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My submissive pet screamed when I finally allowed him to cum after hours of perpetually stroking his dick with my one finger … while Wael’s submissive guy released his cum with nary a whimper earlier last Sunday.  This begat a bigger question , why such a difference in the way men finish when being tortured like this?

The answer is in a tiny secret :  oil.

Depending on the way we want you to finish the session , we’ll either use baby oil or we won’t , here’s why.

Oil reduces friction , and friction is the lubricant men depend upon when looking for a great orgasm.  I’m talking about that rare orgasm you guys get when you shoot an extraordinary amount of cum , your balls tighten as you shoot, and your cock head throbs as your body shudders from the aftermath of such a release.  For us , it’s ridiculously easy to extract this type of orgasm from you , the question is : do you deserve such a release?


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Wael here is using oil to reduce the friction and thus the feeling between her finger and the sensation that registers on the shaft of the penis.  It’s a punishment orgasm.  Remember all those feelings you’ve had with countless girls who’s lack of skillset made you question if she would be able to bring you to orgasm?  The presence of oil replicates those feelings , only , in our case we absolutely know without a doubt you’ll cum … eventually.

We love that endless feeling you guys get when you doubt you’ll ever be able to cum.

“Press a little harder please mistress” is the phrase we hear the most often.   Yes we understand what you want … and we’ve taken your request under advisement XD … meaning , you’ll get what we decide you get and not an ounce more.

Lucky for you , there’s the flip side to that coin.



I’m not as maniacal as Shylock in The Merchant of Venice , so I won’t be asking for a pound of your flesh in return for some oil free pressure on the shaft of your cock before it explodes , but there is a price that must be paid.

Whereas Wael’s oil technique lessens the sensitivity, having me sit beside you in my barely see through lingerie where the perfect curvature of my petite breasts are almost on full display as are the perfectly plump nipples severely heightens your senses.

He had spent the better part of an hour looking at a video on my phone that I had passed over to him.  It showed me as a silhouette on a dimly lit queen sized bed holding on to a man’s chest and riding his cock slowly but purposefully for twelve straight minutes.  There is no change of rhythm throughout the duration of the sex scene , it’s just agonizingly slow full strokes of seeing me lift off this guys massively thick dick and ever so slowly plunging my tiny tight pussy back down on it until the inner hole of my vagina was filled entirely with his stiffness.

The guy must have rewound and watched the video ten times in a row , all the while I was sitting there petting his cock with my thumb up and down his shaft , wet with precum that was oozing uncontrollably , matched perfectly with the rhythm of the video.

“Do you want to fuck me like that?” I said leaning over and whispering into his ear , letting get a good breath or two of my barely noticeable perfume.

“Oh yes Mistress” he panted heavily.  In response I dug my thumb in harder to his shaft momentarily stopping the blood flow up his vein before releasing it with a circular stroke up to the underside of his bulging mushroom head.  We played like this for an hour , letting him watch like a silly cuckhold at the thing he wanted to do with me the most.

“Wow you made it through the first hour, half way there.”

“I can’t hack another hour.  I can’t”

“Then I should let you cum?” I asked , and started to increase the pace of which I ran my thumb up and down his dick, a sort of way to encourage which way I wanted him to reply.

“Yes, please.”

Now I hadn’t tied him down yet , he was allowed to lay on my bed unbound with the forewarning that if he but twitched a muscle during the session he’d not be allowed to cum.  For that I trusted him and took his promise not to at face value.  But for this next promise he was about to make he needed to be firmly tied , experience has dictated this is an absolute must.  I got up to retrieve the rope I keep in the bdsm bedroom and came back to find him daring to touch is own cock which was so hard it was pointing straight towards his chin.

A crack of my hand on the side of his face made him stop that shit immediately.  You have an eternity to play with your cock , do it on your own time.  When you are in session with me, keep your fucking hands off your dick.  You no longer control your cock when you are here , I do.

After he was bound and unfortunately gagged – as men tend to scream at this point and I can’t have the neighbour calling security, I resumed the stroking of his dick , but this time with my entire hand and instantly his cock started throbbing and thrusting from the sensation of having more than a tiny surface area being touched.



“Oh fuck I forgot” I said letting it go just in time and watched it bob and pulse uncontrollably after just 10 seconds of touching it, “only one finger today not five.”

He let out a whimper as I resumed my one thumb stroke.

“Ready?” I asked flirtatiously.

He looked down at his cock because I had begun to push my thumb very deeply into his vein and began to make it pulse uncontrollably with quick vibrating strokes that sucked the cum up from his balls into the launch area.

“Yes mistress.”

My second hand cupped his balls making them stretch tightly to the presence of my warmth and with barely noticeable squeezes I encouraged his cum to climb further up his shaft, only to be blocked my my thumb which was nearly cutting his rock hard cock in half.

Then I released both his cock and balls at the same time and laughed as his dick erupted by itself sending his spunk as a projectile in many squirts to land all over his chest and nearly his neck.

Whatever cock I do this to , it remains at full stiffness for well over two minutes on average.  Like I told you, the one finger no oil treatment makes the cock hyper sensitive to every sensation.  Cumming a full hour before the end of the session has its consequences.

A pound of his screams, not flesh , coaxed out of him by beginning to incessantly play with the top of his pulsing head.

“Please.  Fuck.  No.  Please.  Stop” he mumbled through his mouth gag.

“You better knock that shit off or this is going to go on for an entire hour” I warned him.

His hips bucked and twisted in a vain attempt to hide his dick from my hand and I warned him that wouldn’t be tolerated by reaching into my bag and taking out my bamboo cane which I hit his cock twice with.

This time as I made him wince in pain by slowly rubbing my finger over the sensitive part of his head he lay there and took it like a good obedient soldier of mine.  No squirming, no talking , no noises, just pure endurance on his part.

“You know” I said about ten minutes later, “it’s sad that video made you so horny you just had to cum , and now you’re suffering all this for another fifty minutes.”

He rolled his eyes in agreement.

“Sad because, you’r too unobservant to realize that’s not even me in the video.”

Oh that priceless look of a man who’s been had.  Done in.  Fooled.  His eyes screamed the word “What?” at me but he said nothing , still afraid of my crop.

“It’s Chris’s video , a guy I saw last year , he sends me videos of the girls he fucks saying he dreams they were all me.  Except , this one kind of looked like me, didn’t she?”

I showed him the video again on my phone as I continued to make him wince in pain with my finger.

“See?” I said while measuring her body between my thumb and my forefinger, “she’s much too tall to be me.”

“You’re cruel” he said matter-of-factly with tears in his eyes.

“That I am” I replied, showing him my watch indicating he still had 40 minutes of screaming to be extracted from him , “that I am indeed.”



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