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Regarding Sweaty Foot Worship, the problem i have the most is … It’s hard to forget to not do something that you always do.

What? That sentence is as hard to swallow as a man’s excuse.  Well here are some things that I forget to do.  Feed the fish.  Take stickers off my new jeans.  Taking out the garbage.  Or for you men, flushing the toilet, putting the toilet seat down, your wife’s name when you cum.   Now here are some things that I always do.  Go running.  Wipe my ass.  Take a shit.  Scratch pussy.   Ok well maybe not in that order but you get the point.  Things that seem normal for me to do i tend not to forget to do them.

One of those things is taking a shower.  Wake up, take a shower.  Go running, take a shower.  Suck a c … wait, too much information, anyways the word was chocolate.  Yes i shower after eating chocolate, it’s Bangkok ok … things melt fast.  The point is, whenever do you force yourself to not take a shower?  You know, other than when you go on a date cuz most of you guys honestly forget to shower before getting close to your girl.  But for us girls, showering and wanting to be clean is in our nature.

So today my question for myself is, how do I make myself remember to stink?

Sweaty F168791233-462x600oot Worship Solution

There I was today sitting on the BTS and it’s a Saturday morning so I actually have a choice of empty seats to sit down on.  We leave Asoke station and at the next station, Phrom Pong three sweaty guys get on out of every seat in the train one decides I’m cute and comes to sit down beside me.  So it’s as I’m leaning to my left and onto an old grandmothers shoulder almost that it hits me.  “Fuck.” i say out loud.

The smell of the guys sweat is choking my throat like a hairball but it’s making me remember something important.  I sniff in deeper and the stinky sticky sweat is pulling at a memory fiber inside my brain but it sits at the tip of my tongue what it was I am supposed to remember.

It must have been sitting on my tongue for a long time because when I remembered what I was supposed to remember it flew off my tongue and I said it out loud.

“I have to smell bad!.” i blurted, quite loudly I think because the three guys were suddenly aware of their own smell.  I started breathing heavily, and not because sweat makes me horny like the teacher in Porky’s.




Rather because it was 15 minutes before the Sweaty Foot Worship session, I was at On Nut but still 3 minutes from the condo and I smelled like Green Apple shampoo.  That’s normally an ok thing but as i checked my email while on the back of the motorcycle taxi going to the condo i said “fuck” again as the clients email confirmed the horror of the green apple smell …

“I imagine how amazing your ass and feet will smell after your morning run and no shower… Hearing you command me to worship you… I love how you were so turned on by having a guy worshipping your feet when you know they are really dirty and sweaty! I absolutely love smelly foot worship (and ass of course) It makes me feel like I am submitting to your dominance by showing you just how worthless I am and just how superior you are. The fact a man would literally beg you to clean your sweaty feet is such a power exchange!”

Ok that’s not good.  I fly into the condo just as he calls me saying he’s right behind me at On Nut station.  “DoubleFuck” … which is nothing at all like “doublethink” , it’s worse.  I have 5 minutes to go from green apples to rotten apples.  How?

I mean I could fake it.  That’s an option right?

“Ya baby get down there and smell my green apples.  You hate green apples don’t you?  Get your tongue in between my toes and suck all that disgusting green apple juice out, every last drop.”

No, not gonna work.  New plan.  4 minutes left.

“knock knock” … what?  the door?  he’s here?  how does he know the room number?  I take a panic peak and it’s a guy, he’s Thai, huh???  fuck the guy said he’s from England….  uglulaaaah … it’s a sound ok, I say it every time I think about or see a guy from England, I got it from Russell Peters …



Ah the photo shoot guy.  We’re supposed to shoot some B Roll in the afternoon when the sun sets, uhm since when does the fucking sun set at 1pm?

Then it hits me.  1pm?  1pm.  1pm !!  1pm !!!!!!!  Means it’s hot out, like really hot, sauna hot.  I run out on the balcony but there’s a breeze, too much of a breeze.  Not good.  Definitely not gonna work, i need a mass sweat like a 2 hour orgy wrapped up into 30 seconds.

Phone rings.  Wonderful he’s downstairs in the lobby already.  Sometimes being a mistress has its advantages …

“Hi babe.  I need a coffee, latte.  You can get it at the internet cafe.  Don’t bother getting one for yourself you’re gonna drink mine when it comes out.  And i need something from 7 up the street … go get me Maxi pads, the thin ones, with the wings, and scented, the one in the pink package not the purple.”  7 Eleven doesn’t have winged maxis, nor do they have scented, they have whatever is there but not only will that eat up 10 minutes of his time, it’ll make him think if he really wants to lick my pussy after.  It’s not even my period time, but it also gives me an excuse to make him put his nose in my ass … which after the hour trip to the condo and the fact that I have to shit soon … means at least something will smell bad for him today for sure.

The camera guy is filming me, following me around the condo, but it was actually his idea that saved me.  He had pulled out Jaa’s lycra body suit from the closet and I didn’t catch on right away since Jaa’s stuff is way way way too big for me.  Her sexy skin tight lycra suit on me makes me look like a Penguin that went on a NutriSlim diet.  Even though there’s a certain person who is into looking like a penguin at the moment, it’s not something I would wear for the session.  But he nailed it.

Lycra body suits have two properties about them.

