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Post Orgasm Techniques.  To learn from myself I watched all my videos yesterday.   Took all day.

And I was mad at myself.

“Why in my videos I don’t focus on my post orgasm techniques and instead I just stop filming?”

Not  good.   I  have to fix that.

Because I focus so much on post-orgasm techniques in every session I do … not only the Tease & Denial sessions.

I have so many things I do.

So let  me explain to you first – why post-orgasm part of the session is SO important.  And after …  I will explain some of the techniques I use to help  you understand.

“Some” not “all” my techniques.  If I write for 1 week I don’t think I can write about every post orgasm  technique.  So I will talk  about only my favourite.


Post-Orgasm is Important



Becaused the man is most vulnerable … most sensititve … after I let him cum.  Also he  is  thankful for me  for let him cum.  Only 50% of the time I agree to let the man finish.

50% of the time I lock him back up in  chastity until the next session.   That is because very often now since 1  year ago many slaves come to see me 2 or 3 time in one week.

So from 50% the time I  let him cum … I 100% control how he will feel about his orgasm.

10% is ruined orgasm because I touch his cock too soft for feeling.

10% is ruined orgasm – no touch at all.

10% is ‘no time to enjoy’ the orgasm because I don’t stop until orgasm #2  …  #3 … #4 …  until his balls say stop.

You can see now  you have only 20% of the time in my session you will get the perfect orgasm.   I love to let the man try to think what he have  to do for me to give him what he want so much.

Do you have to beg often?  Maybe.

Do you have to not move for  2 hour?  Maybe.

Do you have to leak a lot for  me?  Maybe.


You  don’t know.  I like it like that.  I like you to have 0 idea how to  get a amazing orgasm from me.

So when you  cum … you  feel vulnerable.

You feel tired.

And you feel thank you to Mistress Wael for  let you cum … you want  to thank me so much.

I use your feelings to finish the session perfect … or not perfect.  How?  With many techniques.



Men lose power after I let him cum.

To the most submissive … I will let him eat  his cum from my finger …  and make him say “thank you Mistress Wael’ when I let him eat it.

I will  tell him to smile.

Tell him to rub his tummy.   And tell him to say “mmmm.”   And if you want to know who I learn that from …




Ball Massage

This does 2 things.

One … I can get the most cum to leak from  the orgasm.   Even 30 seconds after still I can get cum to leak out.

It helps because I think men love to be proud about how much cum he can make in just 1 orgasm.

So I am just help him  to feel more proud 🙂


post orgasm ball cuppingTwo it makes the ball hurt more after.   Serious blue balls.

And from how to touch the  balls ….  again  2 styles.

To help  him  feel good but no blue balls when he walks home after …  just cup and push his balls softly.

Maybe I will make small circles too.   But not too much.   Just  only thing I  want to do is let his balls feel warm from my hand.

When  I push …  i can push some more cum out.   More important for me is to make his balls feel warm.  Feels good for you I think.



I can pull and massage the skin under his balls.  Use my nails to scratch light.  Give him  more feel.    Then push the cum out.

And pull the skin again.

cupping-ball-massage-femdom-jaa4uThis … makes  men the  most  crazy.

One because he is scared.   I think not a  lot of  girl understand the balls.  They think it is easy to  hurt the man.

The skin under your  balls to me  is like the skin under a turkey neck.   It is for pulling scratching and  massaging.

Twisting too …  but some times I fuck up still  and twist too much.

Still learning.  If I twist a little bit it feel good I know that.  If I twist too much it hurt if  the 2  balls bang together.

I don’t care.  I say “ooops accident.”  Because I love to make mistakes and learn more.   Sorry that  I  have to  use your balls for my  mistakes 😛


Dry Towel

post-orgasm-cum-ragI have 2 towels I can give to you after  you  cum.

If I  give  you the dry towel  …  I want to fuck with you.

I will slap your face maybe.  And clean your cum like you spill your coffee on my bed.

Mean … I rub hard.

And show you your mess to your  face.

Maybe I will clean your face with the  cum  on  the  towel.

“Look what  you did  … why did you cum?”

If I did  not want you to  cum yet … but  you did not warn me  … or you try to hide your feel and “cum by accident” … then you will get dry towel  for sure.

CBT mean style  also  for  sure.

And 99% if  you do that I guarantee you will cum 5 more  times no stopping until  you  can not walk.

The  dry towel  will clean only the head  of your cock after each orgasm.

Dry towel  is perfect for a sensitive cock.

I will  make sure I  rub a lot … many  times … the sensistive  side  of your cock to  clean all the cum.

Don’t make me do my dry towel technique.  Because my next technique is what you really want.



Post Orgasm #1 Technique:  Damp Towel


wet-towel-femdom-sexy-bdsm-jaa4u-bangkokWhen you  come for the session  I make you  shower.

The towel you use I  don’t put close to the air  conditioner.

I keep it      a)  in the bathroom if it is 2 hour session      or       b) on  the balcony if it is 1 hour session.

1 hour is perfect because I  get  both …  wet and warm towel.

The  perfect way to take  care of  a big big orgasm is only with a damp towel.

Yes I use this technique the most in my 1 hour session  but

My favourite is with  my  Mistress as a Girlfriend  session because it  is how I make you  sleep.

I will massage and clean your tummy  dick and  balls  with the damp towel.

Make sure no cum left anywhere.

And same time massage your balls and inside your legs with my hand.

Then cover you in blanket so you feel warm … and sit  your head  in my lap.

I sit  behind you.

Same  like i did  when I worked as a massage girl … I give  you head and shoulders relaxing massage.

Until you fall  asleep and dream.

That is the perfect ending.

It is what  100% of my slaves who know me hope to get and try to be a perfect slave so I will  be  nice and  give them a  perfect orgasm and perfect post orgasm.

But only get it 10% of the time.

1 in 10 shot.

That is why people book me so often.  It is like booking an orgasm lottery haha.



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