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Public Humiliation @ The Mall , Athens  Greece


I saw her first.

Tall , volumptuous with long silky brown hair that was draped over her slighly shorter boyfriends head as she leaned her cheek against his coming up on the escalator.  Her low cut yellow halter top was simple enough , but it was greatly accentuated by her small but perfectly rounded breasts  – and her magnetic protruding pink nipple which stretched the malleable fabric – just so.

I’m a great admirer of beauty , female or otherwise.   I reckon that I compare favourably to her , save my height disadvantage.  That I’m not tall is my greatest regret.

Her boyfreind was cute too , I’d do him in an instant.  So I was impressed that though I was looking at them both with hungering eyes that he didn’t even toss a glance my direction as we approached one another being that I was on the down escalator.

“My ass” I thought , “he’s not looking over at me because he can’t see my ass” which is a reasonable thought as the perfectly shaped roundness of my butt is my greatest lure.

Damn what a lucky girl.  To have a man who’s eyes are so faithful to her and only her , that kind of love and devotion is legendary.

public humiliation the mall athens greeceStill, just before the moment where we passed one another happened , I had my “I want to fuck you” look ready for him.  I knew I looked stunningly hot yesterday , the intense heat driving me to wear paper thin see through dress material … and the one I was wearing Thursday was especially alluring since it was pure white allowing all my curves – right down to my also white panties to show through.

Surely he’d throw me a wanting look.

But nothing, nada.

My slave , on the other hand , a drooling slack jawed mess of a man as he stared in disbelief at the sheer beauty of the Greek goddess about to pass us.

Perhaps that lovely couple didn’t toss us a look , but the older fat lady directly behind them with her thin heavy grey spectacles sure as hell did … as I yanked violently on the leash attached to my slaves cock through the zipper space of his trousers.

At the same time my right index finger went to his chin and lifted it up the way a teacher would raise the chin of a child to scold him in class.

As it was my left hand that was walking his dick with the translucent wire , I had to turn profile to him in order to scold him so.

“Cock – A – Doodle –  Dooo …… Cock – A – Doodle – Dooo … I fucked up Mistress” he bellowed out right there in the middle of the Athens Mall- as he had been previously taught to do anytime my finger went to his chin.

Thus the reason the fat lady had no choice but to gawk at us on the lift.



The backstory behind his behaviour , or immediate obedience perhaps – on the lift – has it’s roots in Bangkok , not Greece where we’re vacationing on his Mistress’s Girlfriend trip as he sees what it’s like to truly be a Mistress’s pet for a week.

There’s a restaurant in The Helix quarter of Emporium’s Emquartier mall back home , the name escapes me at the moment … “Royal – something or other” , definitely has the word Royal in the name – nice pricey seafood place on the 6th floor , across from my favourite Hagen Dazs ice cream stand.

Lukkaithong-femdom-jaa4uAnyways, as the story goes , when you’re ready to order food in that joint , there’s a button on the table you press to alert the staff – and it has the short sound of a rooster’s morning crow.  Just a short “caw cAWW” sound mind you , not the full “cock – a – doodle – do”.

But that’s what went through my mind you see when I first heard it – why not the full cock-a – doodle – doo ?  How hillarious and annoying would that be if somebody had the gall to keep pressing the button so it did make the full sound?

Like a kid’s miscevious twitching fingers, I had to know.

This guy I’m with now , that was the location for our first bdsm session date, back oh … I think in April , or perhaps it was May.

On such occasions, it’s important that I get guys to do something for me they wouldn’t normally be asked to do on a “date” (I use that term loosely and with a bite of my cheek because a Mistress doesn’t look at such a thing as a normal date – the way you guys would , so keep it in mind that I use it here for posterity sake only)


There’s a few ways to get a guy to willingly step outside his comfort zone.  Obviously I’m not going to share them all with you here on this blog because – where would the mystery in our future sessions come from , right?

But I will share this one nuance of a common manipulation technique with you which is basically : find common ground and use it as leverage on my date.


Our common ground for that particular evening were the two pretentious young Thai girls sitting at the table to our right who were on what was presumably a business lunch date with two much older Singaporean business men.

