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Can a girl make a man cum just by looking at him?   Well I don’t know about just any girl,  but a Mistress can.  I can, for certain.  Which , paradoxically is an absurd thing to say because – I don’t suck dick.

I mean, I do on very rare occasions.  As I mentioned on my Onlyfans blog yesterday with the dildo cocksucking video I had loaded I mentioned that one of the last times I’d sucked dick was on my last boyfriend’s birthday.  The TL:DR of which I just mentioned that I’d fed him a mushroom cookie and as a surprise as he was drifting off into the 4th dimension of being high … I whipped out his cock and teased him with my mouth while he was helpless to do anything about it.

I can’t show you the cocksucking video here as it shows my face , so here’s my ass instead 😛  …


That’s the point, isn’t it?  Cocksucking – when done by a Mistress ought to something entirely different than the shit you see guys making girls do on porn videos.

In no way shape or form should a Mistress ever serve a man in a subservient way.   Ever.

Yet in every single porn video not only has the girl already put herself in a submissive position – on her knees , or head over the bed, or laying between his legs … but she’s also in most cases allowing the man to control the pleasure.

Men do this either verbally with voice commands such as  “suck it like that bitch” ,  “deeper, go deeper” , “ya, look at me while you suck it” , “swallow it” , and in some real extreme cases they’ll call the girl their whore,  slut or  whatever.

cocksuckingThey also exert their dominant role physically by pushing on the back of  the head  in either a suggestive or forceful (how nice is it to be able to type the word force on here without it being censored like my cheeseass site onlyfans does) manner.  They’ll face slap , chin hold , hair pull and thigh crush the face – though I don’t see that being  done as much as us girls do to men while they’re eating pussy.

There’s also the humiliation factor at play.  That’s carried out in a number of disgusting ways , some of which I had done to me at an early age and I fucking hated it each and every time.  I would say the humiliation aspect which  fought against my natural dominant tendency was the main reason why I’ve made sucking dick something I do on my own terms.

Let’s list the men’s tricks in this regard shall we?   We’ll begin with their favourite – the surprise cumshot with the obligatory “oh , I’m sorry babe , I couldn’t control it” bullshit excuse as they chuckle to themselves.   Next level up from that is the deepthroat cumshot which makes its way up  the nasal passage and drips out the nose thus watering the eyes and causes a temporary panic.  That one gets the biggest laughs from the guys.   Ah, lest we not forget the withdraw from the mouth as he’s shooting trick , which as it happened to  me – ends up shooting into the eyeball  and the hair.  Take it from someone who’s experienced  it – cum  stuck in the eyeball seems to last hours after the fact no matter how much soap is used to clean it out afterwards.

So, long ago I said no to all their sub-servient bullshit.

IF I’m ever sucking dick I’m doing so on my rule-set of which there are three:

One – I’m doing it when I want , if I want ,  for as long as I want.

Let me explain that.  The other week I was with a guy who’s hot and fun to just hang out and chill with.  We were watching Netflix on the sofa where he was laying back on the sofa and I was laying back on his lower chest so that would place my upper shoulders on his groin above his manhood.  As the movie played I naturally shifted positions from time to time until I had slid down – unnoticed by me as I was really into the movie – and had my cheek more or less where the  upper part  of  his pubic hair would be , only he was wearing pants of course.

subsuckI started feeling his cock grow and pressing against my neck and it kept getting harder and harder.  So I started ever so slowly caressing it by making back and forth movements with my cheek as I slid down just a bit further.  Think of the way a child would caress a teddy bear with the side of her face  – that kind of movement.   Wasn’t long until he started making thrusting movements with his pelvis and then he made the crucial mistake of pretending to play with my hair  with the purpose of eventually pressing my head sideways into his cock so he could get more feel.

I stopped.

He said rather instantly  “keep going , I like it.”  To which I replied, “that’s why I no longer wish to do it,  because it pleases you.”

A few ‘wtf’ replies later and me sitting up back up on his chest sent the message loud and clear that the fun and games were over.

I tell you that story because rule #1 is :  on my terms only.

If it’s a natural thing ,  I’ll do it.   Had he just laid still and not moved , he’d probably have gotten a blowjob while watching the movie.  But the moment he made it become a “me” thing, all pleasure stops.

I know you’re all shaking your head in disapproval but understand that any interaction with a man from my point of view has absolutely nothing to do with your pleasure, it has to do with using you.  It’s a hard concept to wrap your head around to be sure, but that’s why I appeal to maybe at most .001% of the male population lol.

Which brings us to rule number two … how I suck it is entirely up to me.

