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“You have a unique smell to you Mistress” he said as he cleared his throat, his voice as scratchy as a pair of wool socks.  I wanted to heave my plastic bottle of green tea at his head for saying that but instead I just glared until he took the hint.  “I only meant having seen you this many times that even as a blind man I could know if you had walked into a room just by your Mistress smell” he continued all the while looking at me with a daring eye.

“So I have a Mistress smell , do we all have such a smell that attracts submissive men like I am to a man as catnip is to a cat?”

scent of a woman“No I’m saying you have a pleasant distinct smell about you, one that I have memorized” he said so cockily that I took it as a dare and replied with my customary “really?” while probably raising my eyebrow as well as I tend to do when I feel a challenge.  “Would you bet your ass on that?” I playfully suggested back to him wondering if this was just braggadocio of a man smitten by my beauty?  If so, I sensed something more than a session growing in that damn imaginative place that lives in the back of my mind.

He gave a bark of bitter laughter.  “Yes, would you bet yours?  I doubt it.”

Which brings us to last evening’s events.   I’d be remiss if I warped what happened into my favor, you see sometimes the imagination does not and can not account for human stupidity.  Mistress Wael did her part properly, her job was to bring 2 of her friends to the hotel room, simple enough.  With his hands tied behind his back he had a one in four chance of being able to tell which one was me by being able to smell only.  My instructions to them were clear too , just stand there silently and let him sniff you.  When he chooses incorrectly us girls will all exit the room together leaving him blindfolded and gagged but not alone.  He’d be fulfilling his end of the bet by offering his ass to the only one allowed to stay since she was technically not a girl, my Ladyboy friend Amy and her 8 inch hard and thick cock.

Fucking easy job right?  Stand there, let a guy sniff you for 1 minute , don’t say a word, take the 500 baht I’m paying each and leave.

Except lackwit girl number one says “oh darling” as he sniffs her.  Not surprisingly either as this is the same one that couldn’t understand how to press the record button properly on my phone filming a video last month.  She’s got brains this one , she just spent the last four weeks in Solleftea Sweden eating a different kind of Swedish Meatballs than IKEA serves.  I hope she liked the gravy.

Darwin award candidate number two for no reason touches him, and my boy is clever so now we’re down to me and Wael with a good chance that it’s me who’s gonna be anal probed in a minute and not him.

His nose rose like a shark’s fin from his handsome face.  A few sniffs of Mistress Wael first and then suddenly he was playing bloodhound with me.

That close.  I was that close to having to pay my side of the deal.

Luckily as with most guys, he could not resist only sniffing his treasure, he had to lift his leg to touch me.

Ah the serendipity of temptation.

Jaa2 xx