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Upon seeing the mangy dog, it began to whine pitifully.  Now, I’m not some milk-drinker with a soft spot for furry animals, but something about the dog touched my heart.  He had a noble bearing and a fire in his eyes.  And who hasn’t found themselves locked in a cage after a night of mead and good cheer?  So I did the only reasonable thing – I slaughtered it mercilessly with the blade of my dirk.

I got into a question and answer game right in the middle of my Tease & Denial session yesterday.  Strange huh?  I know you envision those moments when your mistress has your throbbing member in her hand as the most sexual heightened seconds of your life , but it doesn’t always play out like that.

At times there is a sweet familiarity between the two of us which leads to some remarkably bizarre conversations considering that you’re being milked into agony as we speak.  Yesterday was such a conversation which started with an exploratory “have you ever” kind of question from him.  I countered with a “would you ever…” pretense and so it played out like a tennis rally with questions being bounced off one another interrupted by the occasional groan as I’d squeeze his member if he began throbbing excessively.

orgasm orgasms 2 femdom bangkok bdsm jaa4uApparently, there are three universal things a woman can do to instantly shrink a man’s raging boner , I had previously thought there were only two.  All us girls know of the “nurse flick” where we simply flick the soft side of the penis head to initiate shrinkage.  Then there’s the tried and true but cruel method of laughing at the guy’s dick for humiliation purposes.  Perhaps it’s too small , or perhaps it’s grotesque in its appearance , but whatever the reason , a sincere and prolonged laugh will instantly turn any red cock into a green turtle.

Yesterday though, I happened upon an undiscovered third method, and that is :  to speak gleefully of doing something heinously macabre while holding the guy’s dick in my hand.

He asked me “have you ever derived pleasure out of beating a man?”  To which I replied “no, I find it amusing is all.”  I returned serve with “have you hit a woman?”

“Yes.  My wife” he looked away as he answered and then continued after pausing for a moment “she didn’t deserve it, of course , but she drove me mad, insane with anger.”

I poured an excessive amount of oil on top of his cock as he answered and squeezed it tightly with my hand so that the wetness spurt through my fingers making a squirting sound.  “Did you choke her?” I asked simulating how he might do it by turning his dick red as I choked it unrelentingly in my hand.

“No, it was one hit.  I would never choke anyone.

“Too bad” I whispered while digging my fingernails into his testicles causing him to arch his ass off my bed and muffle a scream “choking is civil , hitting is more brutal.”

“Have you choked someone?” he asked somewhat astonished.

“Is that your counter-question?”


“Yes I have.  But only in play.”

I laid his cock to rest upon his naval and stroked it lovingly with my two fingers, digging in just under the head and increasing pressure as I ran the length of his vein down towards his tight aching balls.  The head of his dick rose in the air and bled a goo of pre-cum which filled up his belly button hole.

“Would you do it outside of play?” he said biting his lip as I ran my finger across the sensitive side of his head.


“Would you hurt someone for fun?”


precum femdom jaa4u bangkok bdsmHe processed that reply and for a few moments the room was still except for the hum of the air conditioner.  Though I was staring at his dick I wasn’t actually present in the moment , my mind had drifted away to conjure up memories of the specific person I was referring to in that answer.

“You would?” a question saturated with an inquisitive tone in his voice.  “How would you hurt the person?  Whip?  “You’d cane him black and blue?  “What would you do?”  he asked all at once.  My eyes slowly moved from his cock to his eyes which were begging for a reply,  I could tell because his gaze matched mine , none of us choosing to blink.  There are some guys who fantasize about being under a mistress’s whim , loving the fear of not knowing if she’ll be kind or cruel , and it seemed to me this was his ruse, to goad me into unleashing a deviant corner of my mind.

“I’d kill his dog.”

“What?” My answer disturbed him, I could feel an instant deflation in the amount of meat I held in my hand.

“I wouldn’t just kill his dog.  I’d crucify it inside the front door of his house and leave it gutted so that the intestines drop down to the floor.”  I stared right into his eyes as I spoke and though his cock was in full retreat I wouldn’t let it go.  I wasn’t trying to terrify him , I was simply expressing to him through my eyes the sincerity of intention in that statement.


A good fifteen seconds of absolute silence , even the air conditioner quietened down.

“You know” he said while placing his tongue in his cheek on the right side and then looking in that same direction at the restraints I had him in “I’d like to be untied now please.”



As soon as he said that I reflected on just how macabre what I just said must have sounded.  I opened my hand and laughed openly as his cock , which but a minute ago was beat red and pulsing in my hand , had actually retreated inside his ball sack.  Well no saving this session , once a dick has pulled a 360 like that it’s like shooting pool with a rope the rest of the evening.  Same thing happens in sex when the guy tries to hold his orgasm by stopping in the middle of fucking – and his cum retreats back into his balls.  I call it the full protonic reversal and it is THE most annoying thing guys do during sex.

Amazingly, this conversation also caused the full protonic reversal , an occurrence of such importance that I’ve added it as an entry to my Hitchiker’s Guide to Femdom non abridged edition.

“Sorry, you got me thinking about my ex” I said UN-apologetically as I released him from his restraints.

“Remind me not to do that again” he said with a look of angst as he stared down at his wee willy.  “Now what do we do about this?”

I too looked down at the sad state of things between his legs.  “Nothing” I said , “we crossed the streams.”

The joke did a fly by right over his head as he looked at me blankly.

“Let’s go get something eat , we’ll come back later after we reset” I suggested.

“Fine, good idea” and he began to get dressed.  “What do you feel like eating?”

“Dog.”  😛


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