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I was told not to write a Buffalo story.

A story about a hard life.  Because all life in my country is hard.  And you are used to this kind of story.

But I am proud of my story.

I don’t like it very much but I am proud of what I have done even if I don’t know how I did it all by myself so far.





sisters450My Buffalo story is my sister.  My love of my life.  Born with Down Syndrome and in so much pain every day since we were young.

My Buffalo story is also my dad.  Who hits my mom.  Wants everybody to fear him.  But really is just because living poor and cannot support his family make him be like that.  He lose his pride I think a long time ago.

My Buffalo story is my mom.  She stay with my dad even if love is gone a long time ago.  She have more courage than me because I left my husband many many years ago when he started to hit and burn me.  But she stays with my dad because of my other Buffalo story.

My two daughters.  Who I never see.  If I am lucky I see them one time a year.


My Buffalo story is that I have to take care and support everybody in my family.  I am the only one who can make money for everybody to survive.

So same time your head mistress is happy to tell you she see already 26 countries in the world  …   My number is 0 for how many countries I saw in my life.  Because my responsibility is to make a life for all my family so I cannot go anywhere because of that.

But it is my dream to go outside this country at least one time.


myhome450“Why don’t they work?”

Everybody who does a session with me will ask me that 1 time  for sure.

Because my home is 40 km outside Chiang Rai.  The end of a dirt road … the last home before the forest or jungle past my house.

I make payment 5,000 every month for my car 5 years now so they can go drive to buy food.

I am proud that next year the car will belong to my family.  I bought it myself.  Made every payment for 5 years.


I am proud I survived 10 years Bankruptcy.  After my ex spend all our money on alcohol every month the court take my Bangkok home many years ago.

Cannot get a job after that because the court will take 1/2 my money every month.  And chef job my sous chef job before I made only 15,000 every month.

Not possible to live in Bangkok for 7,000 every month.  And send 1/2 that 7000 home to my family.  How I can live on 3,000 for one month here?


newhome450I said yes to be a mistress 5 years ago because I had hope I can support my family better.

But I did not know it will open my eyes this job and now I understand the world much better than before.

The same time it makes a problem for my family.

For 2 years I sent money home every month .. a lot of money … for build a new house on my land so my family have a nice place to stay.

Your head mistress she do the same for her mom so  you can see we think about family first always.


Now … to try to think how they can make money and help support I pay for make some of the land like a farm to grow food for sale every year.  Start 1 month ago we grow vegetables now.

But you know … they angry at me for try to give them idea to work to help me.  I cannot tell anybody what I do but sure I guarantee they think I have something like magic money tree here in my condo.

Nobody wants to work.  They are used to me send money home every month.  Nobody calls.   And if somebody calls me … never to say hello.   Never I get a phone call from my daughters 🙁    Only my mom  or my dad to ask for more money.

And sometimes I hit my limit.


The one time every year I go home everybody on the street want to talk to me about where the money come from.  Very personal question and nobody ask me nice.  Like they very jealous.  Everybody talk about me that I have a foreigner boyfriend take care me.

They do not know I can never have a new boyfriend.  Who will want to go with me if they know my story.  What I have to do.  How many I have to support.  Not his responsibility .. my responsibility.

I am ok with that.

Maybe my Buffalo story makes me alone.  Ok.  But it makes me strong same time.


Today I did a session with a new ladyboy.  Forced bi session.  And after she left I talked with the customer for 2 hours … only English.

And when I come home I have so big headache from push myself to talk English for so long.

But I did it !!  I talked English about many things for 2 hours.

5 years ago I only knew how to say Hello how are you?   Crazy you agree?   I think … amazing I can do that.


I tell my daughter when I call … they have to learn English.  The most important thing for them now is that I know.

School was a lie.  I wish I knew that.

If I can change one thing I will go back and never marry.  Ever.  Never ever to somebody from my coutntry.




My birthday is tomorrow August 15.  Don’t ask me how old I don’t want to know myself.

I celebrate my birthday by myself every year by go to the Wat and pray thank you that some how I keep my family going one more year.

Tomorrow I will go and pray for thank you again … and pray I can do it one more year to come.

I will pray that my Buffalo story keeps me strong.

And I will pray this is the year I can open a coffee shop … small dream I wish for every year.


The story I did last month and the videos I put on Twitter made me more popular than before.  Thank you.

Thank you for being so nice to me in all my session.

If it is a good year … please come to my little coffee shop.  You can have a free coffee if you stay and talk English with me.

I promise …

I will not talk about my Buffalo story.  But I am happy I wrote it 🙂


Mistress Wael


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