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Well, it hasn’t been an uneventful week that’s for sure.

From talking guys at an all night dance party into letting me ink my name on their body, to making a girl so mad at a second Kao San Rd. dance club that security had to drag her out of the place screaming, my night life was all fun and games and pretty much normal nights out for me.  It’s the sessions that have been the roller coaster lately, from new urethral sounding sessions that were a first for me to wanting to bash a guys balls in with a nail spiked hammer for wasting my time, my emotions have been up and down.

The two lives are a bit related, i’m thinking if I write about it you’ll see how there is a little bit of this devilish Femdom Goddess in me in everything I do both inside and outside of my sessions.  You see, ever since I was a really young girl I’ve always gotten a kick out of making boys do things for me that they would never expect they’d do.  Childish things like making a boy in my class kiss my foot and getting me food for free at lunch time, or sending guys to go get things for me, making them carry my bags or books between classes.  It amused me that not only were submissive guys willing to do anything for me but that there were so many of them to play with.

pussy worshipBut just as a weigh scale needs an equal opposite weight to balance itself out, I did as well, and even though I flirted with these early bdsm experiences teasing and torturing many many boys from the age of 12 and up, my counter balance was my boyfriend.  Playing with boys minds like that was like reaching out over a boat to touch the fishes but having somebody hold my hand strongly to pull me back in after i was done looking.  My boyfriend was my rock, the one that let me explore who I was becoming by keeping me grounded in reality and wrapped in security.  For eight long years from age 14 to 22 when i left to live on the other side of the ocean he was my one true love and I was loyal to him without question.  I had  a lot of fun because my emotions never got too far out of whack, i always knew that I had somebody who was devoted to me and there for me so I felt secure in finding out who I was as I grew older.

Having a man behind me like that, so loyal, so loving, so supportive, makes all of life’s problems that it likes to throw at me much ado about nothing.  If life with him was like being on a freighter boat cutting through stormy ocean waters, life without him after living 1000’s of miles from home has been like managing the same ocean on a sailboat.


As it is, I sail pretty good on my own.  Why did I leave him after coming back from abroad?  I guess ocean freighters while being secure only have one destination ahead of them and you know where that boat is going to end up.  I haven’t yet seen the Galapagos Islands but i imagine that there’s a lot of sail boats there and not so many ocean freighters.  Same goes for seeing Alaska, travelling down the coast of Peru, or maneuvering through the Marshall Islands, all these places that I want to see require a sailboat.

Doesn’t have to be a one girl sailboat either, but i need a man who is adventurous as I am.  A guy who has stood on top of Machu Pichu is more likely to get me to choose him than a guy who stands in line at Starbucks more often.

That being said, right now it is a one girl sailboat, and weeks like i just had that run my emotions fully from peak to valley make me think about the safety of that love I once had.

This penthouse that i do my sessions in has over 100 toys of which I’ve used about 90% of, but there has always been the 10% that I’ve never considered using, the urethral sounding tubes being part of that group I’ve never touched, until this week.  What i thought was going to be a 2 hour session of torture and painful insertion actually turned out to be quite sexy and definitely something I want to do again soon.  I’m not saying I want to be a nurse anytime soon, i’m just saying that shoving a foot long tube into a guys dick is a little bit of a thrill.



Just as much of a thrill is getting my name written or even better yet, tattooed on guys bodies.  At the concert I attended last week I got about 10 guys who were hot after me to let me ink my name on their bodies with a Henna non-permanent tattoo, and just off the high of doing that the next day I got an email asking me to be a key holder again for a guy into long term chastity who wanted also to have my name tattooed on his body.  So my gay graphic designer best friend and I sat and designed something I thought would look cool and booked time at a premium tattoo shop.


So it goes without saying that I was really pissed off when he closed his phone and left my sms and emails unanswered on the day of the session.  There isn’t a week that goes by that reinforces my motto that is written on my Line Timeline … Life is Full of Fake People, and this guy just added himself to the list of hopeless men that I’ve come across.  Yesterday I had a guy come to live out his toilet training fantasy and got scared at the last minute while under my ass.  I have mountains more respect for him than the other guy for at least trying.  I’d like to think that guys dick is locked up for a good year but i’d bet his $200 chastity is buried in a drawer under his mother’s smelly underwear.

From that failed session I wanted a release of my frustration so I went dancing again, this time at Kao San Road with my friends who are still into hot young guys so I tagged along for fun.  Hey, kao san road neon there’s nothing wrong with having a hot young guy for a lover, but other than using his dick and hot body for an hour there’s nothing else I need from a guy like that.  Do I need a lover at the moment?  Meh, depends how long it takes the guy I’m into to help me get my Twitter to 1000 followers lol.

So at the club one hot guy keeps checking me out on the dance floor and when his girlfriend caught him she slapped him upside his face Italian style, it was beautiful.  But then she started giving me these nasty looks all the time that started to spoil my mood and when she waddled her fat little body to the washroom I figured it was payback time.  I drifted over to her boyfriend and gave him the ‘come here’ motion with my finger and looked at him over my shoulder shaking the world’s most perfect ass at his face.  I turned, pressed up against him, went up on my toes moving my lips past his neck to his chin and an inch from his lips I turned and pressed my ass into him grabbing him by his hands and I let him dirty dance with me.

I moved his hands to my breasts and gave him my neck making sure to rub my ass right into his swollen cock.  He lost control and began kissing me passionately on my neck just as his girlfriend came plopping back to the dance floor to see her boy totally lost in my body.