1.  They are impossible to put on without me sounding like i’m having a 5 minute orgasm in the bathroom.

2. They are extremely extremely hot, like “2 hour orgy in 30 seconds hot” when running on the balcony dressed like a penguin at 1pm and it’s 40 C outside.


sweaty foot worshipSo problem solved right?  Well almost.  I have to get rid of the photographer first.  I tell him to come back when the sun is actually setting and not rising.  Ok done.  I almost put Jaa’s cowboy boot through the computer monitor across the room kicking it off as it too is 3 sizes too big for me.  Done.  So now the lycra suit, hmmm.

Ok, did I tell you that the Lycra body suits have an extra property about them yet?  That once sweaty it’s actually easier to get out of a straight jacket.  Well not that I would know actually.  I assume, i assume.  Really.  I’m told all the time that one of the reasons guys love me is because of the cute noises I make all the time … but I don’t know I’m making them when they hear it.  If i sounded like I was having a cute little orgasm while putting the body suit on, well I must have sounded like I was the girl in The Exorcist taking it off.  Lucky the condo doesn’t have a fire alarm to pull for ghosts because every floor would have pulled it for sure as I tried to get my left arm out of the thing after the lycra had pinned my wrist behind my back.

Now you know why Jaa and I used to look at each other and simultaneously say FUCK every time we read an email that said “i’m a very big fan of lycra … uglulaaaah“.  Maybe the 5th property of lycra is it’s ability to hide blubber well?  Maybe that’s why all the britchicks love it.


a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.”

Umm .. does the fact that 6 minutes prior i was worried about how to sweat and that at that moment the bathroom floor was a cesspool of green apple water gone bad?  It was a puddle, a small puddle, but a puddle nonetheless.   Well more like 1000 sweat bubbles but enough to smear my toes in it.  Luckily the maid hadn’t done the laundry from the last session on Friday so yesterday’s stuff was still a bit funky smelling.  I put yesterday’s clothes on and ran out to get the elevator.

Door opens and even though there’s only 1 floor above me the lift has 2 guys in it.  We have a saying in Thai … “som nam na” , means like go around, come around in English.  I could smell my armpit without putting my nose close to my shoulder, just the same as I could smell the guy’s armpit beside me on the BTS thirty minutes earlier.  I love that uncomfortable silence between two people, or in this case three.  Not the relationship silence, the “this person beside me stinks and can I hold my breath until the elevator hits G?” kind of silence.  Well, it’s nice when i’m the one who stinks, not the other way around.  The older foreigner guy was eyeballing me just before the door opened and for the second time in an hour I got to say …

“I have to smell bad” , the door opened, “it’s my job” and i left him to think about what job that might be lol.

So the guy is waiting in the cafe with my not so hot latte and I take him up to the room.  As soon as we get in the room I say

“babe i’ve been running all day” (or 2.5 minutes, but whatever works)

“really?” he says stealing my favorite line to say.

He has a tie on, an awful green tie that looks very much like alligator skin with its texture, and i wrap that in my hand all the way up to his collar and pull on it to get him to drop to his knees.

“put your nose in my ass”

He does.  We walk like that with him shuffling behind me smelling up my probably stinky butt hole odor and i sit on the edge of the bed.  I always do this thing where I shove the man down to as low as he can go so he knows his place and dangle my foot in front of his nose pointing at it and saying nothing.  Actions are better than words.  Just as it is better to keep silent than to speak.  The man knows his fantasy.  The mistress knows her power.  As much as I read in 100 emails that the guy wants to hear the mistress say something horribly fake to “make” him or “force” him to kiss her feet, in reality it’s not like that.  It’s like it’s genetic with a true submissive male.  A shoe with a sweaty foot hanging in front of the face needs no words in that moment.  There is implied power and implied action and i have never even once needed to say anything.  The man will do his duty and start licking and cleaning right away, and if he doesn’t it means he’s playing the fake game of “being bad”.

What’s that old song?  “The first cut is the deepest, baby I know?”

Fake acting gets punished severely.  You either serve me when you have the opportunity to do so or you leave and i’ll get the next guy to come and take your place.   Some slaves like to “feel my wrath” and take the punishment for being bad, hoping for that first deep cut from my whip or something.  When they see me get up, walk to the door, open it and wait for them to leave, that’s when all the fake shit stops, a few seconds too late for him.

“Are you serious”  is the common thing they say.  I have no problem ending sessions spontaneously if I know you’re acting.  It’s not what i’m looking for.  I’m looking not for a feeling or a game, i’m looking for a transference of power between you and me and it’s either there or it isn’t.  It’s obviously appreciated because my biggest problem at the moment is the sheer number of guys who email me every day asking to be my property 24/7 until the end of days.

Let’s get one thing straight about the difference between me and Jaa.  She was the absolute best at the two hour session but even she will admit to you if you ask her that one day or one week sessions drove her crazy.  I’m different.  I have no problem declaring you as my property and letting you devote your life to me … if and only if you understand completely the complexity of the power transfer that such an act implies.  I actually have a fantasy where I have a house each room filled with 1 of my harem of men each willing to push his limit to get enough attention from me to choose him as my slave for the day.  I’m writing a book about it, the thing that gets me wet in the middle of the night is that.

Luckily this guy was the perfect doggy as he licked every part of my foot without having to be told or scolded.  I put my opposite foot between his legs and caressed his cock still hidden inside his pants to let him know his licking pleased me so far.  Well that’s what I wanted him to think anyway.  I was just checking to see if he was already hard because if he was then I knew my 5 minute lycra workout was good enough to copyright and use again hahaha.

My toe hit the top of his cock poking up through his running shorts.

hmmm. … patent pending lol.


Jaa xx