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Something sticks out like a dick on a female statue when you see Fifty Shades of Grey here.  As they ID’d the 40 year old lady in front of me just as they had done to the 50 year old lady in front of her, i thought about 1984. Yes fuck, I know i wasn’t born yet.  And no not this 1984 either …

You can’t grab a girl who lived underground all her life … take her up to the ground at night one time … show her the stars … and expect her to understand what she sees.  She will say “what the fuck is that?” and run back under the earth to hide.  So this Mistress kind of felt sorry for everybody getting ID’d because it was like saying “ok you qualify to see the movie now so you may enter.”  The guy looked at me like I was 7 not 27 and i said to him in English so he wouldn’t understand …

“fuck , i qualify.  trust me baby” lol

Are you kidding me?  Knowing that I am the only girl out of 300 in the movie theater who is going to understand this movie is as fun as having someone else’s shadow.  I wanted so much to be the girl with the sledgehammer.  Not this sledgehammer girl …



this sledgehammer girl …



But sometimes it’s just better to enjoy the one time you know you are different than everybody else by sitting back, shutting up, and just smile.

It was obvious in the first 20 minutes of the movie everybody and especially the girls sitting in my row came to see a movie with a hot guy and lots of sex.  Every word Mr Grey said to the girl he was seducing was repeated by 200 girls behind and beside me and then giggle giggle squirm squirm laugh.  Actually i thought maybe i will use the sledgehammer but for a different reason lol.  It was ok though, because I knew very soon everybody would either shut up or leave.

When Mr. Grey said to her “come i want to show you my room” i smiled.  It’s the same thing i say and do every day to the guys I meet at the condo.  I take them by the hand because they are all afraid like her and bring them to my room.  Then as Mr. Grey opened the door to his dungeon bedroom 300 girls said “oh my god” as I said “mmm nice.”  I’ve seen stars before, they are beautiful na.

greyBefore he spanks her ass with his crop he asks her “what are your safe words?”

“yellow for almost too far.  red for enough.” and 300 girls shriek as he slaps her ass lightly with the crop.  Really?  She needs a safe word?  I’m like “green green green green like 50 shades of green.”  These girls in the theater have no idea what makes my guys say yellow.  When you are underneath my ass looking up, you see my hole open, and the shit is coming out into your mouth … THEN  you can yell “red red red red red red red”.

From that point the theater was silent as fate.

During the last bdsm scene his submissive is laying on the table and she is counting the spanking from him.  I understand why he wants to do that to her.  I understand he doesn’t want to hurt her but that is just him and what makes him enjoy her is the feeling of spanking.  I got everything about the movie because bdsm is the ocean, I am the shark, and when you come into my water none of you know how to swim.