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Well, isn’t this fun?

What cha’ doin’?   I’ve got my feet up  on  the sofa here sipping a cup of crappy insta-coffee,  the kind that  comes  in  packs of 3’s and leaves the taste buds a little unsatisfied  , know what I mean?   Got  my  laptop on – you  guess it – my  lap  , and until a few  minutes ago I didn’t  even realize  that I had  my right hand down  my sweats resting on  my  pussy.   I haven’t  showered  since yesterday and this is  the  third day I’m  wearing  these grey sweat pants  – but I have changed my panties daily ,  so at  least i’m somewhat kempt.

That’s  how relaxed things are, and  you  know  what?   I’m quite enjoying myself and all this free  time.

One  reason  is, I’m writing again , as you’ve no  doubt noticed by now.

I  told Mistress Wael  earlier this week “hun, you always said you wanted  to learn to write better-  well  , here’s your chance – giftwrapped with the biggest yellow  ribbon  the  world’s ever  gonna give ya.” – unless ur waiting  for 100 yellow ribbons …



We’re committed  to giving  you  guys a story a day , ready and posted by every morning Europe  time.

Possible?  Well , to give  you an idea just  how  much time I have on my hands  … it’s 9:31 am the  day  BEFORE  this  story is gonna be posted.  Email was done 2  hours ago and for  the  first  time in years  – emails get answered  the  minute they come in because I’m so happy to talk to somebody.   Wael’s asked me  to design a store  page  for  her  videos so I’m  gonna work on  that later  this afternoon and  then I’ll probably get  started on  the next story that I  have swirling  in my head … the  one that’s not due  for  another 3 days.

I love it!

For the longest  time I was skeetering between happiness and  madness , trying  to balance the fun  of being  a Mistress  with the sessions and emails that  I couldn’t  keep  up  with.    Oh  sure I’d write  a  story, but when  I did I was always angry  because it was eating  into  what precious  little free  time I had  left.

Now I feel  like there’s  been a huge weight  lifted off my shoulders and I can actually sit  down  and  do  the thing I love  the most  … writing!

Several hours ago I looked up into  the tar black sky at 3am and saw thousands of stars twinkling over the eerie darkness of the city.   I’ve never  seen the city so dark in all my years here.

Then  this  morning ,  right  in the  middle of “rush hour” I waltzed down my street here and walked right  in the middle of the empty road, and saw perhaps 20 people  outside  at  most.   I  felt like my dreams for a post Thanos society had come true , it felt eerie.

Somebody messaged me on Twitter this morning  “stay safe, it’s getting worse.”

Is it?

Is 1/2 the world staying home and for the first time in forever – and spending quality family time something I’d call “getting worse?”

Is having the entire world face the first crisis since World War 2 and realizing a sense of  global community and reponsibility so bad?

Isn’t watching certain world leaders Like New York’s Cuomo and Canada’s Trudeau demonstrate true leadership a great thing ?



The 36 minute,  50 second mark  is 5 agonizing but stoic seconds of silence that represents the greatest question of our time  … can the world’s population be trusted to voluntarily act responsibly?

Because as of the moment I write this , China is the only  country in the world to have successfully flattened the curve , and the measures to achieve that were not voluntary.

Nothing is inherently good or bad.

Because  you  never know  what will  be the consequences of misfortune.  Or ,  you never know what will be the consequences of good fortune.

Only our interpreation governs our perception.

I’m sure you’ve heard the tale of the Chinese farmer.  If you haven’t,  have a listen,  it’s a tool I’ve used for many years  …



For example, I  stopped looking  for  a place to move to.

My lease ends in  5 days,  and my landlady has refused all along to renew for any term less than a year.

Then covid hit hard and all my sessions got cancelled.

Called her up today and she begged me to stay for one more month.  No prospective tenants left in the city you see.

To celebrate I went for that walk I mentioned earlier this morning looking to buy bbq’d bananas from the lady who sells them at  the  top of the street.

But she’s packed up and gone back to her family home up north I assume.

So I went instead to the  supermarket and heard “Mistress?”

Turned around to see a guy who I had to cancel the other day since I’m not doing sessions until the Covid threat has passed, but was told he was feeling sad as he’s stranded here with no flights back home available,  but seeing me at 8am made him so happy.

To that,  we bumped elbows ,  tapped our shoes, had a good laugh …  and now I’m back home here writing to you guys , munching on banana chips instead.

Has it been a good morning?



hot-elite-bdsm-mistress-jaa-bangkokYou see, I’ve been pondering how to make money through this world shutdown.

Can tell you that I’m not keen on doing online sessions for two reasons.

For one, they can be recorded and then posted all over the internet.

Secondly, I just really enjoy face to face  encounters.  They’re real.

It’s why I don’t  ever  communicate with texting apps , that’s not how real people communicate.

You can probably vouch  for this … have you ever talked  to  a buddy and asked him or her  “hey have you talked to s0-and-so today?” and they’ll say  “ya, talked to him this morning,  he texted me.”

Well they didn’t really talk, did they?    Not by my definition of talking anyways.

I’m all  about making  guys’ knees go  weak  and knowing their heart is pounding as i pull them by the chin to  the  bedroom.

If  I tried pulling you by the  chin in a video session  my  laptop would  crash to the floor.

So I  came the conclusion  that  if I  am going to do an  online session  ,  its  gotta be with  the guys I know very well  ,  whom I’ve sesisoned with many times, and who I trust unequivocally.

Also, the longest I can handle talking to a  monitor with no physical interaction is 30 minutes.  So that will be the  limit of  my longest session.

Same as Mistress Wael’s prices,  30  mins would be 2k ,  15 mins would  be 1k  , and that’d be the minimum amount.


She called me very early this morning,  Mistress Wael did.

Her sister’s down syndrome medication has run out  and she’s unable  –  and/or unwilling to travel from her very rural and humble abode in the northern mountains down here to the big city to get her prescriptions.   Which is causing her to be suffering from chronic withdrawl symptoms and unbearable spinal pain.  Yet she won’t risk getting infected and doesn’t want to put others at risk for such a long trip, not that Wael can afford it anyways.   I was at her condo yesterday helping her shoot her video and heard her dad screaming at her when he called, blaming her for everything , incluuding her sister’s constant crying.  Geez.  I took the phone from her hands and shut it off,  then hugged her for a very long time.

She said this is the worst of times and I said maybe.

“What if your sister survives and finds out a  month down the road she doesn’t  need to take 100 pills a day” I asked her, all prescribed long ago by crooked doctors.  “What if  that allows her to  try medicinal marijuana instead, at 1/4 of the price?”  “And what if that cannibis pill lessened the neck pain from her twisted spine?” as I’ve been suggesting all along.

And through choked back tears  she whispered “ya, maybe.”




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