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I saw on Twitter the other day a slave crying out “does real Blackmail even exist, i’m so frustrated.”  It exists, but it’s kinda like wishing for an Ouija board to work, you’ll wish the hell it didn’t the moment it does.   Just like we’d prefer to watch an exorcism being done rather than having an exorcism necessarily done on us we’re left with the Blackmail of the fake kind in the realm of BDSM fantasies.

the_ouija_board_by_oomizuao-d3j959dOr are we?  Maybe the question is …

Which Blackmail is worse, real or fake?


I’m dabbling a bit in both right now and i wanted to discuss the difference from the point of view of the person doing the blackmailing.

The fake kind … the kind where i’m offered somebody’s wallet, bank account, credit cards, I.D, email address and home address … and then being told “it’d be awful if my wife found out that i had done this and that i’m your total slave now” hint hint, wink wink … don’t even bother me with this kind of fake bullshit.  For one, it’s just not nice to do that to someone for no reason.  I’d rather say i got rich in making a successful business model than saying i got rich by destroying a person’s life and then hiding under the blanket of “well it was his fantasy, he asked for it.”  For the same reason that when a guy is under my ass and changing his mind fast about his poo eating fantasy … i don’t just deliver him yesterday’s pizza saying “well that’s what you wanted.”

The beauty of a magic trick is that everything about it seems real, even though you know it’s not possible you’re left with that ‘hmmm’ thought in your mind.


So fake blackmail should have the same qualities as an elaborate mental trick, you should be wondering if the blackmail is as deep as it seems it is and yet not willing to put your toe in the water to find out.

The trick, kind of like hypnosis, is to find the man or woman who is susceptible to being influenced.  I was very saddened in Canada at a hypnotists show to be asked to leave the stage because I failed to fall into the trance he wanted me to fall into and that’s helped me in my emails in sniffing out the proper slave who would be very susceptible to a form of blackmail submission.  I can’t get everybody, and nor do I wish I could because to set these up takes time and effort and to try to balance too many at a time would ruin the act just as it would ruin the hypnotists act if he left everybody on the stage.

Once I have the guy I want to help with his blackmail fantasy it’s just a matter of patience in setting up the “what the fuck” moment.  That moment, which like coffee takes a good amount of time to percolate, is as priceless as the girl’s reaction in the video you just watched.  Now unlike the video i’m not setting up the feeling of being a ghost, i’m setting up the feeling of panic, pure panic if possible but like what happened in my weekend session i sometimes have to settle for resignation of fate at times.



Here’s the thing, I can’t properly tell you about the fate of the three guys I have trapped within their minds currently because i’m writing what will either be three mini-stories or a small novel about their experience and since none of them have figured their way out of their little life problem just yet I’m still then in the process of writing about it.

I’ll go so far as to tell you that one is in chastity dealing with a key problem.  One is tied like a chicken to what is probably his very messy hotel bed as I’m writing this dealing with a wife problem.  The third … well he’s wishing he had either or both of their problems lol.

That leaves the other kind of Blackmail, the real kind.  The illegal kind.  The kind that you’d get an invisible puppet master to carry out once the puppet has been cut and left lifeless.  It’s amazing, we don’t need a headsman these days, people cut their own heads off with the axe of social media.  And as one person out there reads that he sinks back into his chair wishing he never called me a Thai cunt in so many emails.  It’s ok babe … Friday’s coming … again! … hint hint, wink wink.  haha.


Jaa xx








One Response to Blackmail | Hint Hint, Wink Wink

  • Kind Gent

    Most Beautiful Mistress,

    i Respect You Greatly
    And i Value what You say
    Let the readers remember
    This is someone’s Fantasy

    We All Like different things
    that Should be plain to see
    Some want to sniff Her Pretty feet
    Others like to watch Her pee

    What turns on Another
    We Really should Not judge
    Be Glad Something makes them Happy
    Let it go…..dont hold a grudge.

    What we All Must remember
    Is Mistress Is The BEST
    She’s very Very VERY Smart
    And could kick our ass in chess.

    Any Fantasy you bring to Her
    To The Greatest Domme of All Time
    She’s going to blow your mind
    So be Wise, and Treat Her Kind.

    Be Careful what You ask For
    If You dont want it,…. then tell Her
    Aulthough im a pretty smart feller
    Now im Her pretty fart smeller for sure. 555

    You see, The Domme Always Wins, Every time.
    Thats the First Rule of this life
    All subs should know that from the start
    so dont let it cause you strife.

    i Salute and i Serve,
    This Great Woman that we Adore
    She told us the things She did today
    Because Her Heart is Good and Pure

    Understand and Respect
    This Great Woman’s a Powerful Domme
    And She does what She Does Best
    She is our Boss,….She’s not our mom

    Beautiful Mistress, Your Absolutly Perfect