep that made her explode just as quickly.


The ability of man to adapt , that’s humanity’s greatest asset.

Charles had adapted.  He swallowed it like it was a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s finest vanila ice cream.  Granted, he shuddered with every muscle of his body after he did so , numerous times, but he ate it like a pro.

As soon as he did he looked up at me and begged “please Mistress can I go now?”

I looked at both Za and Arita , and we all shrugged our shoulders in agreement , “of course .. leave quickly.”

And so .. he scampered quickly to the door where he put on his shoes as fast as he could , hopping up and down on his right foot as he tried to get the heel of his running shoe over his left ankle.


There was a moment of absolute silence as he slipped out the door, but a moment after my condo door had clicked shut we all simultaneously let out a final chorus of laughter that must of rung his ears all the way on his walk to the elevator.

Hmmm.  I hesitate to push “publish” on this story and put it on the blog.

I have hopes that such a perfect session can be repeated, given how sexy and passable these two ladyboy’s are.  Such a story will spoil the surprise, I suppose.

But can such perfection be truly repeated?  I doubt it.

That night of humiliation will foever haunt Charles , this I know.  And … he’ll be masturbating over it for perhaps the rest of his life , this I know also to be true.

Then I think , just how many guys are there out there that would absolutely fall for the perfect “girl next door” in a forced bi scenario.

… and indeed, I conclude … publishing the story is a must , for I need to know for myself just how many guys I can get to fall into this newly laid forced bi trap of mine 🙂






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