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Let’s talk a little bit about the USA’s war on “sex trafficking” (re: Untaxable Revenue) and how the two storm bow arrows shot through the heart of first Backpage and most recently Craigslist will affect myself and the Female Domination / BDSM community.

First … What a cunt move by the cuntiest country in the world.

They care as much about stopping sex trafficking as lactose intolerant people care about spinach, let’s be real.  But what’s done is done so where does that leave me?

I feel , umm , nervous kind of – like things just got real weird and I’m standing alone.  Kind of like when you’re in an elevator not paying attention and when the door opens you step off but it’s not your floor.  Then you realise it’s not your floor and try to act cool about it but not cool enough that the people in the elevator all know you got off on the wrong floor and are holding the door open button saying “do you want to come back in?”

“Nah, I’m good.  This is where I want to be , sub basement level , yup this is me.  I’m good.  You guys go on up.”

Then the door closes and you’re alone on a floor that gets visited by the night janitor once a year … that’s how I feel right now with regards to the bdsm femdom world.  Alone.

It’s not that I used Backpage or Craigslist all that much.  I had an ad up on Backpage that to me was really just a back link to help my Google page rating , and I’d play the role of a dude on Craigslist sometimes by ‘helping a brother out’ anytime I saw an ad that said “Looking for a Dominant Woman to Make Me Her Bitch.”

femdomI’d be on his reply list faster than cheese on broccoli , “dude, jaa4u.com man , that’s all I have to say bro, you can thank me later.”

Petty, I know.  But it worked.  And don’t look at me like that , I stole the final exam for Grade 11 Chemistry ok , so stalking Craigslist as a dude was nothing … NOTHING I say.  I’ve done worse.

But it’s like not being asked to dance at prom and scanning the remaining dudes who are wall flowers , there’s not much to choose from.  What remains in our online community for hook ups , FetLife?  Ya I have a profile there , created in the Mesozoic Era.  That site runs about as smoothly as a Russian economy car so fuck that.  Max Fisch?  He’s turned me down more time’s than a fat kid’s turned down carrots , but I’ll try again.  Maybe if you guys all tried to make a jaa4u.com profile on his site one would actually get noticed by him.

My point is , there’s no place to hang out and check out ads anymore.  It’s like every classified section in every newspaper around the world has been suddenly discontinued.  Hugh Grant is horrified no doubt.

Luckily jaa4u has been around for about a decade and I have about 700 stories that people can read through, so I”m gonna be fine.

But, I feel like the game is changing.

I feel like there’s going to be a rush to get a website established by every frugal Mistress out there who was using free ads from those two websites to cut out a niche for themselves.

Only two things in life motivate people to action : inspiration or desperation , so I’m going to nip procrastination in the butt and start churning out all sorts of different content.  I’d rather be driven by inspiration.

So I finally got my Amazon Kindle Author site established , and am about to produce my first of what hopefully will be many BDSM Novellas via Kindle.  That’s the way I want to go really.  It’s the harder road for sure , but if it works out it’d be the more rewarding one.  I’d rather be known as the Mistress who put out the best female domination stories ever than the Mistress who flaunted her pussy getting fucked every day on Twitter … which is pretty much how every mistress who has 60K followers gets popular.

I’ve always been about art and intelligence.  I truly think that in the end the man of my dreams will discover me based on those qualities alone, and if it doesn’t happen well that’s life I guess.  At least I can then say I went out on my own shield.

Wael (Tia) is gonna be writing a lot more too , I might regret that but not as much as somebody who gets an ass tattoo written in Aramaic so I’m good with whatever yarn she spins.

Quantity over quality , that’s my new motto.  Fuck quality.  If I have to video my pubes getting trimmed for the sake of quantity then that’s what you’re getting.  Pubic hairs are not off limits , I’m tellin’ ya that right now, so god forbid a slow day comes around and I’m sitting at home pondering how insanely long my cunt hair is.

Thanks USA , you’ve done yeoman’s work on curbing sex trafficking , good job.  Please go back to murdering people in economically deprived countries, you’re much better at killing than you are at regulating the sex industry.  But hey, a big Roger Ebert thumbs up for trying.