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Last week I was thinking only about how to use plastic wrap in the mouth to train new toilet slaves.

How it would be perfect to get used to have my poo in the mouth … but take away the fear.

Can experience everything … and nothing … at the same time.

I could filter pee with no spill.

With no fear and no spill I can make a perfect human toilet.


plastic wrap toilet slave mouthAnd then this fucking Covid steal my sessions from me  ><

Every day now I have a bigger problem and even bigger problem.

Until today I say to myself  enough.   I want to feel like a Mistress again.

And I did chat on my phone with many many slaves all day.


But even that make a problem in my mind.

Becasue I feel guilty to be happy when I chat.

Every hour my daughter want to video call me,

“Am I going to die?”

My daughter 14yo ask me that today.  What question is that?   Or  maybe I  should say why do I  have to answer 1 question serious  like that  to somebody only 14yo?

“No not going to die don’t think like that”

“But no water mom.”

“Yes I know.   I will fix.”


well water girlBecause start 3 days ago many in Bangkok rush leave the city and go home.

My family home is 42km outside Chiang Rai.   In the jungle.  Near  to  the mountain.   3 houses on our dirt street only.  We are far like that from the world.

We use well water.

Did  you know  my  name Mistress Wael came from my mom try to give me a English name?

When I was born the property only had a shelter and a well.

And my mom wanted to name me after something on the property.    But she hated the Thai name for a well …. Naam Baw.  Because it kind of means Sewer Water too.     And ,  well ,  you don’t really want to go around naming your first daughter “Sewer Water.”   Bad days coming in school  you know.

So somebody told her the English word for it is Well.

But she had no idea how to spell it.

And so  …  my name is Wael or  Waew  or Weaw.   Whatever.   and so,  this site has not one but two Mistresses named after water.   Kind of,  lol.

The well is dry at my home.

Closest supermarket is 40km away to buy water from.

In March & April the water level is low anyway.    But now the 3 house on my  street  have  many people stay there who  come home from Bangkok.

And  because fear from the virus everybody hoard the water.

Now the well is always empty.

One maybe two pail of water have to be  enough for 6 people now.   For  drinking and  for washing clothes too.

So now every day I  have to send money for bottle water and gasoline for my dad to ride come back 80km every morning.

I ordered water from the water truck but not sure he will come or  not.  Because all business is shut down now.  After 1 person died in Chiang Rai 2 days ago from the virus they closed everything very fast.


When I talk about Mistress things on sms I have fun.

Love to tease.   Today I laugh a lot and share a lot  of  photos and videos to many of  you.

But in my stomach I  feel tight.   Scared.   The most scared I ever feel in my life.

To not think about it I practiced video sessions on my phone.

I feel like a crazy woman alone in my condo  talking to  my phone all day … trying to tease my Samsung.

Online teasing is “ok.”

foot worship mistress femdom online sessionI need a man under my ass or under my foot.  If I wiggle my toes  on my  phone  it  is  not the same as wiggle my toes  on my slave’s  mouth.

If I had Apple phone I could say  “Siri do you like my foot in your mouth bitch?”

But I have a quiet  Samsung A80 only.  Worst phone in the world.

It’s  ok.

I have 2  orders for  private  POV videos and 1 online foot worship session.

So here we go.

I step to  the unknown.  Wish me  luck  🙂


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