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Love and Hope.

The two birds that sleep together when I exercise at midnight every night … that is the 2 name I gave them.

In the morning I feed them bread when they wake up.  At 9pm when I go exercise around my condo they watch me and sometimes sing for me.

And when I finish at midnight they sleep.  Together.  And touch wings like in love.

I believe in love.  I believe in hope.  And I believe in maybe.




Her story ‘maybe’ is so powerful.

‘The covid pandemic has lasted 4 months and will last 2 more months minimum before tourists can come back to Bangkok.  That is awful, yes?


Well what if I start a perfume business?  Find a cheap night market.  Find out how to buy wholesale.  Learn about price point.

And smile a lot.   Be nice.  Meet people.  Get a new type of customer.



Bought for 75 a bottle.  Sell for 250.  Profit of 175.  And first day I sold 6 bottles.

Then 3 because it rained.  And 2 the next day because it rained.  Realized I need a market with a roof.   Because rainy season is here.

The next week I averaged 8 bottles a day.  Got tired of sitting on the concrete.   So I took the profit and bought a store front and steps to make my display look more professional …




Location , location , location.  #1 rule of business right?  I locked in a permanent place by On Nut with busy foot traffic.  Paid 1 month in advance.

I started to sell 15 bottles a day.

Used that profit to get my toe and finger nails done and my Jennifer Anniston hair style and color back

bite-your-dick Mistress Wael bdsm femdomSo now I look hot like when I do sessions … only I sell perfume looking like that.

Suddenly men started buying cologne just to talk to me.  So I wore latex pants to my store , a corsette , hung my whip on the side of my shop.

Cologne outsells perfume now 3:1 and up to 25 bottles a day.

That is the same money I make from my 1 hour Tease & Denial session.   Only difference is my small store is open for 4 hours in the evening , not 1.

I don’t know all my perfume brands and smells too much yet.   I’m learning.  But you know what?  Nobody asks me about the fragrance.   They ask me only about the whip haha.


You will not recognize me when you see me again.

I have lost 10kg since March.  If you go back to last November and count from then I have lost 12kg.

I come home from the market at 9pm.

Right away I go walk for 1 hour until 10pm and then I run and lift weights until 11pm.

2 hours every night.  Only 2 days off since March.

Bam!  I look hot with muscles.

I know I’m hotter because so many foreigner who live at my condo ask me out on a date now.  Even when I go out shopping I get asked out.

And there are no foreigner in the city now … compared to before.  I will be so popular when you guys can all come back !!… well that is my dream 🙂

When covid started in March the word I thought of the most was ‘survive.’

Now my motto is “improve.”

Get a 6 pack by my birthday August 15th.  Get more muscle.  Hit 53kg … my weight when I was 25 years old.  If I could do that , wow,  I will be proud of myself.


ten kg weight loss timeline


I feel so confidant now.   My English … improved so much.

This year , I don’t know why , but now I am not afraid to try new words and I like that I can listen to a podcast and understand almost everything.

I watched this podcast with Elon Musk and his first one about 3 times each.   Learned so much , not just about English , about personality and how to think about things.   I will the first one to sign up for a NeuroLink chip.  It’s the only way I will ever be smart.



Your mistress and I share the same Twitter.   But you can probably see who I follow.  And who she follow.

She likes to follow epidimiologist people.

I clicked follow on Elon Musk.   That was me.

John Forslund , me also.  When you come for my Tease & Denial sessions , sometimes you will hear me say “sit back and enjoy this one.”  Or when I let you cum after 2 hours and you explode everywhere …  I maybe will say “hey hey what do you say” …



I have wet dreams now.  Every night almost.  Always about BDSM.

I’m so addicted to FemDom now.

The things I will do to  you when you come to see me soon … you will see … just wait.

Not sure how long I have to wait for that though.  But until you can come , I will take care of my little perfume shop.

And every night when I run around my condo for exercise  … if I see my two birds Love and Hope … their love tells me everything will be ok in time.


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