I’m not choking myself on a cock because just because “going balls deep” feels good for the dude.   Mistress Wael caught onto this technique as well with her 6 month flaccid blowjob slave training program where she basically sucks cock so gently and for such a prolonged period that the cock gets retrained to think getting blown is a Pavlovian stimulus to get softer not harder.  Wrap your head around that concept boys !!  Fucking genius.

Now I won’t go that far – after all I do like a thick stiff cock rubbing against my clit.  So more times than not I’m pressing my lips against a guy’s manhood because in a few minutes I want his dick to be throbbing hard so that it makes me cum harder.

Not that I ever do that … I hardly ever do.  But when I do – its a precursor to amazing sex.  Or better put – the act of sucking dick – is only present because it serves a purpose –  to make my orgasm better.   It’s about me, not about him at all.   (more head shaking, I know)

Guys complain … a lot.

“Not like that babe.”

“Hold it like this, no don’t lick there,  lick here.”

“Don’t take it out, why are you stopping so often?”

I don’t need to suck how you want it sucked.  I’m of the opinion -as far fetched as it is – that just the fact my lips are once a year touching your cock should already be the holy grail of gratification for you.   The man should be downright thankful that it’s happening at all in the first place and he should be wide eyed with tremendous appreciation at what’s happening to his cock.  I demand only that level of reaction.


Here’s another story to that regard.

The first time I got such a reaction from a guy was the first time I almost sucked cock.  I think I told this story before so I’ll give you the brief version.  It was behind the hotel close to my school by the beach with an older kid – the first foreigner guy I’d flirted with.  I was a ripe young 13 years old (wow 3 banned words in a row that I have to zigzag around on my onlyfans blog … another big fuck you to onlyfans … felt so good typing that tbh).

He was , oh about 16 maybe 17.  We were on a fire escape stairs , the old metal kind with the ladder that you have to climb down from the 2nd floor to get to the pavement.  We had climbed up to the 3rd or 4th floor and all we were doing was laying there talking. Again in my favourite position with me laying backwards in his lap.  After 20 minutes of chit chat I just suddenly blurted out:

fuckoff“I bet all the time we’re talking here you’ve been wishing that I was flipped around with my mouth over your cock instead, am I right?”

When there was no answer , I smiled , and I smiled some more when I felt it growing under my back.

I indeed flipped around – a hell of a bold move for a 13 year old (fu OF) wouldn’t you say?   I unzipped his pants and grabbed his dick by his underwear and in a curved awkward way since his dick couldn’t very well straighten inside his undies … I looked at him and licked my lips.

What got me was the look of wonderment in his eyes.  I’ll never forget it.  He had the best ever “I can’t believe this moment is actually happening to me” look  on his face.  It was so erotic.  Maybe the most erotic moment in my life to date.  (which says a lot about my sex life huh?)

Then he blew the amazingness of the moment by reaching down and flipping out his dick over his elastic strapped fruit of the looms.

I asked him in a shocked tone of voice “what are you doing?”

“Making it easier for you” he replied, and I rolled my eyes in horrific disapproval.   I flipped back on my backside and crossed my arms as I rested my spine upon his exposed but quickly shrinking dick.  The moment was lost forever , but not the memory.  I internalized that memory so deeply that I’ve been constantly looking to repeat it over and over ever since.

I had recreated it on the sofa watching Netflix.  When I glanced up and behind me as my as I was ‘teddy-bearing’ his dick with my cheek I saw the same look of bewilderment.   Nothing , and I mean nothing makes my panties wet more than that natural look.  I get it also when I’ve tied a guy up and I’m about to do a bout of painstakingly slow Tease & Denial sex with him  … but that’s a story for another day.

In both cases , and one more way back when with Ian – I’d gotten the guy to shudder and his dick to tremble at full mast without even laying a lip on his manhood in all three cases.  Which is my point that when such a perfect moment is created it matters not how the cock is sucked.   I truly don’t think any of the three guys would have given a  flying fuck if I had just decided to lick it like a dog bone … they all would have cum just the same which brings me to rule number three.


Eye contact must never be broken.  Ever.

It sounds like such a simple rule, right?  I alluded to this on my onlyfans post where every guy has a penchant for closing his eyes and tilting his head back with a moan when things start feeling really happy down there.  I say bullshit to that.

One attribute that I have … but you can’t see unless you’re subscribed to me on onlyfans … is how heart stopping the looks can be that I give with my eyes.  I can literally take men’s breath away with just one look.

tipThat look could be a smile and a wink that I throw your way over dinner , or it could be a lick of the lips with a hungry look as we’re in the elevator , and it might be a glance that I throw your way on the dance floor after I’ve left you to go dance with another hotter guy than you … but it’s a look that says ‘don’t worry, I’m going home with you still.”   Cucking on the dance floor by the way is one of my favourite tactics and sadly one I haven’t been able to do in close to two years now thanks to covid.  I can’t wait to go dancing again , any takers among you to accompany me the first time we’re allowed to go back?   I swear I’ll fucking cuck you ’til you cry right there at the club , I shit you not.

