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It’stormy, and i feel hopeless today


Sometimes I want to stop playing this game.  I feel tired.  Don’t know will win or lose.  You know what I mean?  Sometimes i feel I just lie to myself that I will win.  But who knows.  If I lose I will be the most famous mistress instead of getting back to where I want to go.  So maybe just have to stop fighting it and let it be then.  What will happen is gonna happen.

This is nothing like having a period.  When i get my period i’m not exhausted like this, this is like fighting with the storm.  My face shows it.  Sometimes you can see the both sides of me … Pasaya and Storm… or maybe even Pasaya … just have to look carefully at my face to see what i am feeling.

You know if i get mad or have a serious fight it’s like a tsunami.  Destroys everything.  You can’t break it, can’t stop it, the only thing you can do is stand to the side and let it go through or run and save yourselves lol.  So that’s me today, super exhausted.  But it’s ok.  I will be sad for a while … and then it will be ok.

I’m not talking about sessions.  The sessions are fine.  I’ve had men drop to their knees this week, begging me for stay with him for dinner or for the night.   I’ve had 2 more men cry for me when he’s awake and 1 man cannot even sleep after seeing me …
Feb 11 (6 days ago)

to me
Ok,it wasn’t that strange. Haha.

Every morning I wake up and grab my phone to check my email to see if you emailed me. I can’t even open my eyes yet and can barely see but I squint and scroll through 247 new messages. This morning I find the one that I want from myself. It’s only one sentence but it makes me smile and my day starts very happy.

Thanks for making my day. 🙂



i am not surprised i can seduce men so well, what i am surprised for is how long it lasts inside them and how much they will go through to see me again …
Feb 12 (5 days ago)

to me
Great, how long could I see you for? You make me crazy I have to buy a ticket and fly 28 hours each way just to come see you for 1 day.

My plans not final now but I will finalize tomorrow for sure.


If Jaa is the perfect red wine for sophisticated men, I am the crazy delicious white wine that makes you and keeps you drunk …
Feb 16 (1 day ago)

to me

I am afraid that I will like your white wine too much.
That I will become addicted to it, and need to have it every day.
I have only tasted it once, and that was enough to tell me to be very careful It contains some special chemical that sends a message straight to your heart saying the taste is so so beautiful you must never be without it!!
BUT !! I guess another little sip won’t hurt?ha

You are sooooooooooooooo sexy
Just want to hug you!!

Are we still going shopping ?

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So if i am so amazing for seducing why for my Valentine Day do I lose one man and fight with another?  Because with love i am just a musician playing notes for a deaf man’s ears, as hopeless as a rose in the desert.  You can kill two birds with one stone, but a man who tries to hold two birds with one hand loses both.  That is my fate to always find the man who wants to try to hold me and another bird at the same time.  In my Line App i said that you meet a lot of jerks in this life but I have to remember when they hurt me it is because they are stupid.  Life is full of fake people.  I’m glad days like birthdays, xmas, valentine’s day, new years, come every year because it gives the man the chance to show his true face.  I told one guy in my email … the guy i quote from above … the days I cut the most men are the special days of the year.

Not sure if i am so dark because of paper cuts from 1000 men or a razor cut from 1.

It’s ok i’ll be fine.  The best apples are on top of the highest trees.  I will just keep climbing until I get the one I like.  Until then, tease seduce tease seduce tease seduce.












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I am not just a Bangkok Mistress and Domina / Dominatrix , i am the most sexy Domina in Thailand and for sure with Mistress Jaa we are the smartest.  A Bangkok Mistress these days is about the colors red and black and fake photos pretending to enjoy bdsm in an expensive dungeon.  I enjoy bdsm because i play with my clients using my brain, my imagination and my understanding of how men think.  The bdsm toys are just a tool really, a realdominatrix doesn’t need to use tools if she doesn’t want to, and that’s where i am coming from — i am a real Dominatrix — Jaa and I are Bangkok’s only true domina ‘s in my opinion.  I’m really into Tease & Denial since it makes men beg but i’m also into a different kind of begging — the kind a man makes when i’ve stolen his heart, his soul, and his mind — and then then throw him to the water for the mistakes he has made to lose me.  I guess i am a teacher for men as well then, i teach men what it takes to keep a girl like me.