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functionally compatible

Well that birthday thing is inevitable , it’s coming again, three weeks out and trying to stop it is as fruitless as tryin’ to stop a black man rushing the buffet table on free Chicken Sundays at Denny’s.

I’ve been thinking about the things that have changed in me over this past year , because – I’ve adjusted my mindset more this past year than any other time in my life.

Out of all the ways I’ve changed the one that stands out to me the most is my view on being single.

I’ve earned it.

Like an aimless voyage through space I’ve successfully navigated the marriage maelstrom , and survived the pregnancy nebula , heck I even circumnavigated around the black hole of eternal debt.  On the other side of the wormhole is this calm and rewarding passage through dark matter that nobody gets to see , only me.

That I know of , every single girl in my village that I was either friends or acquaintances with growing up – about two hundred in total , give or take a few –  … has a baby , … is or has been divorced , … has lost her figure , … is in debt or is ungodly poor , … has no assets , … and is terribly unhappy.

The only thing I’m unhappy about is that I’m still Thai and I still live in this cesspool of humanity.

But those things I can change , and one of the things I’ve matured about since turning thirty is that I can dictate how I get out of here , and with whom.

Like, I used to cry over men.  Cry over relationships.  Why?  What a colossal waste of time.

Most Thai girls will fuck anything that moves.  If a Thai girl comes over to my condo – the fish stop swimming.

I choose who I fuck.  Which is fine, but the best thing is that I’ve let him know right from the first time I invited him back to my place is that he is nothing more than a fuck toy for me.  I keep ’em young , hot , and without hope of a future with me.  So my sex life has evolved to the point where my lover is my sex slave.


On the days where I don’t want to fuck him I’ll push him down to my ass and let him sleep with his nose in my bum ; or I’ll tell him to come up and cuddle me.  Point is, I do whatever I want with him.

But get this , the more I mistreat him , the more he’s hooked on me.

He doesn’t know it yet but my ultimate plan with him is to turn him into a whimpering cuckold as he watches his heir apparent take his role in the bed.  I know for certain that when I break it off with him he’ll beg me , grovel on his knees like a pheasant , and I’ll grant him one last chance to be with me … bound and gagged in my closet watching me ride the dick of the next guy I choose to fuck – smiling at him while I do.

Pretty fucking bad eh?  I really don’t care.  Couldn’t care one iota about the feelings of any sex slave I choose to employ.  They’re there to pleasure me until I’m done with them , and the greatest thing is that there’s absolutely no emotional involvement on my part.

Sure it’s nice to go out to eat , nice to see a movie with someone, nice to share a bottle of wine on the couch , and nice to squirt all over his body when he makes me cum.

But there’s no comparability beyond that.

I guess that’s what happens as a mistress matures , at least it’s what’s happening to me.  Men have evolved in my mind to the point where I see them as simply tools.  And like a tool , they fit only a certain type of job so there’s a need for many of them.

Love you say?

That’s just another nebula one has to fly through to see what’s on the other side.

Instead of love, let me throw a different form of terminology at you.  How about “functional compatibility.”

We’re compatible in that :  we’re around the same age more or less , we have the same financial status , we are childless , not in a relationship , never married , open minded  … oh and … you have a burning desire to serve me and make me happy.  That’s compatibility.

Functional , as in :  Our relationship serves a purpose , we’re not lonely, we can have conversations , hell I might even fuck you now and then.  Your submissiveness to me means you have no problems with me having a fuck toy.  Nor does your insecurity get in the way of commenting on what I do for a living.

If I want to be a mistress in whatever country we live in , then that’s how it’s going to be.

The minute the man tries to implement his curriculum into what we have going then that’s the very moment the partnership ceases to become functionally compatible.  And it’s over.

That’s how I look at life now.  It’s gotta be all about me.  My happiness, my wealth , my freedom, my sexual desires satiated with whomever I want.

So as my 31st birthday approaches that’s my focus for the next year , to enter into a functionally compatible relationship , one that gets me out of here as that’s part of the functionality I’m talking about.

And if it doesn’t happen, I’m totally fine with being single.

Single with no debt, no kids, a big ass television screen and a subscription to Netflix.

Oh and my fuck toy boy whom I’ll be tossing to the curb shortly.

Wanna replace him?  Apply within.  Models only need apply.

Not a model?  Then apply for the other position.