Anyways, I’ve found that the most powerful look of all is the non-stop eye contact I make with you as I’m sucking cock.

Come the moment where the guy tries to close his eyes, or throw his  head back I’ll either bite hard under the head to snap him back to attention or I’ll simply say “look away again and I’ll stop.”

One of the cool benefits of having a well known zero tolerance policy for men’s bullshit in relationships is that I get immediate compliance.  Being a few days away from turning 34 brings with it the many tragic tales I tell all my dates about how many dudes I’ve broken up with cold turkey in the matter of a single second.

So when I say “I’ll stop” they know it to be true.  Probably forever too – I’m certain that thought is ringing around in their brain as well.

And what I get from that groundwork is absolute compliance.  I’ll make them stare right into my eye as I stare back into theirs while sucking.

Now to make that picture clearer in your head , go back to rule number two  in that I’m sucking how I want.  So at no point is my mouth even half way down the cock struggling as I try to manage my gag reflex.  Uh uh.   Nope.

The look I’m giving you is a clever one , a Mistress in total control of your rod as I slide my super wet tongue sideways from left to right over your bent cock that I’ve twisted in my hand.

I’ll wink at you as my bottom lip continually rubs up over the ridge of the underside of your dick and then back down again as I super sensitize that wonderful place where the head  of your cock gives way to  your shaft.

My ‘over the top’ look of “eager anticipation” when your cock starts to pulse makes most guys shake their head like they’re trying to say “no, no , no , no” without being allowed to speak.


Basically what I’m saying is … I can get an enormous cum spewing orgasm in under 2 minutes by barely touching the cock with my mouth.  Every … single … time.

Often in under a minute.

Okay, often being a relative word compared to the few number of times I’ve done this … but even with the small sample size results of 95% effectiveness , I can confidently say that creating a moment of monumental anticipation is infinitely more effective than any cocksucking method ever done.

lickIt’s such a confusing moment too.  There’s almost always a follow up question that they’ll say out loud of “how did you make me cum so hard like that?”  But yet, they don’t feel satiated.  It’s like they ate 4 helpings of a bland salad and though the tummy is full , their taste buds are demanding something much more satisfying like a cheeseburger.  Get what I mean?

Trust me that from a girl’s point of  view,  there is nothing better than making a guy cum against his will.   Mistress Wael just shot the holy grail of such orgasms this week for her Onlyfans when she shat on a face mask that we all wear for covid protection … and forcefully placed it on the face of her reluctant slave and pushed the mask with her feet so that the mask was stuck to his face.

Kicking and trembling , while trying to hold down his gag reflex and not breathe she then began a tease and denial session with his cock.

The harder he got , the deeper he had to breathe , and the more he struggled, and the paradoxically the harder he got.  His reaction to the cumshot she milked out of him is legendary.  That feeling of why or how the fuck did I just cum to something I didn’t like in the first place.

Just like I do with my blowjobs , I get the same confused reaction of “I just came to that , really?”

Only, I don’t get the embarrassment that she thrives on ; sadly.  But still , it’s one of only four ways we’ve been able to coerce a reluctant orgasm out of men.  And it’s awesome.  It’s an awesome , awesome feeling from a Mistress’s perspective.


Care to take a guess at what the other two scenarios might be where we’ve gotten a guy to cum either against his will or shockingly so?  Send me your answer in onlyfans chat or email me if you’re not subscribed.


That’s it guys.  Those are my thoughts on sucking cock.  I know they fly in the face of every preconceived notion you’ve ever had about how girl should suck your dick.  What can I say, I’m wired differently , so is Mistress Wael.



Video Slave Required Immediately

In other news : guys, I’m actively looking for a slave living in Bangkok who wants to shoot with me regularly.  More than one would be even better.

Guys who are into and can withstand many of my bdsm fetishes as well go to the front of the line.

We shoot , more or less  , Tuesday and Thusday afternoons from 4pm to 7pm.

You’re getting free FemDom sessions out of it , and I’m getting content that I can share on my onlyfans , so it’s a fair trade.

Of course you get to wear a mask if you so choose.  Or my dirty panties draped around your face.  Girls and ladyboy’s are welcome as well.

I’m out just past On Nut and a minute’s walk from the nearest bts so accessing my condo is quite convenient.

You’ll get my phone number and  my Line ID , and you’ll be introduced to the behind the scenes stuff that nobody else has privy to so your discretion and appreciation for privacy is a must.

If interested, message me on my onlyfans or email me:  [email protected]


Mistress Wael will be posting tomorrow.  I’ll be back on Friday as we begin our commitment to posting on alternating days going forward.





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