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Hi it’s Mistress Wael 🙂

I am having a party May 23rd to celebrate the end of my 3 years in Bankruptcy.  For me it is Freedom Day.

I made a big mistake a long time ago to marry.  I was young and very broke and alone.  I just moved to the capital after university because there were a lot of jobs for chef here.  I lived in an awful small room.  Just a little bit bigger than my body and not really room enough for my things.

Really I had no idea about life outside my little house in the country up north.  All my life I knew only two places school and home.

Slept with the first man I met.  I thought that was love.

I made the mistake to marry to him.  I made the mistake to buy a house with him.  I made the mistake to be pregnant from him.

But the biggest mistake I made was to stay with him.

He hit me every day.  He burned my pussy with a cigarette.  He pulled me by my hair around the house sometime.  He threw me into the wall when he was mad.

He was mad always because he was broke.  All the money from my chef job he take from me to buy alcohol and smoke.  Then he stop to pay for the house every month and never let me pay.  If I try to keep the money from him he try to hurt me very much.  Then we lose the house to the court and the court put me to bankruptcy.

Finally I ran away back to my home and divorce him forever.


I really thought my life was over.  They took my bank account from me.  Took my passport.  I tried to work at my chef job at the hotel but the court take 50% all my money.  I made only 300 baht every day and after the court would take the money I had only 150 every day or US $5.  Just cannot live in this city with only 150 every day so I had to go home.

But home was not option for me for very long because I had 2 daughter from him and nobody in my family can working.

My mom and my dad is old.  My sister has down syndrome.  So it is my responsibility to take care of everybody or they die.

My ex husband would come to find me there so I wanted to hide from him in Bangkok again.

When I came to Bangkok second time the only job I can do then was massage because they pay in cash.  I really hated to do massage to other people’s feet.  I hated to live in fear.  I hated to live shy.  I hated to be scared of men from how often I got hit before.  I hated the most to work all day for massage and sometimes make 100 baht because I fail my family.

What I want to say to you is this job changed my life.

It changed who I am completely.

My first 3 years I was only a Tease & Denial professional.  That was ok because in one session I made 4,000 … the same I made all month at massage.  I moved from my small room to my condo here.  I thought I moved to a palace.  It felt so big here first day.

I found I love to control men and make them happy.

The more I did Tease & Denial the more I would slowly add BDSM and Female Domination.  Not a lot.  Just try some things and learn if he like it or not.

The more I became a mistress … the more I hated my ex husband.

I promise to myself I will never talk to a Thai man again in my life.  I will never marry a Thai man again in my life.

I start this year to really enjoy who I am.  I love to be Mistress Wael.


But I hate my name 🙁

I don’t even know what Wael means.  It is my nickname from my mom give me but I don’t like it.  I want to change it soon to Tia.  Do you like the name Mistress Tia?  I like the sound.  Wael sounds like Whale … and I don’t look like a Whale lol.

“Jaa” (hate that name more) asked me if I will go back to be a chef May 23rd when I get out of Bankruptcy and have a bank account again.


I love to be a mistress too much.  It is too much fun.

I feel I am just starting to get very good.  Every day I practice and improve.  I am not shy about my English now.  I am not shy to control anybody and I have a lot of technique that is my personal style.  I want to improve that style every day.

To me that is a shock.  I love to cook.

But I value myself more than 300 baht / day.

I opened my eyes a lot to the trap my country put me in and I will never go back to be a slave for money.

First thing I will do on May 23 is to go get my passport again.

It is time I go visit outside my country.  I want to see what the world looks like.  I want to be able to compare better my country to other place in the world.

But one thing I know for sure.

I cannot compare my life before to my life now.  I look at my freedom May 23rd as the start of my new life.  Reborn as Mistress Tia.



tia (Wael)  xx


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