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If I was in this for the money i’d see only the 10 guys asking me to shit in their mouths this week, finish all those sessions in less than an hour and deposit 100,000 in my bank.  I can guarantee you that if I did that I’d be leaving this job before December.  I really try instead to focus on enjoying what I do and to choose only the people who i think will help me enjoy sessions.

“I want this and this and this and this and this and i want 4 hours” type of emails … I answer them politely still but i am not interested to book a session at all.  If next Sunday comes and I learned to be a better Mistress or learned to read a man more by choose my sessions carefully then my life is better.



Is this session gonna help me be a better mistress? …


“Introduce Yourself : Barb , 44, USA What are your interests for your session? Give/Receive Piss, Receive Scat, Smothering, Tens Unit, sounds, fisting, sucking, fucking How Long of a Session would you like? 4 Hours With whom would you like your session with? Mistress Jaa ; Pick a Date 03-07-2015”


This guy is in more dire need of a prostitute than any white man in history.  So i’m down to 16, that one was easy.

I guess the biggest benefit of being popular is being able to look for and choose the men that intrigue me.  So?  Intrigue me !!!

I hold the key to the dungeon of your mind.  Make me want to walk the steps to your door instead of the steps of the 16 others.

Jaa2 xx