My date noticed right away that my ear was leaning in on their conversation.  I can’t help it.  I notice everything around me when I go out,

It’s like I’m assigned to the special investigations unit of The Pretentious Police , and my job is to always assess people and not only what their true motives are , but judge them on the techinques they’re using to get their agenda accomplished.

In other words, I’m keenly aware people are fake and somewhat less astute in the study of human interaction than I am , and I derive great enjoyment from spying on women particulary, just to pick up their mistakes as they try in vain to climb their social ladders.


“It’s a business lunch” my slave offered.

“It’s not, they’re just meeting for the first time – all four of them” I replied.

“How do you know that?”

I rolled my eyes , the answer was so obvious “because she had to explain what she does – she told him she owns a business selling purses that she orders from oversees – presumably China … she wanted to establish herself as someone equally important.”


“Soooo … you don’t explain how you make money in the world to someone you’ve met many times ,  threfore it’s a first encounter.”  Then I gestured to my sexy but conservative black dress top I was wearing “she chose to wear something quite revealing for a business lunch , see ..” as I tossed a sideways glance her way , “that’s a lot of cleavage to show for business attire wouldn’t you agree?”

Then I threw the conversation back at him “what have you picked up from their interaction?”

My slave answered back with the perception of a blind sloth “Well I thought it was a business lunch , but now that you mention it, the two men are trying to pick up the girls and the girls are looking for a sugar daddy.”

“No, only one is, the one who has a purse shop , she dragged her friend here but she’s not interested , you can tell by how often she’s playing with Facebook on her phone.  The Singaporean on the left , the older of the two men , he’s greatly interested in the purse girl , but his friend, not business associate has already decided that these girls are too far beneath him.”

“How do you k…..”

“Because he’s taken  over the conversation , lecturing the girls on his start up venture – Boogle – a block chain Singaporean founded internet search engine – that he’s a part of , perhaps a venture capitalist.”




I loved the part of the conversation over there when the man mentioned ‘block chain’ and she proudly cooed that she invests her company’s profits in BitCoin and that she’s made a fortune as it’s climbing back to 20,000 .   Fuck I wanted to tell her ‘good luck with that’ as I’ve long since sold my BitCoin investment last month when it finally recovered 11,000 and I got out at break even.

Anyways, the chick was way over her head over there.  Despite her immaculate English – better than mine actually – and her alluring cleavage , this fish was too big for her and while no doubt she was going to offer up her pussy willingly later that day – it wasn’t going to land anything but a nice cumshot across her face.

What I wanted to do was to break up their little tete-a-tete over there with a little show of our own , so I had to explain to my slave the futility of what was going on over at their table.

Once he caught on , we just sat in silence , the corner of our mouths curled up with a wry smile as we listened in on the Boogle conversation and I’d wink at him now and then whenever the Thai girl was trying too hard to push herself up in his eyes.

He’d nod in agreement and we’d listen in again … all the while I’m festering this common ground between us , a sort of a secret joke that only we’re in on … it creates camaraderie , and borows favour which I can then leverage.


public-humiliation-roostter-femdom“Want to annoy them?” I asked bluntly but with a wicked smile and a wet lick of my lips.

“How?” he shrugged.

“I want you to oder a drink by pressing the button … but I want you to press it multiple times so that it makes the sound of a rooster … and make sure to hold it an extra second at the end so the ‘doooo’ lingers.

Warning , he sat back  in his chair and thus distancing himself a bit from me as he was taken aback from my request.  Not a good sign but easily correctable.

“You’re aware of what a rooster sounds like , yes?”

“Yes, I’m aware.”

“And you want to give those girls something new to talk about don’t you?

“Yes” he said with a smile and more importantly began leaning back in towards me.

“And you’re aware I’m your Mistress , and I just gave you an order, yes?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Get a man to say yes enough times , and he’ll say yes to anything eventually.  Go on , try to remember that one for your next session with me , doesn’t matter.  I use that technique delicately, and it flies so far under the radar that you won’t even be aware I’m using  it in you until it’s too late.

Then he did it.

He seized the button with his left hand and fuck I’ll be dammed if he didn’t message out the best ‘cock – a – doodle – do” waitress summoning call that restaurant has ever heard.

“Again, do it again.”

And so he did.  “cock – a – doodle – doooooooooo”.

