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netflix tease & denial

Netflix Tease & Denial sessions with me, Mistress Wael.


You have to not cum until the final credits of the movie.  You are not allowed to interrupt the movie with moaning because it annoys me.  Your job is to be silent and let me watch the film.

If you make a noise, your balls get spanked.

If you cum before the movie is finished then I will do painful Cock & Ball Torture instead until the movie is finished.

It is your responsibility to pull your cock away from my hand if you are about to cum.  The safety of your balls depends on you doing so.

I don’t expect you to last the whole movie.  Nobody does.

But it’s up to you to decide how much CBT you want to subject yourself to by letting yourself orgasm to relive the madness.

I don’t care about your emotion.  I love you are suffering actually.  So I will ignore you until the movie is finished.

IF you make it to the end , then I will finish you spectacularly.

But nobody does.  They never do.



The trick is to make your cock soft.  I know how to massage your dick to make it soft and be horny at the same time.  It’s very hard to cum when you are soft.  So it feels extra frustrating to be horny and soft because your brain is sure you will never cum.

Today Adam survived longer than anybody before him.  He blew his load at 1:48 into the Netflix movie ‘Knocked Up’ and only had to suffer 20 minutes of CBT for punishment.  You can watch the last 7 minutes of his tease here and notice he did not make a sound when he came.


Adam’s previous attempts were :

Netflix Tease & Denial | 50 First Dates | :45 minutes

Netflix Tease & Denial | The Waterboy | 1:02 minutes

Netflix Tease & Denial | Billy Madison | :27 minutes


Others who tried:

Netflix Tease & Denial | Altered Carbon | 1:37 minutes

Netflix Tease & Denial | Black Mirror | 1:41 minutes

Netflix Tease & Denial | Joe Rogan | :49 minutes


I don’t know why but laughing at a comedy movie makes men cum easier.  Nobody chose horror yet thank goodness.  I probably would pull your dick off when a see a jump scare.

Netflix has how many movies?  1000?  More?

I want to test every movie with a Netflix Tease & Denial session … for research  🙂




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