This time she hit him.  Hard too, as I stepped out of the way smiling.  Then she turned to me and yelled at me so viciously that everybody around stopped dancing and paused to look.  There was a lull in the music and I used that to say back to her “if he is really your man then why were his hands all over me, maybe look at your rolls of fat for your answer”, and she lost it, she snapped.  When she lunged at me it was like watching a fight movie where a guy gets hit in the face in slow motion, you know … where you see the blubber on the face jiggle back and forth absorbing the impact of the punch?  … ya that was her except it was her stomach that was blobbing back and forth in slow motion.  She was shrieking like a hyena when two security guys came and subdued her and asked her to step outside to get away from me.

The funniest moment however came when her boyfriend didn’t follow her and stood glancing from me to her trying to choose if that was the moment he’d leave her and pursue me as his other option.  I made it easy for him, ‘shoo-shooing’ him with my hand to follow her and going back to my girlfriends for the rest of the night.

Got home at 7am and did a shitty job briefly answering as many emails as I could, then confirming time of the session for later that day and passing out finally on my bed.


My afternoon session, well really let’s call it evening session because I don’t wake up every day until 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and the only reason I started this session at 5pm rather than my usual start time of 6 or 7pm is that he wanted 4 straight hours of tease & denial until he would be brought to tears.

4 hours, fuck.  One thing I have to change in my fees section of this website is to remind you guys that 4 hour sessions more or less refer to “session & dinner” or “session and going out after” and not 4 straight hours of rubbing you dick up and down.  Yes I have over 100 bdsm toys in my condo.  Even so, I run out of ideas at the two hour mark most days if I’m doing the session by myself.  That’s why even though she’s not greatly experienced yet, I highly recommend Mistress Wael in my emails to guys asking for 3 or 4 hour sessions.  Long before she met me she was a Tease & Denial specialist, she just didn’t know it yet before meeting me again.  I wrote about her before in this story,  and her tease & denial intro video is making her popular.

So after waking up at three in the afternoon and spending an extra long time in the shower I met her at Terminal 21 for breakfast.  Yes 4pm is breakfast time for me each day.  We discussed how to handle this guy and his 4 hours and we agreed to keep the session the same as we’ve done before, I begin with my 2 hour version of teasing which is highly seductive and by the time the guy’s face is redder than a radish Wael comes in and gives him her cool-down massage and tease keeping him relaxed and and on edge for the final 2 hours.

This time though, I wanted to be there for the ending mostly because the last guy she said screamed so loudly when he came the walls shook and I can’t have people thinking we’re doing exorcisms in the room.  So a little bit of facesitting at the right moment would at least dampen the noise.  I say dampen instead of drowning out the noise because my pussy is actually very tiny and quite a bit of sound does escape still … but not enough for the neighboring condo to hear 555

What I did that was interesting to me in the session was addressing his request that “everything be clean” and then stating again once in every email “i like ass worship but I don’t like the smell of a dirty ass”

Now, if I give you my ass to worship, it is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to smell.  Agree?  So we filmed him worshiping my ass in what looks to be a very mild ass worship part of the session.  Mild meaning I usually suffocate you by sitting on your face so you cannot breathe while I play with your dick and only give you time for a breath or two so you don’t pass out on me during the tease.  This time however I was just on my hands and knees doggy style, grabbing him by his hair and pushing his nose into my ass … covered with these panties from hell that was saturated in both her pussy and my foot smell.


I should use this technique to teach guys how to suck a pussy because the guy kissed everywhere on my ass except for the part directly covering my hole.

face sitting jaa4uLike most guys who pray at the alter of ass perfection for too long, he was crazy horny and I had to give one of the most delicate, soft hand teases that I’ve ever had to give to keep the guy from exploding all over himself.

Wael comes into the room after 2 hours hearing him say nothing but “please, please, please” for 100 times in a row.

I didn’t leave though.  Sometimes, not always, but on occasion, I like to stay on the couch here beside the bed and partly play on the computer and partly watch and laugh every time he cries out for mercy and it’s not me doing the teasing.

I love the look of hopelessness in the guys eye as he looks over to me 1 meter away as if I’m going to get up and take care of his misery for him.  Quite the opposite, the worse the look the more I laugh as to me there is nothing better in this world than hearing a man in agony.

This guy, I gotta admit I felt sorry for him a bit, he wasn’t one of the guys writing me literally demanding the amount of orgasms he will get in a Tease & Denial session.  Those guys I fucking torture mercilessly and often let them leave hanging with their balls so blue they can’t hardly walk out the door.  Like, what part of Denial didn’t you get in the word Tease & Denial when you emailed me?


I have 4 guys i’m controlling through email domination that are literally praying for June 1st to come so they can have an orgasm finally.  I’m holding 3 keys until August, September, and December respectively that control those guys next orgasm.  What makes you think you can email me and dictate how many “shots” you get thinking i’ll oblige you?  haha , it’s like sticking your head in a lions mouth asking him to scratch your nose itch.  Wrong!

As the end of the 4th hour drew near, I got up from the computer and got the saran wrap off the desk and proceeded to wrap his mouth and chin with it, leaving only his nose exposed.  I took off my panties … mine, not my sister’s, that would be Wrong! also, and I sat on top of his mouth sliding what Wael calls my pink diamond pussy over his covered mouth with his nose left smelling my ass.

Maybe the walls didn’t shake, that would be going too far.  But the bed sure as hell did.  Violently.

And wouldn’t you know it, the wrap and my pussy managed to stifle all of his scream.  Now we just have to figure out how to get the cum off the ceiling.  haha.  See , it’s the little experiences like that i would never of had if I wasn’t on my own little sailboat.


Jaa xx