The staff weren’t impressed.  Neither were any of the foursome sitting next to us.  Boogle talks had broken down instantly.

Yes it was a childish thing to do.  But I don’t really care one iotta about acceptable social mannerisms , I care only that my slave and I had established a shared joke , one that I was about to leverage to my benefit later on.


public-humiliattion-bondageSo fast forward to later that night back in April , I had him tied to my bed via his hands being attached delicately to my ceiling fan as he kneeled in front of me on my bed.  It was a love tap ballbusting tease & deny session … strange huh?

Wtf kind of session is that you’re wondering, yes?

It’s much like the video you see on the ballbusting tab of this website’s front page.

I get you in a helpless position where your hands can’t come to save your balls since that’s every guy’s initial bodily reaction to getting hit there.  Then instead of pounding your nuts senselessly , I coerce them into getting nice and tight for me by teasing your dick with either my hand or foot.

Then with your dick at full mast and your balls achingly tight I sit back and laugh at you on the precipice of orgasm , only to shatter your dreams with little love tap kicks to your balls.

Normally I’d get a guy to count the taps , usually making him reach 10 before resuming the teasing portion of his torture ; but in that particular case I had the opportunity to establish the ‘cock – a – doodle -do’ sound as something particular to our Mistress – Slave relationship.

Sure enough, after every love tap he’d coo out ‘Cock – A – Doodle – Do Mistress.”

“ooooooo , I want to hear more oooooo at the end , again …”   Whack.

“Cock – a – doodle – dooooooo Mistress.”   Whack.

And so on , and so on.

Point being, he now knew that when I wanted to be pleased, ‘cock – a – doodle – do’ was his go-to reply.

Is the escalator thing here in Athens beginning to take shape?  Good.  I’m glad you’re following along.


For at that particular moment when he saw I caught him gawking at the Greek goddess on the escalator , he knew he had erred.

I have a very noticeable “don’t fuck with me look” that’s equally frightening to men as it is sexy.  As I held his chin up with one finger for all to see , it was that look which I threw his way.

Our eyes met , and the experiecnce of ten prior sessions and 6 long days here in Athens passed silently between us.

Time passed, perhaps a few seconds of this deafening silence , and I simply moved my lips within an inch of his and while raising his chin forcefully higher with my finger I whispered only “say it …. now.”

And thus the ‘cock – a – doodle – doooooo’ cry of his on the lift , inspired by the tug of the string invisibly attached to his cock.


public-humiliation-holding-chin-dominanceThe Mall (yup that’s what it’s called, the Greek’s aren’t too inventive when it comes to naming things) stood still , literally.  Especially the bank security guard standing his post inside the bank at the botttom of the escalator.

His eyes met mine and in response I lifted my slave’s chin even higher so that he was almost forced to stand lightly on his tippy-toes.

Then at the bottom of the lift I walked him like that, with my finger under his chin , much like one would pull an animal walking behind her on a leash.

See, the humiliation doesn’t have to be grand.  The rooser call , meh , uneeded but funny to be sure.

For the slave it’s being walked like an animal , forced to shuffle on one’s toes through a crowded mall in Athens, Greece , knowing everybody is gawking at him.

A perfect slice of humiliation comes from giving up total control to one’s Mistress , but what’s unknown is the footwork that needs to be done over many sessions to reach that point of utter control over a man.


Getting a man to say – walk like a dog for public humiliation – down a busy street in one’s city is not only excessive , but wholly unnecessary. (in my city, public humiliation of that sort will get you arrested!)

The same amount of public humiliation juice  can be extracted by a simple finger under the chin.  Not to mention it’s a much more reasonable thing to do when out and about.

There’s been a total transference of power , the slave feels the public humiliation he’s been craving , and thus in debt to his Mistress for making him feel that way as per his wishes.

Subtelty , my friends.

When the mind fuck is that thorough , and that deep , all that is needed is a subtle suggestion to push the slave (or Singaporean businessman) over the edge.

… and that’s something you can’t Boogle , you just have to know how to control men – as perfectly as I do.


Looking for public humiliation this deep?  My “Mistress’s Girlfriend Experience” is all about this kind of involved public humiliation , but I’ll be back in Bangkok next week on the 20th , book a subtle public humiliation for yourself once I’m there.

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